The labeling and creation of "Schizophrenics" is really a Crime Against Humanity that is the theme of this blog.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Origin of Satan 04 20 2011

The Origin of Satan 04 20 2011

Fur ears and cavern eyes watched from the forest at the edge of the village. They saw a gathering of human beings.

They are smarter than us. We want to be like them. They all thought in agreement. In jealousy they sole one and horrifically injured it. They learned how to hear the human being think by torturing it and understanding how the pain would effect them too. They learned how to speak words in this manner. But they never did learn the true meaning of words. They learned to hear them in their head of the violence they did unto them.

They learned just enough to be able to use them for personal gain and advantage. Many of us have remnants of this Satanic brain. Some are quite pronounced and of the truest definition. And that is why they need us; the ones who are made to be heard thinking by them. For the benefit of the mind pattern that learns words by encephalitic patterning.

Some that see through their minds eye find nothing there because what was there was not of present experience or knowledge to begin with. What was it then? It was what fur ears sole from human beings.

If one looks closely one can see the difference between a person relying on their memory and them trying to think as if they have inset eyes that look from behind inside the fronts of their heads. When you watch fur ears think it is as if they cannot think and see at the same time because their eyes are trying to conjure. These people are often able to think better if they had respect and love for the source of their intellect rather than to torment.

Schizophrenics today are captives of the non-verbals. And that is the shameful secret of the non-verbals and why they stigmatize others.

Have all sources of conflict in the world been the result of the envy and jealousy of the non-verbals.

The nonverbal like nothing better than fooling victims and tricking the verbals.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Justification for the Satanic Race 04 20 2011

Justification for the Satanic Race 04 20 2011

If two species had developed, one that could communicate verbally and one that could not. And the ones that could communicate verbally sought to victimize and drive the nonverbal to extinction. To do horrible things to the non-verbals; beat and torture them. Then the nonverbal might be justified in their acts.

Or what if the verbals learned to communicate to free themselves from the wicked nonverbals?

If you are a nonverbal and get a transcending does of the holy spirit from a verbal do your best to make the most of it and seek to remember what you can. Write down what you can and this makes your memory greater. Once it is gone it is gone and does not belong to you. When you covet and victimize the source, it is a crime against humanity. It is soul stealing.

What is the difference between a verbal and a nonverbal? One can think in the quiet and one cannot. One thinks from its own mind and the other needs the chaos to hear the soul of another to be able to think.

The fur ears (nonverbal) have not really changed much over the years. They live off other peoples piss off and it feeds them. They want to be disliked for this reason. Because without you mad at them they are hollow.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Demon Women and Corporate America 04 28 2011

Demon Women and Corporate America 04 28 2011

Once a woman has consumed semen or had untrue influence to her blood stream doth she indeed become more male like?

One odd thing I have found about capitalism is that we strive to learn skills necessary to compete in a capitalist environment. And then those skills are often stolen by others from the brightest of us. If capitalism and its focus on greed did not exist we would strive to learn these skills and therefore there would be less drive for soul theft by others to steal our souls from us.

Because of the prevalence of soul theft in our economy I have to ask does capitalism in its current form exist to facilitate the needs of soul thieves. Am I wrong when I see a preponderance of bad in our system to ask is this why it exist in its current form- to serve the “needs” of the bad? The United States of America should be the country to lead by setting the best example of humanity. And initially it did but our freedoms have been abused for profit to the point that those who are innocent of abusing our country now are having their rights and freedoms taken away.

Is this why capitalism exists- as a template for those of low self esteem to strive for power in? To torment others to become in power and once in power continue to torment others. What does this say about those who are successful in this manner, in other words (iow) does the whole structure exist to serve the needs of Satan? That is not how America was founded so we know that is not the reason for its existence. If that was not how it was formed to be how did it transition to become this? And more importantly how can we get back to the ideals, integrity and freedom it initially stood for.

“He must be crucified for I had a terrible dream of him.” Has the United States transitioned in existence to serve the progeny of HER! I can say all this bad stuff about women because my mother is a sweetheart.

Do such women then develop an envy of men? Are men then sacrificed and driven insane to appease them?

