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Friday, April 1, 2011

Without Your Stolen Soul 04 01 2011

Without Your Stolen Soul 04 01 2011

Without your stolen soul in the world the women are afraid to be next to the men they marry. It is like he is foreign to them.

The men don’t know who they are without your soul. They walk around stupid, like a sick horse with blinders on.

When you are not where you usually are they get anxious and scared. Why? Because they know people who are exactly like their true selves can possess their mates to do bad and horrible things to them. You are the true strength to those, both women and men, who have stolen your soul.

Without your stolen soul they are no longer happy. With it they falsely wore the face of your pride in accomplishment. Now they are the absent minded and irresponsible they were raised to be. Without your stolen soul they become and act like mean children.

Without your stolen soul everything they never had to learn for themselves in their lives fades from them.

Without your stolen soul or presence they foam and the mount because they are so mad and crazy mean.

Who, besides me, thinks they need to be deprived of your soul so that they can truly learn and grow in life?

Who, besides me, thinks they should be deprived of your souls so they can form their own souls through the frustration of learning for themselves.

If you go on vacation and that means a trip some distance they are raptured form their stole souls.

I don’t know what happens to them when we die. In denial they might think that it is the ultimate win. But I would think that it is more along the lines that they are blissfully stupid about their own selves, and that terrible things happen in the world then and they could care less.

If you take a few steps back and look at all of the world’s problems that have occurred and how easily they could have been fixed through compromise, diplomacy and rational thought you realize that when their victims die they themselves become blissfully ignorant. The blind then lead the blind. But don’t you dare say anything about it because nothing offends them than the reality of truth. The reality of truth is like a pacifier they throw at you hatefully.

The reality of truth to them is the same as a lost game of checkers; they throw the checkers through the air and to be lost on the floor.

The reality of truth to them makes them grimace and shake their heads in disgust and grit their teeth in anger.

What am I drawing a picture of with my comments about the reality of truth, answer-The Beast.

The beast is the nature of demonology. Just as the Pharisees and Romans put all their pain and suffering on Jesus Christ, the beast tried to make you the beast instead of itself. How does the beast do this? By pretending it has something better than you have and giving you the love of money. The beast likes to watch what you do with your money. The beast likes to torment you for the skills you have.

The beast loathes you for what it is not and seeks to make you loathe yourself too. The beast wants to label you so that you who are better become subordinate or a pet to the beast, or more accurately- a stolen soul.

The beast wins in life by making you a mislabeled schizophrenic and unhappy.

When you are happy it is a sign your own good soul is with you and not the beast. Think about it, when you are unhappy it is often because the beast has stolen you soul, by being mean to you for meanness sake.

Those who had good souls are tired all the time they are medicated because they are doing the thinking, feeling and work of those who steal souls, or the beast.

It is said that it took Jesus Christ a year to exercise all the demons from woman; I wonder if that is the reason he willingly took the cross?

What did it mean they said he was King of the Jews? Did it mean that he knew that he was a victim of demonology as the leader of a nonverbal school of thought? Did it mean that he was the leader of a group of dependent minded; of course he was as he was the arbiter of last resort for the Pharisees. Was his message of stigmata really one of the mind and not the body, the real stigmata of Christ being victimized or demonized to be the leader of your own school of thought? Yes. A school often replete with torment. Did he willingly take the cross to become a martyr to deliver a lasting message to humanity? Yes.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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