The labeling and creation of "Schizophrenics" is really a Crime Against Humanity that is the theme of this blog.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quadrophenia the movie by The Who

This one is also telling us of the story from the Bible of those who sleep with the same woman are one of the mind.

In this movie it is almost fatal for the main character.

The suffix phenia is very similiar to the phrenia in Schizophrenia.  This is not a coincidence of choice.  What are they trying to tell us?

The good kid must beware when amongst losers who have no skills in life as he is likely to loose his soul to them.

Was Pete Townsend telling us that the band The Who was all of one mind, his?  Can't say for sure.

But Pete was molested as a boy and probably suffered soul loss from it. That is how they steals souls.  Quadrophenia meaning- he knew of four people that were of a soul.  The four members of The Who?

Once a wiccan gets a trace of your soul she is going to chant to you  in order to keep you from having it yourself.  When you are made to not be able to hear yourself think because of the chanting which transforms into you hearing voices, your soul has been stolen.

Why do they do it.  They were not raised to be independent people and this is all they know how to do to get ahead in life.  It is not stepping on people to get ahead it is worse it is destroying them.  They become their living sacrifices.  Their victims are also called living Gods in many references of the one and only Bible.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Beware of this type of women

The woman who see's you and intones to you with this alluring message.

"Wouldn't you like me instead?"

Answer to her, "Don't you have instead already?"

A witch like that will try and steal your soul and give it to the idiot she is with instead.

This woman plays into what is told to us in the Bible, those who sleep with the same woman are of one mind.

What you don't know is that those who imaginarilly sleep with the same women, or more to the point the one who imaginarilly sleeps with that same woman is likely to loose his soul to the looser stearing the motor bike she rides the back of.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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DSM II Drawed and Quartered Again 06 26 2011

DSM II Drawed and Quartered Again 06 26 2011

DSM III, drawed and quartered again, does it really mean Demonic Schizoid Miserable Maker Manual, in other words a manual that is legally written by a German drug company in order to trap and label those they personally don’t like or whom they will use in wealth creation? You bet it does.

1. Sudden personality change- When does this happen? When they demonically possess you. They tell you this is something to watch out for and it is. But they do not tell you the real reason it occurs- you have been demonically possessed by someone. And often this is done by those who would then make you buy their medicine. Read my article, “What is a Griffin.”

2. Thoughts of Suicide. You better watch out for this one too, they'll take away your life with this one, institution and zomby medicine all your life if you say yes. But here is what they won’t tell you about this one either, those are not your thoughts they are theirs- of the one who demonically possessed you. You have to ask yourself, who has tried to influence me? It is likely their thoughts not yours. Ask yourself is that consistent with me? No, you are likely to be someone who has a great skill level. If you are a person that has been a victim of attrition and made weak those are likely their thoughts not yours. And do not worry about it, just have a little humility and realize it is not you. What then happens is the humility you experience will likely help you synchronize up to a skill level that those who are trying to demonically possess you want to prevent you from having or getting back. What you are experiencing is a depressed person who has lost their soul trying to regain strength from you.

The demonic race has had enough time to integrate and become good persons in this country. We have had enough of your waste and carnage, enough is enough.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The United States Navy Could Put Two and Two Together 06 22 2011

The Original Basis for Nonlethal Weapons- The United States Navy Could Put Two and Two Together 06 22 2011

I heard the story of how one radio operator after another went insane on naval vessels during WWII. This was before 1950!

I know what caused it because I was subjected to it myself!

Our minds think via the nerve synapses of our brains and these are electricity based. Your thoughts are electricity. What is an electric arc in its most general terms? It is a flash of light. So what happens when we are subjected to an electric field that overpowers our minds ability to send and receive its own electrical signals? We have lost our soul! In effect if subjected to one for too long our neural pathways or learning can become erased from lack of use. What makes us grown and mature human beings is our unique experiences that form our personality. And our thinking is based on these memories! Our memories are the well known paths of our brain signals that formed as we grew and learned.

Again, what happens to us when we are purposely subjected to overpowering fields that are based on the electromagnetic spectrum or other spectrums? Our souls are stripped from us!

You can not tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt that our government did not make an analysis of how radio operators lost their minds one after another when exposed to non- shielded equipment. And you can not tell me without a shadow of a doubt that the Navy did not put two and two together over the last 60 years and develop nonlethal weapons that are based on this theory. And you can not tell me without a shadow of a doubt that they are not utilized on innocent United States Citizens to steal their souls in a sick crime against humanity!

Enough is enough, admit what you have done and repent!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Dissenting Spirit 06 24 2011

Dissenting Spirit

Those Hebrew texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls- the basis of the Jewish religion were written by a woman. And I believe that they were written by more than one woman because they looked to have been pier reviewed. This appears to be a religion based on the sexual reward of fellatio. As such it violates Gods Law, “Thou shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it!”

And what has happened to the women of this religion over the years? They have been strongly mal influenced by the hormones and soul of creation they consumed. Nothing influences human genes more strongly than human genes themselves, and the ones that have the most influence are those that are geared towards reproduction. Today common viruses are known to cause changes in our genes.

What has been the observable influence of this male soul consumption? It has led to females that are less like females and more aggressive. These females will often show the influence of male hormones as they have grown a mustache and have to shave.

This genetic influence has created females who are soulless! Why? All their soul became derived from what is termed in the Dead Sea Scrolls as, “The Fountain of Life.”

The same problem has also occurred with their offspring both male and female. They are born soulless. This would be fine if it did not involve others but it does, and there is no way that it cannot.

I have to ask myself as I read that passage, “Did she have to offer that to get a man to marry her?”

So with these women what you basically have is a constant state of soul loss like women experience during their menstrual cycle when their souls are split and part of their souls depart with the menses. This is indeed why it is so painful for women! It is similar to post partum depression but more constant and therefore worse.

And what has happened to the Jewish Soul? It has been consumed over time! That is what has caused the great soul theft of others in this country and those who are victims of this soul theft are labeled with Schizophrenia (nice isn’t it!).

Those children born without souls are labeled, attention deficit disorder, autistic, mentally retarded, etc. That is why they have resorted to using non-lethal weapons to jar the souls from those who were raised natural in the traditional manner by loving parents who did not partake in luxuria Those children have a greater and stronger soul- a normal soul.

God destroyed Gomorrah for luxuria!!!! Luxuria? Anyone care to guess what that means?

The women of this religion had the soulless disease a long time ago, that is why in the Dead Sea Scrolls it say’s and one of ten of you will study law both day and night- she liked to listen to those thoughts regarding the study of law. It leads me to ask, “What grievance did she have?” -The one wrote this passage of the Dead Sea Scrolls? And was it a grievance that caused her to seek power? Here is what she said, “I will not offer evil reward.” If that provides insight?

