The labeling and creation of "Schizophrenics" is really a Crime Against Humanity that is the theme of this blog.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

They were victimized in quiet and therefore hate the quiet, that is why they need to hear you, the one to be labeled schizophrenia 03 31 2011

They were victimized in quiet and therefore hate the quiet, that is why they need to hear you, the one to be labeled schizophrenia 03 31 2011

Part of the reason people are demonized to be schizophrenics is because bad things happened to the demonizers or victimizers in quiet, and therefore they hate the quiet. They cannot learn when it is quiet and therefore seek to cause a distraction. They fear silence and quiet because to them it represents a potential of not knowing what will happen next. That something to happen next could very well be something harmful to them and this creates anxiety. Another word for anxiety is fear.

Some with this type of mind are also dyslexic. The dyslexic mind is formed because the person with the dyslexic mind is always trying to get ahead of someone in their thinking, therefore that are starting at the end of the word. A person who starts at the end of word looks at a word on paper and reads it backwards or not at all. The mind of dyslexic cannot quiet down in order to start at square one because that is in essence of anxiety to them; it is like having to trust someone when your trust has been betrayed. Learning from someone from the first step means that you should trust them, and to be fair many who teach cannot be trusted.

Back to the first paragraph people who cannot think in quiet from a dependent mind to those they do trust in some way or shape of thought. And they try and get ahead of that mind. They often seek to share the soul of such person and the easiest way for them to do so is to distract them from thinking, to break their concentration. To have them lose confidence in themselves.

Those who are labeled schizophrenic do not hear voices of their own making; these voices are of other people. Because they are heard they must obey the laws of physics in some manner and are likely to travel via the electromagnetic, energy or light spectrum in some way. The United States government, specifically Colonel John Alexander has admitted to creating synthetic telepathy, so the government does indeed know what spectrum this is from. My question is this, if someone is born with this ability they were probably born with it for a reason or it was granted to them for a reason. What of those who would seek to victimize through synthetic telepathy which is actually a psychotropic weapon, are they indeed dooming themselves and the rest of us as they seek to profit from the souls of those they victimize. Would this not seem to be contradictory to God and the belief in God or the will of creation which is the same thing? There does also seem to be a, fade at distance effect, to these phenomena.

Is there a way that we can treat those who are of dependent mind so that they can learn to relax and not have anticipatory anxiety in the face of silence and quiet? How can you get someone to trust you after they have been victimized in the quiet? First you have to bring the victimizers to justice and ensure that those who victimize are brought to justice.

Like I said the one labeled schizophrenic is not the only true victim, there is a whole subset of people who hear that persons thoughts and are of dependent mind to them. They were created to be this way, and would never admit it. How can you tell who they are? Because they will always seek to give you something to not like about yourself. Why? Because there is something about themselves that they are very ashamed of, and will never admit to, something that makes any flaw you have pale by comparison. And it is just that, they are dependent minded to the one they labeled schizophrenic. The other reason they do it is, because they are dependent minded, they live off of your thought process and when they give you something to not like about yourself, you start to think about how to improve yourself. Any time you start to think of how to improve something this is an opportunity for them to turn your ideas into money and act as if they are their own, they are not, they are yours. In defense they would say that because they are with you they were part of the thought process. This is like an urchin claiming it helps propel the ship, the reality is in the absence of the urchin or in this case silence we think much better. We all know the difference between being kicked and nudged. They will stir the beautiful mind of a person to the consistency of a hornets nest, and take delight in doing so. When a person’s mind is no longer with them where is it? I’ll give you a hint, it is with those who stirred it. What does a person who was raised on dependent mind then seek to do in adulthood, drive the source of their knowledge insane, so they are medicated to the point whereby they no longer have to listen to them, a soul has been stolen. This allows the demonizers to deny what they are and frees them from the guilt of their crime.

It is too bad that our modern world has created these types who would seek to victimize in order to earn a living, in effect they ruin it for everyone as this system of wealth creation profits those who steal and not those who developed and thought of the good ideas in the first place. Wouldn’t it be better if those who thought of the ideas were given credit for them so that more good ideas could be put forth? The biggest problem with these people, and I have seen it in them all my life, is that they seek to be someone rather than something. Being someone actually means being someone else, they are not true to themselves or the rest of us, in effect- living a lie. To be something means that you learned through firsthand experience or by respectful listening. To be someone means that you worship false idols. Do not worship false idols, instead pick characteristics of those you admire and adopt just those traits. If you seek to be someone else, you are worshiping a false idol and unknowingly you will also gain there negative traits. You are not that other person for many reasons and you can never be, so think about what you like about them and seek to behave like that and not like them. People are who they are through life’s experiences. Denying one the opportunity to learn for themselves is one of the worst crimes a parent can commit.

