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Friday, April 29, 2011

What if Living Gods Exist 04 28 2011

What if Living Gods Exist 04 28 2011

The Bible says that they do in many passages.

What if living Gods exist and the only way they were allowed to continue to live was if they believed in Jesus Christ? What purpose would this serve? It is very simple, thereafter they could only be Good Gods. And if they weren’t Good God’s people that knew of their existence (like Knights of Templar types) would kill them or at least try to.

Is this why many who are labeled mentally ill are said to have a belief they are Jesus Christ. That is what they would say is the most common “delusion” of the mentally ill. What could cause such a prevelance of this “delusion”? Again it is very simple. God told us in Bible from the words of Jesus Christ, “He that believe in me shall never perish!” So if indeed you are Daniel and thrown into the fire for being a living God what do you do, before you are burned up and gone, you say this “In the name of Jesus Christ devil be gone!” and you repeat that. The archetype of being thrown in the fire is a central element to many spiritual “awakenings.” It could even be said to be the theme of the movie “The Matrix.” Many Shaman are said to have undergone this test of fire too. Indeed the towns of Sodom and Ghmorra did not do so well when put to this test by GOD. Why? Because human genes most readily influence human genes and human genes exposed to colon bacteria that are symbiotic to human beings sometimes create people that are not in the image of God (read that essay for more explanation on this).

He that believe in me shall never perish, the words of a good God to lead example to be called upon when put to the test. When soul is being stolen and your life is in danger those are the words used to fight Satan and declare yourself to be a Good living God.

That is what that is all about and if you do not agree tough. If you do not agree let God put you to the test and we’ll see what you say afterwards, I can guarantee you if you are still alive you will probably identify with Jesus Christ. And in this modern age you better believe in him because the world could be destroyed by cataclysm any day. But do not worry if this happens if you have been put to the test and declared a Good God by those (Knights of Templars types) there might be a flash of light and you would be recognized as being a Good God like Jesus Christ and saved by some real supernatural Gods that might travel around in time and space type ships. And then you get to travel all around the infinite stars in the universe with them doing all sorts of good. And those that are left behind on the planet earth will be “Weeping and gritting their teeth” like the Bible say’s happens when stolen souls are raptured from people.

And this last part is what they would label delusions of grandeur and make into movies.I think the traveling around the Universe in a space craft would be neat. Could stop on some natural Eden like planet and take the community ladle from the spacecraft and have a drink of fresh cool clean water. But wait I forgot to think this there would also be Goddess women who would want to copulate with you aplenty because you were deemed a living God of Earth. Nice cleans women’s of beauties.

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