Further insight is provided when this same writer’s voice in the Dead Sea Scrolls tells of the pairing of men. How the two shall live together, eat together and basically do everything together.

What grievance did she have that would cause her to want to hear the thoughts of the study of law and religion?


I know how you steal souls of adults because I have experienced what you do not only as a victim as an adult but I knew of it when I was an infant. I experienced you driving someone from their soul when I was an infant. You were driving it from them for all infants and adults to see and learn from. And when I grew to become an adult I was then the one that you drove the soul from.

I saw it happen and revolted in horror at the sight of it. My mother could not understand what was getting me so upset and she said to me, “Settle, settle, settle,” as she cradled me in her arms.

It is my soul as an adult. I developed it with my father. He spent time with me and showed me how to use tools. And we thought together. When he saw that I needed help he thought of suggestions to help me. My adult soul belongs to me not you!

When I was an infant I dissented from learning from the theft of soul’s you were doing to others! I revolted in horror. Those who did not were born soulless and forever after were soulless. They did not revolt at the horror but hung onto those whom you drove from their minds all their lives. They live off of the minds of others. This is their great secret. We could say they made the wrong choice- that early on in life. We could say they were put to the test that early on in life. We could say that they are those who are complacent with evil in this world. We could say they feel themselves to be realists because they accept evil and come to be in complacence and humor to it. It would seem that things that are not funny and should not be considered funny because they are evil are enjoyed by them- as if their heart does not have the capacity to feel why something in wrong. And this is indeed why the two most popular late night comics are very crass! I would rather see a Jewish man with intellect and respect on late night comedy. Not one who lives of others. “For intelligent as you have misrepresented yourself as a race, is this the best you have to offer America?” I asked myself yesterday.

There is a difference between you and me, I was a dissenter! You might not have had a choice due to bad hormonal and other influences. But that is why you are the way you are the way you are. And it is not fair to those who were dissenters like me. We should not have to suffer in life because of your irresponsible actions. We should not have to be your secret victims of soul theft. We should not have to suffer from your evil appetite for soul consumption. Your evil hunger for soul consumption has left you soulless as a race and the world polluted in your drive for conquest- your drive to be something that you can never be.

John Nash, a victim of soul theft and the Noble Peace prize winner also stated the cause of soul theft without even knowing it- too many competitors for the same thing and no one gets it. And if you do not think that his soul was divided up you are wrong.

Here is my prescription for you in order to save the world from destruction.

1. You will no longer engage in luxuria.

2. You will no longer secretly victimize others for their souls.

3. You will make known the cause and become a proponent for those whose souls you have stolen.

4. If you make yourself a living God to rely on you better be prepared to love them all throughout your life and theirs. You will now show your victims respect and love.

5. The World knows! You have been caught! You better not deny the responsibility for the wrong you have caused as it will only lead to destruction. You better not seek to further denial and live to cover up the truth. We are not stupid. The women who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls passage emphasized the want to know the truth and now you have it.

6. You will become proponents of fairness in this world.

7. Women who like to listen to the law and religion for twenty four hours a day! - You are discouraged from doing so again. Instead in an effort of fairness you will read text books pertaining to your husband’s profession. This will foster and create a more loving bond with him. And therefore your children will become more well adjusted people.

8. In terms of the hollow and vacant feeling you experience, you will be abstain from soul theft and molesting the souls of others! You will thereby go through a period of soul theft withdrawal, you will gradually detoxify yourself from this over time and eventually you will become normal like the rest of us. And being normal you will also become happy, loving and well adjusted persons!

9. You will spend time with your own children and learn as you teach them, not demonize others to live off of their souls.

10. Did these women react and adapt to the loss or the soul theft from their menses by consuming men’s reproductive fluid? I believe this is what has made them soulless! It is the same principal as to how one develops immunity to disease through constant exposure. But instead you have developed and immunity from soul formation. This has caused your lives to be a mad quest for the soul of the innocent. You are a great horror to your victims! You torture, demonize, victimize, and label them as different when it is you who are different. You will not seek to steal the souls of others to replete your own soul. You will take iron supplements and eat iron rich foods around the time of your menses.

11. You are to study your husband’s profession. Whatever you husband does for a living you are to study that. You are not to bother me or those like me.

12. You are to develop many good goals in life rather than none!

Jesus a Jew thought this about your coven, “You women control the world and I cannot make a go of it here. What would you have me do?....Check into a crucifixion center?”

There was no answer from them and he did.

It is better to have many good goals than none.


You made the United States the creepville of the world! And you spread your indoctrinated horror to every nation that you could.

It is quite clear from the wording in the Dead Sea Scrolls that you formed the Catholic Church as a branch of the Judea religion. After all the leaders in Hebrew are called Rabbis not Priests that you refer to in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They became your molesting arm and you pitted this against Judaism yourself in a guise. This facilitated the hatred of Jews by the Gentiles (Catholics) who were part of you. This branch was taught on the surface to believe differently than you did. She that liked to hear 24 hours a day religion and law created a pool of of human beings to draw on and victimize. For she loved the hatred because she was soulless and liked to listen to it.

Was this your grievance: These were sodomites that you called priests? That you sent in pairs off to go and live with one another? And once they went off to live with one another you legitimized them and their actions and they self propagated the monsterness of themselves by molesting boys throughout history. And both you and the priests lived off of those souls. It was not fair to Catholics who were not aware of what those priests really were. Instead of dealing with the source of your grievance, your problem and one you indeed created you gave them a separate pool of people to become shepherds to, to collect money from, you taught your pooled sheep to never question their or your actions.

Eight ways homosexuals are created

1. They are dissenters that experience the abject horror of you driving men from their souls when their souls are being formed. And their souls are warped into becoming feminine at birth.

2. The mal hormonal influence that you ingest unbalances their souls at conception.

3. They are molested and then made fearful with daunting actions into becoming effeminate and gay.

4. They live with you and your driving men out of their minds and souls every day of their lives and revolt from falling in love with women and feel empathy for those you seek to destroy- men. At least some of you know right from wrong at that is them.

5. In life they search for the true father of their soul and cannot find him, he was likely a dissenter like I was. So they try male after male to try and become what was taken from them by you.

6. They are soul hungry because of that is how their mothers were and that is why they become like their mothers and also gay.

7. They seek to dominate men like just as their mothers drove men from their souls when they were young to learn from. This can only be considered evil occult practices.