If someone is of dependent mind can it be said that they do not truly have their own soul? How can you ever get to heaven if you don’t even have your own soul? Do you think that you can fool God? If you do not have your own soul how can you ever expect to get resurrected? There is nothing to resurrect for the dependent minded, there is nothing unique to them, it is all borrowed. Why? Because they sought to be someone rather than something.

People learn and grow best through the self-frustration of trial and error. This is what elevates the truly gifted to the higher levels they attain, the formation and promotion of independent thinking. The dependent minded can never claim this, they live like gypsies and steal souls and they do attain great heights of power and money because a system of soul theft has been legitimized and indoctrinated throughout the world today. How can we tell who they are? Because once they attain great wealth they hoard it or distribute it like thieves. (Two recent cases, one almost sent us into a great depression, there is a pattern here between Madeoff and the Indian accountant for Koss) They do not seek to use their wealth to benefit humanity. Why not? Because of what they are, dependent mind, they think the world is unfair. If you believe a world is unfair you keep all you can for fear that you will never have the opportunity to make it again. Why? Because you know you did not make it fairly in the first place. If you knew that you made it fairly in the first place you would not have the fear that you could not make it again.

Those of us who know that we have good ideas do not have this fear that we will not have good ideas again because we know that our good ideas are based on thinking and caring for others. Unfortunately for us we are like a treasure trove of soul to be raided and capitalized by those of dependent mind because of our great thoughts. Once they are done raiding a soul the perfect crime has been committed because the victim has lost the capacity for coherent thought. And who of our normal population would believe. Their ego and self-have been stripped to zero. They have been made to think very little of themselves by those who know they were a lot better than that. Sometimes they let them recover so that they can come back for meal after meal of soul theft and capitalization. This is like giving the cow, in this case a human being just enough nourishment, so that you can milk it once more. And they seek to keep the person unhappy so they keep thinking for them. For their victim to be happy creates more fear in them than anything else, it forces them to think of themselves as they truly are, a much needed reality check for the demonizers.

Therefore promoting perseverance in the face of failure is the greatest thing you can do for a person of dependent mind- to encourage them to try and try again.

It has been the crime against humanity and I will not be the only one revealing this to you. If you ask anyone who is a victim of this they will probably tell you a similar story that can be reduced to just this, their soul was stolen by the dependent minded.

There are many ways a person can hear voices, some are raised to, some offend others and then hear them, etc. Once a person is attacked and run down our modern diets of sugar, refined foods and chemical additives, etc., opportunize our metabolisms to a disease, a disease that is the exact same as the plague. Our government does little to protect us from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, improper nutrition and soul theft. Special interests, or the money of wealth creation, keep rolling us in this wrong direction. Whether intentional to their effect or not these are indeed tools that are used to capitalize the public in the name of wealth creation. What is it really in this case, the establishment of an advantage that does not serve the public? Why is money allowed to buy advantages that run counter to the public? The only reason that I can think of is that those who made it did not do so fairly and to try and propose a system of fairness would put them at a great competitive disadvantage in life. The name of the game for them is, take it, because you can’t make it. In simple terms that resolve the question those who are takers are not makers.

One cannot deny the reality of personal experience.

Do not be afraid of the quiet or seek to deny others the opportunity for quiet contemplation. The world will be a better place for everyone, and that includes you, if you change and respect those whom you drove from their minds.

In summary the world needs to change so that people do not compete in these terms and everyone can learn free from fear- in the quiet.

There is no doubt in my mind concerning the truth to what I have written.

God Bless the Child Who Has His Own

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The best man in the world was a Jew

The best man that ever lived was Jewish and his name was Jesus Christ.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

What the Satanic Race Say's Daily 03 26 2011

Here is what the Satanic race say's daily, "My day at work did not go so well, I did not have the soul we stole with me again."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Dinner Table Soul Theft 03 26 2011

Dinner Table Soul Theft 03 26 2011

A pair of Lawyers takes their dates out to dinner.

All throughout the course of dinner they talk fast and at a level that excludes the women from the conversation. The women feel belittled, worthless and stupid. In effect they come to life up to this negative vision of themselves.

