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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Origin of Satan 04 20 2011

The Origin of Satan 04 20 2011

Fur ears and cavern eyes watched from the forest at the edge of the village. They saw a gathering of human beings.

They are smarter than us. We want to be like them. They all thought in agreement. In jealousy they sole one and horrifically injured it. They learned how to hear the human being think by torturing it and understanding how the pain would effect them too. They learned how to speak words in this manner. But they never did learn the true meaning of words. They learned to hear them in their head of the violence they did unto them.

They learned just enough to be able to use them for personal gain and advantage. Many of us have remnants of this Satanic brain. Some are quite pronounced and of the truest definition. And that is why they need us; the ones who are made to be heard thinking by them. For the benefit of the mind pattern that learns words by encephalitic patterning.

Some that see through their minds eye find nothing there because what was there was not of present experience or knowledge to begin with. What was it then? It was what fur ears sole from human beings.

If one looks closely one can see the difference between a person relying on their memory and them trying to think as if they have inset eyes that look from behind inside the fronts of their heads. When you watch fur ears think it is as if they cannot think and see at the same time because their eyes are trying to conjure. These people are often able to think better if they had respect and love for the source of their intellect rather than to torment.

Schizophrenics today are captives of the non-verbals. And that is the shameful secret of the non-verbals and why they stigmatize others.

Have all sources of conflict in the world been the result of the envy and jealousy of the non-verbals.

The nonverbal like nothing better than fooling victims and tricking the verbals.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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