8. Once they are molested they feel like they are not worthy of the love of women and all that there is for them are men like them. (Don’t believe all women are evil, there are some that have heart and are capable of true love.)

Admit what you have done to the world and repent SHE THAT HAS ALREADY THOUGHT TO MUCH!

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” You women were born and raised to be the Furor!

It is over for you soul stealers. You are not going to spread your soul stealing hatred around the world anymore. If just one of us stands for the rest your wealth creation is over. I was and still am that dissenting spirit. And you in turn get to raise your children by yourself in order to become good people.

And to be fair I like all people equally. It is your actions that I do not like.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I support this Act, There is more to these people than you could ever know.

World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry  WNUSP
Secretarial:c/o LAP, Store Glasvej 49, DK-5000 Odense C

Tel 45 66 19 45 11

Legal Capacity as Right, Principle and Paradigm

Submission to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in response to its Call for Papers on theoretical and practical applications of Article 12

Following the principle asserted by WNUSP and others in the International Disability Caucus (IDC) throughout the CRPD drafting and negotiations, users and survivors of psychiatry claim that we define our human rights, identify violations and provide guidance as to remedies. 1. What is needed for Article 12 implementation? For users and survivors of psychiatry, it is not necessary to create an elaborate model of supported decision-making in order to implement Article 12.

Article 12 implementation starts with the recognition of equal legal capacity. This means that users and survivors of psychiatry/ people with psychosocial disabilities have the same legal capacity to act as everyone else. The capacity to act entails also the right to exercise that capacity directly, by one's own expressed wishes, and to be accommodated by having all forms of communication accepted as meaningful, relevant and valid (Article 21). People with psychosocial disabilities may need accommodation for strong emotional expression, metaphorical language, or complex narratives, to a greater extent than the general population, and we may also need other types of accommodation and support in interacting with bureaucratic or formal systems (Articles 2, 5, 9 and 13). 2. Significance of the capacity to act

The capacity to act entails a right to have the content of one's choices respected as valid, and to be finally responsible for having made those choices. The relationship of psychosocial disability to trauma means that many of us have never had the experience of making truly self-affirming choices about our own lives, and we may experience destructive self-doubts in even the smallest decisions. Taking away responsibility and authority to govern one's own life severely circumscribes the scope for breaking free of abuse and coming to terms with the highs and lows of life - resulting in enforced marginalization, segregation, deprivation of opportunities, and despair. 3. Enforced mental health treatment as violation of legal capacity Enforced mental health treatment inflicts multiple violations of legal capacity. It represents a judgment that one's behavior and self-expression merit distrust; it prevents a person from defending herself against assault by mind-altering drugs that change brain and body chemistry and seem to change one from the inside out (or the more permanent changes wrought by electroshock and psychosurgery) - involuntarily blurring the boundaries between self and not-self; and it constitutes a refusal to accept as valid the person's own choice about a highly intrusive and controversial medical treatment that has potentially irreversible consequences. Enforced mental health treatment is incompatible with Article 12, as well as with Articles 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 and 25, and meets the UN definition of torture (see IDC Information Note on Forced Interventions, available at; see also Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture A/63/175, maintaining that forced psychiatric interventions may constitute torture or ill-treatment). There is no need for any formalized supported decision-making model to be put in place regarding mental health treatment decisions - simply put, enforced treatment (including hospitalization and institutionalization) has to be abolished and the laws that permit such treatment have to be repealed.

Mental health treatment and hospitalization may continue to be administered with the free and informed consent of the person concerned - that is, only if the person gives affirmative consent after receiving satisfactory information, with no implied consent or substituted consent possible - and there must be effective remedies available to enforce the right to be free from nonconsensual treatment. At the policy level resources and priority must be shifted away from medical model treatment to services and supports in keeping with the social model of madness/ psychosocial disability (such as psychotherapy, respite houses, intentional peer support, and phenomenological approaches reflected in the Hearing Voices Network and Soteria). Resource limitations cannot excuse the failure to implement such a policy shift; both reallocation of resources and international cooperation need to be fully explored and utilized. 4. Support and its relationship to the exercise of legal capacity Support to exercise legal capacity in general (i.e. in relation to financial, legal and medical matters beyond the right to be free from enforced mental health treatment) likewise does not need to be formalized or established as a legal institution in order to recognize the legal capacity of people with psychosocial disabilities on an equal basis with others. In fact, in response to serious and persistent patterns of abuse experienced by many of us (in home, community, mental health services, law and justice systems, and society), the hallmarks of our best practices in support are: avoidance of bureaucracy; confidentiality (including anonymity if desired); loyalty to the person served; non-hierarchical relations; and non-judgmental engagement with each other's reality. These values contrast with legal oversight, record-keeping (unless necessary to perform a requested service, in which case ownership belongs to the person concerned), and accountability to any parties outside the support relationship. People with psychosocial disabilities may want to use written plans, and/or designated advocates, to communicate their wishes if direct communication is impeded for any reason, or to serve as a reminder of desired courses of action. These plans or advocacy agreements cannot take precedence over a person's current wishes; Article 12 conclusively presumes that she has the right to continue exercising the legal capacity to change her mind. 5. Article 12 as paradigm for all types of support The paradigm established by Article 12 is reflected throughout the CRPD and has implications for all forms of support offered to people with psychosocial disabilities (e.g. Articles 19, 26 and 28). This paradigm recognizes the boundaries between individuals - "the independence of persons" (Article 3(a)) - and requires pro-active engagement with each other as interdependent human beings, without infringing on any person's autonomy or physical, mental or moral integrity (Articles 3(a), 12.3, 12.4 and 17). It is the same paradigm adopted by harm-reduction approaches to HIV/AIDS prevention (e.g. distributing free needles), by services to people living rough (homeless), and to people in situations of domestic violence. Best practices in social services generally are coming to a position that provides support of a nature that the person will accept, rather than trying to enforce the dictates of top-down social policy that may simply not work as people find ways to avoid services that are irrelevant, harmful or an assault on their dignity. While good practices of this nature exist also at the margins of the mental health system, mostly in isolated and small alternatives to the medical model, and in peer support and advocacy, the mental health system needs to catch up and abandon the paternalistic asylum model that currently prevails even in community-based services - in ghettoized mental health housing and case-management services that subsume all aspects of life, and in laws allowing enforced treatment in the community. The Article 12 paradigm is also simply the interdependence between negative rights and positive rights, and the recognition that social solidarity is necessary to create the conditions for the "free development of the personality" of each individual (UDHR Article 22). All human rights, negative and positive, belong to the individual, and there can be no justification for depriving a person of legal capacity on the ground that it is necessary to fulfill the right to health or the right to an adequate standard of living, or vice versa. The positive rights imply the negative ones - the right to health includes the right to control one's own body and health (CESCR GC No. 14) - and vice versa - the right to legal capacity requires, ultimately, a right to the economic, social and political conditions necessary for the exercise of autonomy to be affirmative and not just a choice of "the lesser evil". (This is certainly subject to progressive realization and is even more in the nature of a third-generation right, related to the right to development and the right to peace, nevertheless it is at least partly reflected in UDHR Article 22 which refers to "realization of those economic, social and cultural rights necessary for the free development of the personality".) 6. Other rights related to the exercise of legal capacity Further aspects of legal capacity are the rights to political participation, marriage and parenting relationships, and employment. People with psychosocial disabilities cannot be excluded from having the right to vote and to stand for election (Article 29), and psychosocial disability cannot be a basis for denying the right to marry or for separating parents from our children (Article 23.4). People with psychosocial disabilities have the right to participate in the general workforce and/or to engage in self-employment and entrepreneurship according to our own choices, and cannot be denied the right to make contracts for employment, nor can we be segregated in "sheltered workshops" that exploit our labor for less than the regulatory minimum wage under supervision of mental health workers, violating our rights and dignity as workers and as human beings (Article 27). 7. Responsibility of individual to society Responsibility is a consequence of equal participation in society. Legal exemptions from responsibility such as the insanity defense often result in harsher and less constrained methods of social control - forensic psychiatric prisons that invalidate people as both "mad" and "bad." We do not call for rigid enforcement of "law and order," but instead look to the duty to accommodate, to an exploration of mitigating circumstances, and to the example of good practices found in some services for people with intellectual disabilities, in which disruptive and even violent acts are taken as having communicative value rather than as automatically warranting punishment. The nature of crimes as defined and as enforced, which often disadvantage populations living in poverty and otherwise oppressed, including people with psychosocial disabilities, needs to be questioned and challenged for a just social order. As a matter of principle, people with psychosocial disabilities who violate just laws should be held responsible subject to mitigating factors and procedural justice, while we continue to work for abolition of prisons and of all systems that perpetuate trauma by depriving people of control of their own lives whether as punishment, for reasons based on discrimination or any other reason. 8. The paradigm shift with respect to psychosocial disability The concept of "danger to self or others" needs to be laid to rest, in law and in policy. Human rights advocates reject preventive detention in general as unacceptable in a just society, and likewise reject demographic profiling of any individual as violent based on race, gender, age or disability. People with psychosocial disabilities have a right to equal benefit of all laws (Article 5), including the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and the persistence of the myth that madness implies a propensity to crime and violence needs to be named and eradicated as discrimination (Article 8). Suicide and self-harm, on the other hand, need to be approached with sensitivity to the difference between first- and third-person perspectives, learning from experiential insight into the nature of these experiences, their meaning, and how others might helpfully engage with a person who is suicidal or who practices self-harm. 9. For more information about good practices mentioned here, please see: PO-Skåne Hearing Voices Network Intentional Peer Support Soteria Thinking About Suicide Voices of Heart Sister Witness International Runaway House Eindhoven Project NOTE: These resources include work to reduce harm within the existing system that still practices coercion and enforced treatment, and we believe that the underlying approaches are relevant to creating services and supports entirely free of force and coercion.