Meanwhile a good man of heart and intelligence is seated at a table next to them and thinks, “By the way the women are treated, I bet there husbands get many sexual favors that a lady wouldn’t provide.” The man goes home and alone at night he starts to fantasize about the woman. After all what good man wouldn’t feel sorry for a beautiful looking woman who was mistreated like this? How could he not think of her and how he would treat her better. The good man would not know of the danger that they represented. He was drawn into a soul trap without ever knowing it.

In this chess game of the Satanic race if the gentleman is tempted to masterbate because of thinking and fantasizing about the lawyers date or wife he will lose his soul to both of them. The women and men of this satanic coven know how to schedule round the clock howler monkey like people to chant telepathically to the gentleman from some nearby location. This is one of the ways they steal your soul and all that you have learned. You will then be put on zombifying medication and labeled schizophrenic.

They can read your life story past, present and future from the life’s energy you “give away” to them. When highly capable Lot left the ancient city of Sodom the Bible said his seed was wasted on the ground, this is what that passage from the Bible means. Because they are blank slate soulless they can never truly be themselves. How could you ever truly be anything if you were raised by a Satanic family. You would have too much pain to be your true self- too many painful memories to think for yourself.

If they start howling telepathically at you late at night try thinking this in response, “I pray that your husband could do an honest day’s work sometime.”

The very culture that enriches them is the same one that makes them miserable.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Italians and Jews created and defined mental illness in the US. 03 24 2011

Italians and Jews created and defined Mental Illness in the US. 03 24 2011

Italians and Jews created and defined mental illness in the US. They did this because they could not compete by the standards of fairness and can only survive by soul theft and demonizing like they did in the Kingdom of Judea. Psychiatry is indeed the modern form of crucifixion. After the crucifixion ended witches and chemists from this lineage used herbs and poisons to mentally incapacitate a person in order to steal their soul.

Many Italians who left for the United States during the immigration periods of the early to mid 1900’s were of the satanic race.

Once in the United States they teamed up with Jewish criminals to create organized crime. Why did they do this? Because they could not compete with human beings on the competitive standards based on fairness.

They create a network of criminals that includes blacks, Indians, Lutherans, Catholics of course and etc… Anyone who cannot keep up in our educational systems is recruited by them. They make drug dealers out of school bullies. And they are taught to be of dependent mind.

They use psychotropic weapons to harass innocent human beings. They are insanely jealous of human beings, just like Satan loathed Jesus Christ and nailed him to the cross, they have found subtle ways that are very hard to prove to harass, torment and abuse men. They do this in the name of wealth creation because they could not do the work of men in our society.

There is nothing they like better than molesting the children of men. They have devised portable psychotropic weapons that disturb the magnetic fields present in people brains and bodies. They can create physical sicknesses where there was none. In doing so they destroy their true idols and worship the talentless like themselves. Eventually those they have made into idols self destruct and are also destroyed, and they in turn profit in the form of the legacy of wealth creation created. In effect tombstones are a source of an annuity of profit for them.

Handheld use of psychotropic weapons and “spook house” based psychotropic weapons are the new way they crucify men and women. They are sick jealous and vile and yet walk on two legs. At their core are Italians and Jews. But it is not all Italians and Jews because some are victims of them too. So therefore we can only label someone as being a member of the satanic race because of what they do and their dependent minded thinking. I do not label them this out of prejudice because I am not. They are the satanic race because they demonize and torture in manners today that are far worse than crucifixion.

They have a stronghold in the United States and they create a negative image of the United States for other countries. They also create and foster a negative image and stereotype for all Italians, Jews, Blacks, etc..

You might see someone stocking grocery store shelves and ask yourself how does he earn a living wage doing this. They are not content to just stock grocery shelves they also participate in the theft of souls for wealth creation. Theft of soul means theft of skills, ideas, knowledge, health, etc.. from human beings~ men, women, children and babies.

They steal souls because they so desire to be something they are not. They cannot be what they are not for the very fact that they were raised as Satan to steal souls. They are the source of every problem in the world. Why? They way they learn is not based on experience. It is based on theft of soul; as such it only leads to widespread mediocrity.

Satan does not live in the image of God, Satan loathes men. The satanic race of wealth creation will eventually destroy the United States, and then it will try and spread back to its countries of origins. I would not be surprised if other countries are preparing for United States citizens trying to flee from the United States by putting up all kinds of borders to prevent the influx.

The United States was not founded on the feeble minds of the satanic race that control the United States today.

I wonder how many fore fathers of this country were demonized by the Satanic and came to this country believing if I could only live somewhere where I could do an honest day’s work? Somewhere I could be treated fairly and with equality? How great it would be to create a Nation like that for people, to form a constitution and grant them rights. Somewhere free from corruption?