Prepared for WNUSP by Tina Minkowitz, International Representative

June 1, 2011


The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry is a democratic organization of users and survivors of psychiatry that represents this constituency at the global level. In our Statutes, "users and survivors of psychiatry" are self-defined as people who have experienced madness and/or mental health problems, or who have used or survived mental health services.

WNUSP had its beginnings in 1991 and became a full-fledged organization

with a democratic global structure on adopting its statutes in 2001. Currently we have members in over 50 countries, spanning every region of the world.

WNUSP is a member of the International Disability Alliance (IDA), and is represented on the Panel of Experts of the UN Special Rapporteur on Disability.

WNUSP was involved in the work on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) since the inter-regional expert meeting convened by the Mexican government before the 1st session of the Ad Hoc Committee (the UN forum in which the CRPD was negotiated), and has been active and successful in achieving our aims for the Convention, especially with regard to legal capacity, liberty, integrity and free and informed consent, as well as principles of autonomy, human diversity and equality reflected not only in article 3 but throughout the Convention. WNUSP brought over 20 users and survivors of psychiatry to the UN, from every region of the world, in addition to representatives of other user/survivor organizations that worked closely with us, such as Mind Freedom International and People Who.

WNUSP was among the organizations that created the International

Disability Caucus, and served on its steering committee; it is also currently on the steering committee of the IDA CRPD Forum. WNUSP was also one of the organizations represented in the 2004 working group that produced the first official draft text of the CRPD, and was represented as one of two civil society speakers at the adoption of the CRPD by the General Assembly.

Since the adoption of the CRPD, WNUSP has produced an Implementation Manual from a user/survivor perspective (available on our website), and continues to work with the rest of the international disability community, especially through the Legal Capacity Task Force, a working group of the IDA CRPD Forum.

WNUSP has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social

Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC).

Please see our website for more information. ***** Endorsers: Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (USA),

Fundación Mundo Bipolar, Madrid (Spain),

IMPERO (Ireland)

Intentional Peer Support (USA)

MindFreedom International

TUSPO (Tanzania)

Voices of the Heart, Queensbury, NY (USA)

We Shall Overcome (Norway),

European Network of (ex-) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry,

Fundatia Orizonturi, Romania,

LAP Copenhagen/Frederiksberg Denmark

I support this act, there is more to these people than you could ever know.
Many people are silenced in the name of wealth creation.

I am faced with a great dilema concerning this act because I know that some people that are labeled mentally ill are indeed demonically possessed agaisnt their will by real live people.  I also know that high technologies are used to faciliate this sometimes.

I have always believed a person is responsible for their own actions.  But when someone pushes you off a cliff and you land on their brother are you responsible for the brothers injury?

The answer is, you should have been left alone or the cause and effect would have never happened.

And how can you ever prove that you were pushed off a cliff?
Thomas Paul Murphy

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Holy Shield of the Son’s of Light

The Holy Shield of the Son’s of Light

Out of self hatred and jealousy Satan would destroy the world.

He said to himself, “There is only one place this could come from. From the descendents of Judea that formed organized crime in the United States. From people that feel there is no other way to learn.”

“They had retarded children and what did they do? First they said it was no longer to call them retarded. And then they tortured someone and demonized them and cast that suffering unto them, just like they did it to Jesus Christ.”

“They all lived off of him anyway, so there rational was that must be how it was meant to be. And if that is how it is meant to be we are justified. So why not we take a little more from him.”