Under the guise of false righteousness Italian and Jews crucified people. Under the guise of false righteousness America strikes out at other countries to feed the soulless.

What the Bible never told is that as a child Satan was taught and then raised to read minds. That is what makes them of a different race. What it did say was that Satan can read men’s minds; this implies that Satan is not a man. It could be said that Satan could be anything other than a man. Which means that he can be a woman, a child or a man that is not a man because he himself reads men’s minds.

Who teaches Satan this? His miserable mother whose genes have been modified to the point she is many people in one. Medusa is said to have snakes coming out of her head. Those snakes are symbolic of the semen that coursed through her bloodstream and then modified her genes and sol to that of misery.

These people use their children, who have limitless energy to drive wealth from the souls of those they victimize in the evil spirit of wealth creation. The children indeed do the “work” to support the parents in this race.

They are raised to never be happy and they release all their frustrations on those they have labeled and victimized.

Jesus Christ said to pray for them. Why did he say this? Because he knew that the Pharisees where of dependent mind to him. When you pray for them it breaks the delusion that they have in believing they are you. When you pray for them it forces them to think of someone else besides the fixation they have on you. When you pray for them, those with fur ears, it is like an instant dose of reality for them. When you pray for them it is the best way of telling them what they are not. When you pray for them you break their delusion of what they falsely believe themselves to be. When you pray for them you give them hope for improving themselves by letting them know how people truly see them.

You can think of the Pharisees as being like the Holden Caulfield character in “The Catcher in the Wry.” They just hang around and are then happy when something goes wrong for you. What is this really, the ultimate compliment in the form of envy?

“The Idol really can’t sing!” They have created this same level of mediocrity in every profession in the United States.

The last time that I went to church Jesus Christ was portrayed as a homeless wandering vagabond that was not good enough for Jewish women to marry. The reality is just the opposite of this concerning this archetype. The satanic race believes their happiness is derived from others by being of dependent minded orientation regarding them.

Everyone can not disagree that the Romans and Jews crucified and did horrible things to the innocent. The crucifixion of Christ is condemning evidence as well as the castrating of and making unics from boys. Why did they do this to them? To make their wives happy. So their wives who were driven mad and raised psychotic had a toy slave. A docile man to serve them and keep them company in their miserably mad minds. And you can not disagree that they were mad because who else with this evil? What other type of woman than mad, would put up with inhumane and criminal behavior. What type of women have these standards? They are not good mothers.

This is the most condemning thin about them- after all is said and done in their lives they can not stand to be themselves. They want to be someone else. They want the company, in their minds, of those other than who they marry. They do not want their children to be like their fathers, but someone else and the whole process starts anew. Their victims are many in this world including themselves.

The Eagle is Crying

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS: You might be led to believe that I am a bad man for writing this.  I know that it is true and would bad man if I did not.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You who are Labeled Schizophrenics are not the ill ones, you are far from it, it is the members that form your Schools of Thought Are Ill 03 22 2011

You who are Labeled Schizophrenics are not the ill ones, you are far from it, it is the members that form your Schools of Thought Are Ill 03 22 2011

Where do they come from the archetypes of Zombies the few of us encounter in our everyday lives? Where do they come from- the real people who match the characteristics and fit the archetype of Satan from the Bible? What are they doing or being taught to do? What makes them psychic? Is it- getting ahead of the mind of the person that beats them? If so then being beaten is the source of a dependent minded thinking person. “What the hell is he going to do to me next for no reason at all?” As Adolf was beaten and then sought to victimize others what makes a person who suffers seek to induce suffering in others? What makes them turn into, “What has been done unto me I will do unto others?” Is it the inability to accept yourself for who or what you are? Is it a low self-esteem created from being beaten that prevents one from learning and thinking for themselves?

Why do they choose others to victimize who are good and intelligent and innocent? Is it because they have an affliction of the human condition whereby they were taught to toe the line of someone who beat them. Being traumatized creating a dependency on the victimizer? This is indeed the worst result of being forced to accept injustice- the victim that becomes the criminal. To be forced to be in agreement to bad things that were done to you is the way people become bad themselves- the hunted becomes the hunter.

Does the hunted become the hunter in order to no longer become hunted themselves? Who is it that hunts people that are innocent human beings? Who is it that stalks innocent people daily for their souls?

So in effect do they seek to transfer their dependent thinking to one that does not victimized or has not victimized. In other words they choose who to victimize to replace their true victimizer. Is this not dealing with your true problem that is a person?- is that not denial? How does denial help one get better? Adolf destroyed all records of his ancestors. Is that not denial? Are people prevented from thinking for themselves because painful memories serve as road blocks? The answer is resoundingly yes. When people have painful memories that serve as road blocks and cannot think for themselves who do they then seek to be? Well you have to ask yourself who was the greatest influence in your life. For Adolf it was his father who beat him nightly. His father was a customs official. Customs officials seize things. Adolf seized things. Adolf was most likely had a school of thought of his own as his soul was beaten from him and yet also became his own worst enemy at the same time by becoming a terror. What regarding Adolf was he trying to hide by destroying all records of his ancestry. Who did Adolf not like that he sent to the gas chambers because he felt them a lesser race? What did some Jews claim that Adolf himself was- a Jew. What does the Bible tell us that we all are through the process of deduction, “Adam and Eve were Jews” and “they were the first human’s.” Therefore if you are a human you are also a Jew, we all are, don’t argue otherwise it is right there in the Bible and you can’t beat it. You might slight it but you won’t beat it. Adolf could not accept himself for many reasons, he denied his genealogy and validated his nightly beatings by committing genocide against the race that he was most likely a genetic member of and tried to hide. It is the weakest human beings that adopt the behaviors of those who abuse them. What could we say to such a person if they were to exist today? We could force them to confront the truth. We could ask them to tell us how it felt to be beaten nightly be their father. We could ask them if they thought it was right for them to be beaten nightly when they were a child? Is it right to beat children and if so why not? What we would have to do would be to unwind them from turning into the horror of a torment they could not escape. We could make those who beat, victimize and molest children face justice. We could ensure that children are not beaten or molested. If Adolf had a “School of thought” that lived off his pain, we could recognize this as a human condition. If we recognize a school of thought for what it truly is then we of course would have to abandon capitalism in its current form. Why? Because some of wealth is not earned it is stolen from the master’s school of thought, capitalized in the name of wealth creation. There is only one way this could happen- Satan’s would have to come forth and admit who they are Once we have Satan admit that he is of dependent mind we have validated a principal of the human condition. I am not one to belittle someone who is of my school of thought. Why? Because I have always believed that I could have been born anyone. I could be the one who is of dependent mind. Satan is not likely to come forth because he his greatest trick is preventing humanity from knowing of his existence. Why does he do this? Because he/she is greatly ashamed of who or what he is. Like Adolf did, he goes to great lengths to deny his identity. If you could have been born anyone as I believe I could have what shame should you have if you are of dependent mind? Satan lives his/her life by secretly comparing himself/herself to the master of their school of thought. Satan nobody thinks that you are a lesser person because of what you are they think that you are a lesser person because of how you seek to victimize others. And you do indeed victimize others to feed a learned soullessness.

I had to ask myself while driving in my car today, “Are those who are victims of abuse or neglect at homes the ones who bully at school? The same ones who distract other students from learning? Might this not be the best way to find out who is being abused at home- to look at who the bully’s are in school? What does a bully like to do?~ it likes to get someone alone and harm them, where is the most likely place they learn this behavior? ~ it has to be in their own homes by the authority figures in their lives, their parents or older siblings or combinations of siblings, etc..

If this is so they themselves have still become their own worst enemies as they are victimizers themselves.