“We will give him all our misery, pain and suffering,” are the words transcribed from the Catholic Church, but it really meant they would sacrifice and torture, and in the modern age it meant the use of a little known type of weapon called a psychotronic weapon.

“Let me ask you!” He said to them, “What would happen to the world when a hidden race were allowed to accumulate wealth and thrive by torturing others in secret?.....By giving their retarded children a microphone that when they spoke into it- it sent out a voice attenuated microwave beam that ripped flesh from the bone?”

He pleaded with them, “Can anyone else see that people who would resort to such torture would not have the world’s best interest at hand? Can anyone else see that a people that destroy and torture others could inadvertently and readily destroy the world?”

He asked himself again and again, “Why do they do it? Do they feel having to work for a living is beneath them?” The irony of thought occurred to him, “Isn’t that odd? Work is beneath those who would rip flesh from the bones of others.” In hatred of them for what they did to people he then thought, “They ought to have all their money and assets confiscated.”

He pleaded, “The horror I speak of is reality. These are called psychotronic weapons. And the worst of them are the voice attenuated beams. Microwave cooking like beams that rip flesh from the bone.”

“What on earth do you mean by voice attenuated?” they would ask.

“I mean someone speaks into a microphone and the volume and voice is converted into a microwave beam, the cooking percussive beam is both heard and also causes bleeding, pain and mental stupor,” he said in defense.


“Israel was one of the first countries to develop nonlethal weaponry and these have had well documented use. They have even been seen being used on the channels like the Discovery Channel. The active denial weapons systems were designed to make people move out from their field of influence or experience great pain. Like the United States outsourced its torture to Egypt; Israel and Japan our high tech partners were also used to outsource and produce these psychotronic weapons.”

He then asked himself, “What nation has always had trouble with its neighbors and why?”

Then he reflected on his readings from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible,

“Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain.” “What does it mean? They are said not to believe in Jesus Christ but someone else.”

Then he thought, “The lost Hebrew texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls explain this very well, that is to those who have insights. To those who do not they explain it obliquely at best.”

He proclaimed, “It is just as I have said. The Dead Sea scrolls alluded to it. One in every ten members of a tribe had a mental voice that could be heard by others. That is where the phrase, “Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain comes from.” For those who were Lords of the Ten did not know it. They did not know that their mental voice could be heard. Just as priests hear the Holy Spirit of “others” today, so did they more than two thousand years ago.”

He prepared his defense further, “So you might ask, ‘What would a child do if he knew such things when he was young?’”

The answer was clear as day, “The ones who hear would torture and bully those who heard and never grow up. They would accumulate wealth and power.”

“But what of those who were heard?” his school of thought or consciousness asked.

“To answer that I must tell you, the ones who hear already know it at a young age. They are taught by Evil Masters just as the Dead Sea Scrolls mention. So there would be no change there.”

He continued, “I would like to offer a little background to my thesis. The Dead Sea scrolls also tells that children were raised on a duality of fatherly influence. The goal being first the evil master was to teach them by acting against the wishes of the Holy Priest who was forced to live in exile. Exile that sounds like a prison or keep like where they torture someone. But I cannot be sure of this. My school of thought will have to research this. But the Goal was that as someone aged they would become more holy like the exiled priest. The priest was said to be the TEACHER OF KNOWLEDGE OR WISDOM. Most likely he taught as a matter of humiliation.”

He continued, “I have not got to the part yet where the Son’s of Light, the good people do battle with evil ones. But light is a metaphor for knowledge and wisdom. So the Son’s of light are really those who learned to become like the Exiled priests who were teachers of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. But one of the things I find disturbing about the writers of the dead sea scrolls is this, that they had so little faith in humanity that they would resort to demonization to teach their young. Why could they find no other way to get their young to listen than by using real life archetypal examples of Good and Evil? And what happens to the GOOD or teacher or priest of knowledge and wisdom in order for this plan to come to fruition. In order for the young to believe in his word, he must be exiled. And the tribe of the Dead Sea Scrolls was said to, well it is described in odd and gapped terms but the meaning is the same, “Those who questioned the tribe were labeled as God and given a straight path to walk out into the desert. But to be a Son of Light would then mean to believe in Good rather than the evil master.”

“But the question was, what would happen if those who were heard knew they were heard at a young age?”

“Some already do know this at a young age. They are made to know by the actions of others. The problem is that society as a whole will not admit to this hidden truth. I’ll answer your question more specifically though. The ones who heard would likely be sad an miserable for a different reason the reality of- knowing they were heard. They would likely cry. The one’s who hear would then learn love, humility, respect, empathy and sympathy for those they had power over.”

“Wait what do you mean power over?” asked the advocate.

“Because they are heard and don’t know the ones who hear learn how to anticipate their every next move and plan acts of destruction for them.”

“Okay,” said the school of thought.

“But back to my point about what would happen to the ones who are heard that don’t know they are heard today. Because those who are heard are jealous and push and bully those who are heard. Those who are head in turn today often rebel and become cold and withdrawn, apathetic and hateful, psychotic themselves.” An epiphany hit him as he was thinking, “What if the ones who were heard were really heard because they were thinking the bad thoughts that others had against them. What if all the bad they thought was really of those who heard?”

He broke from his digression, “If those who heard knew they were heard they would cry and those who heard them then would not be able to stand themselves for what they had done. And they would experience guilt and empathy for the first time in their lives. This would lead to more responsible those who hear types. The world might be a better place for it.”

“Today those who are heard are tortured into being silent. They are made incoherent by the use of these weapons. Who are those who would wield such weapons of horror? They can then be said to be used the occult of wealth creation or in a word Satan.”

“Those are strong words occult, wealth creation and Satan,” said the advocate.

“Satan is defined by the Bible, means those who can read men’s minds, Satan is indeed “Those who hear.””

“So why does Satan use voice control microwave like beams to torture others?” he posed to himself.”

“Because Satan wants to be what it is not. What he/she cannot be. ‘A one who is heard.’ Satan is motivated in life therefore to be someone who is heard and seen.”

He knew he was onto something and started to needle to make his point more assuredly, “Let’s see where could we find such people that want to be seen and heard. Where could they be? I can’t think of anywhere they could be found. Wait…the radio and television! I just turn it on and there they are!”

HE continued, “Here is another thing you don’t want to hear, know or believe. All those craft like shows, the ideas on those shows, comedy shows, etc. are minded from the brains of those who are heard.”

“And the sick reality is once they get on television and radio they themselves get to broadcast and be like those who are heard- but once they finally make it to what they think is the top, they don’t know what to do there. They indeed do not know how to look good or smart like the ones who are heard. They do not have the talent to maintain there “Spot” (means the same thing as blight) there.”

“So what do they do- out of what they would justify as being for the good of the country (or the world) they man the flesh tearing microwave like weapons that cannot be seen and torture those who are heard for more material to show on television. THEY DESTROY THAT WHICH THEY SEEK TO IMPRESS.”

He continued, “The reality they cannot accept is- they can never be like those who are heard. “(He decided he would say more as how delusion has polluted the world to ruin in another article to come.)

Then he asked himself, “Today what happens to those who are heard as they age? They too are made to hear. And they are mentally incapacitated by, “THE COVEN.”

“I ought to win a Nobel peace prize for this. I will send this to Nobel,” he thought.

“What happens after the COVEN gets to them?” he rhetorically asked himself.

“You see them pushing shopping carts on the street. You see them sitting in prison- driven to acts of violence by the COVEN.” His ire grew, “The Holy Grail is no longer Holy. The Holy grail might have been Holy at one time, it used to be only organic life form based, but today it is enforced with subliminal invisible non-lethal energy weapons used effective from some distance so only the victims know are being used on them.”

“Does this sound like the Holy Grail from the Indiana Jones movie.” He offered as proof.

“The Holy Grail is simulated today with these psychotropic weapons and is therefore no longer Holy. If the Holy Grail were Holy it would not need to use these weapons. That is how we know that it is no longer Holy.”

“So what happened to the Holy Grail,” his school of thought asked.

“They ended up acting the same way as those who hear. They resorted to torturing and demonizing those who had the true power of the Holy Grail. In effect those of the COVEN became insanely jealous of those who had the true power given to them of the Holy Grail.”

“What do you mean given to them,” a female advocate protested.

He ignored her protest and continued, “It is an act of God who has this natural ability. The original Holy Grail destroyed itself when it was no longer Holy.”

“How do you know this?” the she advocate protested.

“Because I have found many a secret Holy Shield to use against it,” the one who considered himself a Son of Light concluded.


Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Were Going to Make Us a God 01 31 2011

Were Going to Make Us a God 01 31 2011

“Were going to make us a God.” She said to her son Luigi after she passed through

Ellis Island and into the United States in 1928. Davinci was now blind and it was of no

coincidence that they were also afflicted with a disease that causes blindness, Trachoma.

Wearing tattered brown stained clothing she held her son’s hand and led him into the

United States. The land of the free.

“Where are we going?” He said in Italian.

“We will stay at Uncle Toni’s place.” She said in Italian.

She had very little and rationalized that those who had attained the wealth they had, had

accumulated it by doing something wrong. Somewhere they had to have cheated.

“They cheated, so we can cheated too.” She said as she pointed to a well dressed couple.

Uncle Tony had a neighbor named William.

“Why are we doing this?” Luigi asked his mother.

“Because we love him.”

Luigi would learn how to do all the fun things in life by screeching at William as he tried

to live a normal life. And his mother Madera encouraged him to.

His mother could not afford toys like some others but he would have William.

And so he learned to get ahead of William in every aspect of his thoughts and life like a

personified tripping foot.

“It feels good to do what we do to him doesn’t it.” She told her fatherless son.

One day Luigi said to his mother, “I learned William thinking today. He had an idea he

is really excited about.”

“That is not his idea that is our’s Luigi. Everything he thinks belongs to us. I know

someone who has money knows someone at the patent office.”

“Willy was fighting with me. He knows I am real. He say’s leave me alone.” Said Luigi

now grown a little more.

“That’s our idea we had to listen to that. That’s ours. It’s okay you won’t hear from him



Then all the Strega's joined together. William was robbed of his strength and weak

legged. He was seen tripping and falling, looking as if he was drunk. Walking down the street

he met another neighbor Scott with his son.

“How are you doing?” Scott asked as if very concerned.

“I am good.” His Irish eye’s managed to smile through the sorrow.

Scott then looked at William as if he had stolen something. As Scott and his son walked

on William herd Scott say to his son, “I can tell he has more hoosegowing to go.”


“Isn’t it wrong what we do to him?” Luigi asked Madura.

“Grandma show’s me how to. Nobody is going to prove it. Everything we do is good for


Madura brought many children to come and play with her son and Luigi to learn of


“I tell you what funny he did. I waited and watched while he was cooking at the stove. I

waited and at the right time I made him think that the stove was cold and there was a mess

needed a wipings. He wiped it and he burned his hand.”

“Very good Luigi.”

“Yesterday he looked at me, he told me to go to hell. He spit at me.” Luigi said.

“From what I hears him think he not like us? He different. You no longer hear any of

that anymore. He’s no going to have children. He’s no going to have wife. Giuseppe make him

not to say you again.” Madura said

Luigi was reassured by his mother.

“I hear him crying now.” Said Luigi.

“We’s bees quiet now, here’s him read.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

“I see him say to her with him now. I think what she say to him and she say to him.

Then now I hear fight. You walk like he did when we first see him now, stand up straight like

you first see him.”


This was Williams’s story. He wrote all this and then looked at the television set. There

was a young Italian reporting a live news cast about the upcoming Super bowl. His face winced

when and he turned away from the camera as William looked at him. Vincent the reporter

looked like he had been crying as if he had thought, “I didn’t really do that.”

The face William saw was a face he didn’t often see as it was never an intention of his to

make others feel this way. He saw the face and became hopeful as he saw such people did

indeed feel emotion or and some sense of guilt, “When the news was discussed.”

William thought to Vincent, “You might have just been the salvation for your race.”

William would be tormented by them all throughout his adult life. Adults with the sick

immaturity of hateful children. Odd nasally voices scarring his auditory cortex to hear and think

what they willed him to.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

DSM 3 and Personality Change as a Risk 06 09 2011

DSM 3 and Personality Change as a Risk 06 09 2011

I could never figure out why the DSM3 said that personality change was a risk for suicide for ones that are us.

It is very simple- your soul was stolen and when you became something better you are actually nudging someone of one of your own better soul patterns. This is hard to believe but it is true. Here is why you will know it is true also- you will readily recognize that they will not like it when you are doing better. (Plays into the overused “Living well is the best defense,” theme) They don’t like it because many of them have lived off of your stolen soul and therefore have had it easy all their lives- and now they actually have to think and work to develop their own self esteem. They cannot do this. They cannot compete like that. What they can do is use all manner of insult to make you feel less of yourself and therefore worse. And I mean all manner of insult.