“One cannot deny the validity of personal experience,” is a quote I heard on a radio station broadcasting a religion orientated program. We don’t any more than this to prove the validity of assertions that we know are true regarding when they term us as being ill when there is actually nothing wrong with us whatsoever accept mental exhaustion from the attrition created by the demonologist’s who victimize it. We know those voices do not generate in our heads as they would tell us. What you don’t know though is that once you are angry you can be heard telepathically. Electric photography of the energy source of the body is often very weak when someone is scared or has a near death experience. The loss of your electric field being able to be photographed is in essence the evidence of the loss of your soul. What happens when someone is forced to face constant fear, attrition, hazing, torment and harassment? These are the tools Satan uses to steal a soul. First ones are made angry if not enraged. Then they are heard telepathically much as a cow hears her calf ten miles away past the audible range when they are separated. Once they hear you they listen. Once they facilitate listening they are indeed imprinting their minds on your mind or soul. Once they have imprinted themselves on your soul they can get ahead of you in terms of your own personal thoughts. Once they are ahead of you in thought lookout because you can be manipulated and controlled. Once they get ahead of you they can facilitate you having an accident that looks like it was your own fault. Once they have imprinted themselves with your mind, or the past, present and future of your soul they will no longer want you to have it. And this is indeed the source of wealth creation for the satanic race. This race loves to make you feel mental pain and anguish- as this is their drug of choice. Why? Because like being scared once you feel pain and anguish your soul is less of yours and more of theirs. Think of it this way, how wonderful it would be if you were uneducated and could very quickly have the knowledge of an adult who is a genius, you would not want to let go of that for anything in the world. You know that your knowledge is based on experience. As you look at others in society is their intelligence or insights derived from personal experience. Personal experience is indeed the best way to learn. If someone’s intelligence is par with yours even ahead of yours and not based on relevant and direct personal experience do not be surprised if you believe that it is based on the inner thoughts of your mind. In the Movie Blade Runner the Decker said to the cloned woman, “Those aren’t your thoughts those are someone else’s your aunts or someone’s.” Philip Dick the writer was indeed telling us of a masked reality, a hidden reality. Satan is said to read men’s minds. Could it be that Satan’s soul was immaculately trumped by that of a God upon or after inception? Jesus Christ did indeed say that we are all Gods. “Know Yeah not that Yeah are Gods.” So like two twins look exactly the same maybe Satan is, to draw an analogy to twins being physically identical in terms of genealogy, maybe Satan has the same Genius of Soul that you have. Could one who grew up listening to your thoughts reach or attain a certain status in life whereby they decide that they no longer wish to listen or hear your thoughts? It happens every day. Does this indeed disturb, what I might term “The energy field of creation present everywhere?” How can such a theft of soul energy on a mass level not disturb everything there is? Why? Because everything we see is indeed a product of creation. Creation is indeed what defines God. God is synonymous with creation. So when you disturb or steal the field of creation of someone else you are indeed fating the world to disaster. When you steal souls you have indeed ill fate the power of creation. You indeed run counter to creation. You are then the opposite of creation. The opposite of creation is destruction. The best way for a God to put the souls of human beings to the test for the afterlife is to let them believe that if they are clever enough that they can get away with anything. This could go on for tens of thousands of years before God in heaven could then “Comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead… and his kingdom will have no end.” What if God had more plans for his chosen people. What if God had the power to rapture and purge the souls from bad people to nonexistence? What if God then chose souls from the good people of the earth to populate every planet in the universe with? Would God choose one of dependent mind for this? I would not think that he would, he might but I doubt it. Two women were fighting over a baby, a great king said I will cut the baby in half and give you each half. The true mother of the baby stepped forward. God would choose the souls of independent minds to populate all the planets in the universe because. And I do make the assumption that those of the independent minds care more for the planet than those of dependent mind. God would not choose those who wrecked the planet to populate other planets, because God is a God of creation and not destruction. God might even go so far as to say in the Bible, take the planet and do with it as you wish. There would be no better test than this to determine who, like the mother who received the baby, should rein over worlds. One of my favorite quotes from the Bible is, “Those who were left behind were weeping and gritting their teeth. If you are of independent mind and you go on vacation those who are of dependent mind do this every second you are away- it is true. It is called the rapture and it is the best medicine for those of dependent mind. Those of dependent mind are those who would have you labeled a schizophrenic and zombified with medicine. Why? Because they really want to be you and the existence of your thinking prevents them from believing in themselves. They will never be as good as you because their minds are not based on experiential knowledge; they are based on knowledge imprinted from your thoughts and soul.

How do we beat demonic possession from Satan? First, avoid acting on impulse. Always think before commencing action. Always think of consequences before committing to action. Also thinking involves memory. Thought is based on memory. Accept your memory for what it is, if you have done bad things seek not to do them anymore and your memory will be cleared for thinking for yourself. A spirit once told me when I was young; you should be able to trace every thought in your head to its origin. If you cannot do this because your thoughts are based on others then you must think hard to look for instances in your memory bank however so painful whereby the good construct or idea to remember relates to you and not them, not someone who victimized you. And just because you think it does not mean that you should believe it. Why not you ask? Because your memories and thinking in today’s and culture of false idols influences your memory and therefore thinking greatly. Everything you think you learn on television only really applies specifically to the person who learned it and not you. You have to think about how a commentary could not be true for you rather than accept it as a slap on the head based truth.

My purpose in writing this is to reduce suffering of those who have had their souls stolen. And these are indeed people of all races, religions, creeds and colors. My purpose is also to promote fairness and equality so that souls are not stolen in the future. In the future their will no longer be victims of soul theft. No-one will ever be labeled Schizophrenic. No one will ever be stigmatized or Zombified by the soulless dark force of wealth creation. Why? Because those who hear and were imprinted on the minds of others will shamelessly admit who they are and vow that they will never promote this behavior again.

Do not forget what I said about how soul stealing does indeed run counter to the spirit of creation in the universe and if left untenable could destroy everything. God is a God of creation and created everything, for if this was not true you would never have found anything to be beautiful in your life. For to see things as beautiful, and respect them for what they are, is indeed to recognize the spirit of creation present in yourself. Do not deny this.

I just told you and I know it is all true.

God Bless the Child Who Has His Own

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS. Don’t try catching the next comet, (unless you can build a space craft that is capable of matching it speed for speed and faster.)

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For the Love of Money and Status 03 21 2011

For the Love of Money and Status 03 21 2011

For the love of money and social status they drive people crazy. What would God say to them?

1. You ought to be ashamed for living!

2. You ought to be ashamed to call yourself a human being like the rest of us!

3. You should not be walking upright on two legs because you are an imposter to the human race.

To be fair not all of those who benefit from the minds of people who were driven crazy participated in the making of them being such. But they sure aren’t complaining as they look the other way from humanity with their briefcases full of silver.

And neither will you ever hear them give credit for their wealth and status to the people who truly deserve it- and it is not themselves. The trophies that they raise high in the air, the ones they attain in all professions are composes of living fragments for the souls of living human beings.

They know how they got where they are- mothers who participated in satanic chanting to drive someone from their minds. But never in your lifetime will you ever hear them admit to this. Speaking in tongues at your local Catholic Church, this is them too.

Character traits that drain humanity of good. As such the ones who point the ones who point their fingers and yell the loudest at others without providing solutions are indeed the source of all the worlds problems. What is pointing your fingers and verbally insulting really? A primate trait that defines a baboon.


Could our modern diets of refined sugar and chemicals teamed with a natural disaster such as happened in Japan create a new plague that could wipe out three quarters of humanity? It is not a matter of could it is a matter that is most likely to happen. Some of us know that the some of us who will not be wiped out are truly human. Human beings creating and living in the image of God, Jesus Christ our savior.


You can not be any be any sicker than if you climbed the ladder of success by displacing people from their own true souls.

Some that walk on two legs and are often seen in public are “little more” than the source of all the worlds problems in active denial or this, for the love of money and status.

For the love of money and status they are personified with the souls from their mothers victims. A mother would truly have to pity her child to do this.

They are personified to success through the theft and active displacement of living souls from human beings.

Some claim in defense for what they are by saying, “I can only do one thing in life as a trade,” are truly lying to themselves and us. They could also and more appropriately push a broom.

There is an insult that rings true to me regarding soul theft of skills, “More appropriately you could push a broom.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Satan Gives us Dreams 03 20 2011 and Dorothy would be Labeled 03 20 2011

Satan Gives us Dreams 03 20 2011

Satan Gives us Dreams???

Dreams are Satan’s way to influence. Satan knows when we sleep and waits to think in parallel with us then.

When we dream these are something the thoughts that Satan gives us. But I also think sometimes they are ours.

If Satan does give them to us, maybe he is not so bad. If we can catch those dreams in the liminality and write them down what do they tell us?

Why is Satan not so bad? Because if he knows when you are dreaming and is ahead of you he/she could have plotted and killed you at some time in your life, but didn’t.

So Satan knows when you dream is he/she therefore using you as a mind that synchronizes his/theirs like a clock to time off of? Maybe so. Then it would seem that Satan would not want you to leave. Test this theory once to see how much Satan needs you. Take a random impromptu vacation; do no plan it at all. And do not let it be impromptu planned by Satan. Then just observe what happens. After you see the same thing I do you will ask yourself, “If Satan needs me, why is he/she so mean to me?”

As a matter of fact if everyone labeled as Schizophrenia was given a vacation to another country where they were to be treated like very nice and with hospitality and no harassment the world would change overnight. Do you know what would happen there would be people frothing at the mouth where they left from. As the Bible said regarding the rapture, “And those who were left behind were weeping and gritting their teeth.” (The women weep and the men grit their teeth in hatred and jealousy. Believe me I see it every day.)

The world would change overnight. And the ones given the vacation should not return home until everyone who “hears” them signs a petition that they need them back at their homes. And that they are sorry for what they have done and will not do it anymore. The world would change rather quickly. There would indeed be peace on earth. And you are not allowed to get there ahead of time to where they are sent on vacation, and no funny business either.