So when you start to make yourself better, watch out for them not yourself. They will use a million insults regarding your actions or behavior. Think about your behavior, is it in acceptable rational terms with regard to time, place, mode and object (You can read more about time, place, mode and object elsewhere). If your behavior is you are okay. Have you seen others do your same behavior and it seemed okay to from your perspective? – If so write off the insult or imposed self insult, upon reflection of rational thought.

And the female of the species indeed more deadly than the male. Their mothers picked you to have a child just like they do groceries at the store. They are like a different species in the way the have and raise children. I.e. They like to think that if they steal a soul of someone who has lived and has had great experience that it is the same as raising a child for themselves. You want to know how screwed up they are, “Unknowingly they make homosexuals out of their own “family” members.” TPM

To steal a soul is the exact same as watching a Haitian zombie roaming the earth- someone buries them alive and then digs them up. If they do it in Haiti they do it in the U.S. too. It has been legitimized in the U.S. and is called psychiatry here. God did not wipe out half of Haiti with a hurricane for no reason! - Believe it!

These people couldn’t care less and broke the law and added unnatural ingredients to your food, food doping or poisoning is a felony crime. It is a felony but they do not believe they will ever be caught. And believe me the stuff that they add can make you very sick to the point of soul loss.

Common remedies for food doping.

1. Do you have a fire in the head feeling? Suspect Mercury or heavy metal poisoning. Use an over the counter product called heavy metal chelate.

2. Did something you ate five you a stomach ache followed by a stupor- when this comes on use activated charcoal right away.

3. Do you sense a germ overpowering you? L-Lysine is very good at cracking up viruses.

4. Four grams of powdered Vitamin C diluted in a cup of purified water is a useful adjunct in any case.

5. Do you have what you would think would be symptoms of LSD doping? Flights of personality and or mood followed by dullness of spirit to follow? LSD is an engineered fungus. The over the counter product Caprylic Acid is a natural coconut extract treat the symptoms with this and other otc antifungals or anti Candida type pills. The average American eats 150 pound bags of sugar every year, fungus, disease, bacteria and germs love it. If you think it is good to eat a whole one pound bag of sugar every 2 to 3 days I need you to leave the planet.

And another thing- DON’T JERK OFF. Because they can follow that trail of energy creation like a hound dog does a blood scent and when they follow it they can use it to key their way into you. And once they are in you are demonically possessed and they can destroy you by using you. They will use all manner of the occult to do it.

If those temptress women really like you as much as they appear to let them ask you out, otherwise just ignore them because they are soul stealers- cowardly soul stealers, mistresses of the dark, etc. You weren’t put here on earth to make their boyfriends, husbands and son’s into men while you become and fade to something less.

The occult is real and that is why they do it. It is the most destructive force a society will ever face. And if you want to know who would use the occult against you. Just add the lineage of the COMMUNITY of JUDEA to NAZI GERMANS plus anyone else you have known not to like you and that will be a good picture of what the occult is like. (Also add the Howlers and Yelpers form the Dead Sea Scrolls. No explanation needed as to what a howler or yelper is.)

And remember this, “To win while they are booing you (voices, insults, jeers, chants, howls and yelps) is a much stronger win.”TPM

Also remember this, “No-one can compete better at being you than you.”TPM

“And if you find someone trying to rip your smile off of your face, that is them too.”TPM

“They will use your strengths against you so make strengths out of your weaknesses.”TPM

“Satan is plural and has been around for a long time.”TPM

They will hate someone whose soul their mothers stole for them more than the Devil hated Jesus Christ (They really hate themselves because they know they had it easy in life by comparison- they had your stolen soul- they never had to forge a path in their lives.) How bad are they? Ask yourself why would a whole COMMUNITY at a good man while he is be tortured and put to death, i.e. Jesus Christ? (Women jeering too.) To know the secret of this read the Dead Sea Scrolls the chapter that translates the COVENANT. It was common practice then as it is today for a whole village to curse one person and send them on a straight path out into the desert for what amounted to questioning “Authority.” If you have women jeering at a good man being tortured what does it really mean? It means that whatever it was that is being done was the women’s idea to do so. What is the COVENANT in the Dead Sea Scrolls really the equivalent of? “COVEN.” Same bad root word like the bad root of a tooth.

When people are ostracized for exerting their freedom of speech to question authority a structure of genocide has been put in place. It does not matter if it is one that culls one person out of every one hundred in very subtle ways so no one gets wise to it- it is the exact same thing as genocide.

Concerning your condition- you didn’t do this to yourself- they did and you have every right to be happy absent the influence of their occult religion on you. It is your right to be free from this sick occult, so assert yourself.

One final point, I am going to look like a racist or Nazi for saying this but nonlethal weapons used against United States citizens are sourced from Israel. I am not a racist. I’ll put it this way- if you ever had a child that hung around a bad kid you know how this analogy “Works”. Israel is the country that influenced the United States to torture during war time. “Oh that man gasping for his breath while we are simulating drowning him over and over again is not being tortured.”

Dear Israel, your covenant says that without heart you cannot be saved. (More on the horrors revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls later on- if I am alive to tell.) It is the stronger people in this world who have heart- because it is often manipulated as a weakness.

“A very dangerous religion or group is based on- A pyramid level of knowledge where you don’t find out what’s bad about it until you have strived and suffered to reach the top and have done so.” These structures have the same modus operendi, “If I don’t shut that one out I am gone too,” dissolve them yourself.

God Bless Those Who have Suffered and Recovered- may you always be recovered.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Greatest Lie the Catholic Church Ever told. 06 08 2011

The Greatest Lie the Catholic Church Ever told. 06 08 2011

The Greatest Lie the Catholic Church Ever told is this- that the Holy Spirit that the Fathers hear and that guides them is from a supernatural God in Heaven. This is not the case. The “voice of the Holy Spirit” that the priests hear are from those in society who have been demonized and lost their minds. The voices they hear are from those labeled schizophrenic who hear voices themselves. And the mental voice of the Schizophrenic are heard because their soul has been tortured from them and lost to Satan. It is like when someone goes into shock and their spirit starts to leave them, where does it go? In this case that spirit is caught and held onto by those who use it in manner of wealth creation and to raise their children with. How is it caught and held onto? They never stop talking telepathically to the one whose soul they have stolen and this deprives them of their own thoughts- they have been harvested. There can be no greater irresponsibility in our society than this. This is a race that is hidden from the eyes of society and it can only be known as the Satanic race because they are the equivalent of Satan.

The Catholic Church has strayed from observing the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible for the reasons of money, self pity and made subverted interpretations made under duress. At the heart of all religions is indeed this demonization and stealing of soul. How can religions based on this be for the good of mankind? They have not and the blind have followed the blind into a polluted abyss.