So there you have it a very simple plan that would bring peace on earth forever.

Okay back from their denial land and how it could be cured. If you chant this in your head, “Why are you so mean to me Satan, when I know that you need me?” The answer will be “If you were subject to the timing of someone else’s brain 24/7 /365 eternity you might get a little evil too. It would seemingly be unavoidable.

By the way if you can’t sleep because of your affliction take an OTC remedy (maybe one commercial herb capsule of Hawthorn Herb from a health food store) and just lie back and say, “What the heck God, if you want me to die in my sleep just do so! I don’t really care anymore.” And then fall asleep. Just think that if God wants you to die in your sleep you will. But if you are like me you will find it gives you a good night’s sleep.

This will not work for you if you do not believe in God. What does it mean to believe in God? It means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in your daily life. This means to stand up to evil like Jesus Christ did. Jesus could tell when people were possessed by Satan and what we are told to say in Christianity when confronted with Satan is to look him straight in the eye and say, “In the name of Jesus Christ devil be gone.” And Satan must flee your presence. Other harsh and righteous words of truth work also. There is also a part that say’s our bodies will be restored and something about no real lasting harm coming to you if you believe in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes in the Bible there were similarities between Satan and God. After all Satan was said to come from Heaven. Maybe this is why Jesus Christ said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” (You should also fear God because your Salvation is affected by what you do here on earth.)

Also try asking forgiveness to those who were mean to you. Why? Because they were extremely sensitive and jealous people regarding you at some point in your life. It might be that how you viewed them was the opposite of what they but either you or them didn’t know how your actions were perceived.

Satan forgive me that you heard my thoughts. I did not intend to be this way and I too suffer greatly because of this.

Try asking forgiveness, especially from members of the opposite sex. For they might be part of your problem. I can say personally that my feelings are hurt more by members of the opposite sex and close friends who have betrayed me.

I think that it hurts when the opposite sex insults because it would seem to be something considered to prevent us from procreating, that is if we have not married yet.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Dorothy would be Labeled 03 20 2011

If you have schizophrenia have you indeed caught the Satan’s who are with you? Yes you have. Say to them or think, forgive me Satan because you are with me. I did not intend for you to be so.

Also know this, Satan does not have to be with you but it chooses to. Ask yourself why Satan chooses to be with you? And then think something similar to what Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, Satan you had courage all along you don’t need me. Satan you were smart all along, you don’t need me. The Wizard of Oz is indeed an Analogy to a person who has the spirits of those who consider themselves to be lesser or animals with her. The Character of Dorothy is the archetype of a Schizophrenic and the Tin Man, The Lion and Scare Crow could all be said to, believe it or not, fit the archetype of Satan. Is that not indeed the nature of schizophrenia, one is said to have multiple personalities? The Wizard of Oz tells us these are really tangible characters that live in our world. Remember this; imagination is where the characters lived in the world of Oz. A little too much detail and length to be a dream, and the plot, theme and moral were written for a reason. If you think of Schizophrenia in terms of a Schizophrenic really being the archetype of Dorothy and having real satellites of people that are with him/her you get a true picture of what they would call a disease. In this case it is really a dependency of characters on the one. When Dorothy defeated evil in this movie everyone got better, the dependent characters and she was free from the nightmare. So indeed if you have Schizophrenia can it be said that you are called to something greater? Can it be said that there is evil in this world that can only be defeated by you (and I am not promoting violence.) Are there people that you need to stand up to defeat this disease? What I am getting at is success the cure for Schizophrenia, as the Wizard of Oz would seem to suggest? I have not achieved great success so I cannot say for certain.

What if those characters that you have that are similar to Dorothy are so insecure about themselves that they do not want you to be successful for fear that they might lose you as their guide down the yellow brick path? I don’t remember Dorothy having to order them around too much to have to correct them; she more or less played a saving role. But you might think to yourself, “Those who are dependent on me you have learned great things in this world, do not stand in my of success because it does not bode well for you who are of me!” This is similar to what Jesus Christ told Satan, “Get behind me Satan.” He meant do not stand in my way for it only lessens yourself. Jesus Christ also fits this same archetype of having those who are of dependent mind with him, i.e. The Pharisees. The Pharisees have suffered for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the denial of what they truly were for well over two thousand years.

It is a very interesting revelation that the author tells us that Satan has the faults that these characters do in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Think hard, faults like these they try and hide? Think in your head those whose faults you have seen and those who have faults that might be with you but you don’t know what the faults would be.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Ps. I can give you great insight into every great movie ever in these same terms.

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