God Creates and gives.

Satan steals, takes and lives.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Psychiatrists: They Know Already 05 30 2011

Psychiatrists: They Know Already 05 30 2011

They know already that Schizophrenia is not what they say it is. They spend countless dollars on psychological experiments and have proven much in parapsychology that proves it is not what they say it is. But when you tell them that is what you are and not what they say, they tell you that you are delusional. So then why do they want to keep everyone or selected people in the dark? It can only be because they use it as a manner of wealth creation and are dependent minded.

They know already.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Son’s of Light and Bullying 06 01 2011

The Son’s of Light and Bullying 06 01 2011

If you are picked on and bullied as a child you better get used to it because it is never going to stop all throughout your life. And there is not something wrong with you in your head and you are not weak either.

When you are older you are likely to be labeled schizophrenic. And no one, no one on this earth gets harassed more than those who are labeled schizophrenic. You will not believe the truth and those that perpetrate this crime against humanity will never want you to know. Why? Because there is great shame for what they truly are. There is shame and guilt that they do not want to realize.

In fact every time they start to feel guilty for their actions- they do not allow themselves to do so and harass more.

If you want to know why programs that are to the greater benefit of society are not started anymore it is because of “them.” Those who “hoard” because it is a great secret that they did not earn it themselves and likely cannot do so.

Through antagonism and harassment they “feed” their lives off of the hatred they have to their victims.

For those of you adults who are part of the livelihood of subtly harassing those whom you hear, you should try smiling extending your hand and talking to those you harass. You cannot do this because it breaks the delusion you have of yourself.

You might wonder why I am not afraid for what I say? The truth is many who speak against them have been martyred already. When I say them I always mean the same thing, those of all nationalities who know their minds are dependent on someone else’s. Why else am I not afraid to say what I say, because I know that I have a soul. Those who are of dependent mind have no soul. If you have no soul there is nothing to be resurrected when you die. There is no essence that was truly you. If you know that you have a soul you do indeed know that you are part of the spirit of creation. The spirit of creation is likely to be the start of the whole universe. The spirit of creation knew there would be imperfections at the inception of creation, but the spirit of creation was one of tolerance for the good of creation. The spirit of creation was tolerant of imperfections because they are part of new creation. And by all means the spirit of creation likes to create as that is how it is defined. The spirit of creation also fights for what is right in the name of creation and not destruction. I feel this is what is meant by the Dead Sea scrolls when it refers to the “son’s of light.”

It is said that many whites in the south could do nothing against racism because they were under the control of a political structure that was a proponent of slavery and once it fell they were quite relieved.

On Sunday I met a fellow writer and blogger and she told me how she spoke out against what she felt was wrong on her political blog. I went to her website and looked and there was a hit counter that read 27,000 hits. The articles I read were concerning election fraud. I told her the only way you eliminate election fraud was by creating one public record where everyone can see who everyone else that voted- voted for- individually. When I spoke wither her I noticed a subtle difference- maybe it had to do with how something she said seemed to distract me for a split second and the slice of avocado that was on the cheeseburger I eating fell off onto the ground. Maybe it was the way her son just stared at me and did not speak or seemed to be void of any human emotion. But I checked her out on the Internet and then I got to thinking- if she is what she claims to be- someone against corruption…If I were to do a search on her blog for the name Bernie Madoff, or any misspelled variation of it…I should find mention of the wrong that he did that almost sank this country into a bread line depression- I did not find any mention of the name.

This did not surprise me because I know how “they” operate. They operate in the same way as the white supremest did and do in the south- by creating a structure in our society that say’s what they do is legitimate, a structure that invalidates those who would complain against them. Money such as $50 billion dollars goes a long way to keep them fed and in the position of being able to express subtle forms of hatred and racism against those whose souls they have stolen. Abraham Lincoln gave the south an “out” by eliminating the legitimacy of slavery by destroying the political structure that kept it in place.

To those of the dependent minded race- I am giving you an out by speaking against you and exposing you for what you are- you should probably take it and use it for all it is worth and repost what I have written. The change needs to come peacefully from you and not wars or terrorism.

Why do I write this- to right a wrong.

You might wonder what my religious beliefs are- I believe in the spirit of creation. I believe the teachings of Jesus Christ, a Jew; best exemplify the spirit of creation. You can deny it all you want and you can try and keep trying to coerce me from speaking against you- but I will not until you change or I am dead. Your modus operand has been to mentally incapacitate those who speak against you. This is one case where when I speak “against” you I am speaking for you.

On Intellect 06 01 2011

Where does their intellect come from? I asked myself when I was young. And by intellect he meant strong verbal skills and not problem solving skills. I had problem solving skills and saw that they did not have as good problem solving skills as I did- so it lead me to ask myself where does their intellect or strong ability to talk come from?

“They must talk a lot together when they are in homes,” I thought.

When I was older I realized the truth for certain, “They developed that intellect by talking to poor souls like me in my head. But not talking at all, but more along the lines of psychically antagonizing and tormenting.”


To be fair some people who have strong intellects do not even know where they got them from, because it is consistent with whom they are already. “If one is an ocean of water does one notice a drop?” You can be demonically possessed and not even know it if it consistent with you are. Always be tactful concerning who you are and who you still want to be. Think before speaking- are you really contradicting yourself with what you say? Those who have true intellect can spot a self contradictor faster than a black sheep. Contradicting oneself is neither good for oneself or the world. Reflection, thinking and changing ingrained patterning and stubborn thought are good for oneself and the world. And the ability to think rather than act on impulse helps keep people out of trouble in life.

Do not confuse intellect with intelligence.

Subtly harassing someone until they lose their mind and hear voices (Howlers and yelpers, etc. per the dead sea scrolls) is the exact same method of wealth creation as slavery was in the south. They gave you a mouth full of spit in the Dead Sea scrolls and I am giving it to you here. Right here, right now I am.

The perfect crime is for someone who lives off the hatred of others to get others to hate them by doing wrong to them. And then when they are hated too much cry foul and make their victims a victim a second time from the action they incited in them.

Why again?

I am not trying to incite hatred against anyone- my goal is always the same- expose the “wrong” so they might change for themselves. Why? Because if I expose you- you no longer have anything to hide or any shame or guilt to deny to yourself. This is for the best interest of the world and humanity. All evil springs from the ego. And the ego is the seed of demonic possession or the doorway to demonic possession.

You can put me to the test any way you want by trying to find a way around what I know to be true and proclaim but you will not win, here is only one way “out” for you and that is to admit to the world what you do. There is only one way out for you because my words will stand the test of time.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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