What happens to the men then? In the Kingdom of Judea they were often castrated and uniced. Why? Women demonically possessed them in order to be something they cannot be. And they did so with THEIR transmitted dreams and mal desires. What happens to women who has demonically possessed a man and he was sex with another woman or masterbates to the picture of a beautiful woman? The woman that demonically possessed him either developes low self esteem because it was not her that was desired or she turns gay and seeks to have sex with women as she saw the man she possessed do. That is why they castrated and uniced these men. So the soulless women could be somebody else with little self loathing or guilt involved. If that does not look like the best example of humanity I would agree and go further to say that it is a crime against humanity. These evil women did not like themselves they needed the soul of someone else to feel good. And their husbands went to great lengths ANY means to please them. What did these evil women really want? To be MEN! These are not Godesses. A Godesess would be defined as a woman that had great respect for all of creation and they are the opposite.

The men who have had their souls possessed are their victims in many ways. They would not like to experience making love to another woman or they enjoyed it and turned gay themselves.

Wouldn’t the common American agree that women should not have to be made happy by being allowed to demonically posses others? There is something greatly wrong with them when they purpotrate this.

And if they were raised to be this way it really invalidates the way they were raised. To only be happy and satisfied in life when you demonically possess someone else does not say much about yourself. In fact it makes the worst statement about a person that can be made.

What happens when she gets a taste of a soul that is hollow? A taste of the “man” that she married. The man that she thought was everything that she wanted in life? She is then dissallutioned. And not only that, as human genes most readily influence human genes, and the stem cell like genes of creation are the most tenacious there is regarding this. She is transformed into something that is no longer completely feminine. Upon realization that her husband is indeed hollow of soul, what does she then seek? To possess the good soul. And she is worse because she is more aggressive because of how she was hormonally influenced. The composition of her soul is an odd mix of male aggression, odd desires and vacancy. I have already spoken of what hers sons are like in a previous essay.

In effect they are the way they are because of the way they were created and because of the way they are (unhappy people that seek to be someone else by demonically possessing them) they invalidate the way they were raised.

Do daughters become large and stronger faster because they are forced to have incest with their fathers and the male hormones and soul energy makes them bigger quicker. ( I hate to say this but the rock band Led Zepplin might have said it best with the song lyrics, “Big legged woman ain’t got no soul!”

If you were raised to be a big legged woman with all the implications that I suggest, what would you seek to become? You would seek to demonically possess the soul of a good man raised by a good mother. Why? It could almost be considered your cry for help in this world, your way of saying, “I am not right and you can figure out why!” Well I did figure out why, and I just told you why. So if you want to prevent others from being like you feel free to send this essay to whomever. It will help prevent children from being victimized and suffering from the little known consequences of such incest.

Can we agree that if there were demon women like this in power they would not serve the best interest of a country?

And if you think my this article in anyway will affect my bid for President of the United States I can assure you that it will not.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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G.O.P means God is Our Problem 04 28 2011

G.O.P means God is Our Problem 04 28 2011

In a for profit economy is it possible that the basic needs to sustain humanity are neglected? Is it possible the basic needs of humanity are thwarted from occurring? Is it possible the basic needs of humanity have been removed everyones life equation so greatly by the sprouted machinations of capitalism that the balance of nature is thrown out of balance?

It has happened already.

Why is it every measure that benefits humanity is met with a stern “NO” from the Republican party? (more on this in post script)

Does the G.O.P. really stand for “God is Our Problem”

“In God We Trust” “For God and Country” These are words this country was founded on. This country was not founded on the image of currency. The image on currency was meant to serve as a reminder of the ideals this country was founded on. Today as our country has superciliously transformed into reckless capitalism these tenets are absent of abused.

Nowhere does it say in the Republican Party platform, “God is Our Problem!” is what G.O.P. means. But that is indeed how they behave, like everything good for human beings is a problem. All acts of good and not greed are a problem for them.

What is a Gubenatorial? It is really a Notorious Gooben, or and I am going to go one step forward with real English translation and tell you the secret meaning, “Notorious Goblin” That is the exact secret meaning NATORIOUS GOBLIN. That is what they do not want you to know. The secret of the G.O.P. is that they are NATORIOUS GOBLINS.

If you do not believe just take a look at one and you will see that is exactly what they are, NATORIOUS GOBLINS. They cannot deny it because everyone who is not one cannot truthfully disagree upon seeing them that that is what they are. Everything they have done for this country is exactly what a Notorious Goblin would do if they were in power.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

We don’t need Natorious Goblins.

Are they always trying to act like the good and stern fathers they never had? Are they trying to put the discipline of saying “NO” unto the rest of us because it was not said or enforced on them enough when they were raised. Or are they jealous of those of us who took risks when we were young and learned a great through experience? We learned what to do and not to do by trial and error. Was every creative ambition of Republican Party members met with a stern slap on the head and a no?

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What if Living Gods Exist 04 28 2011

What if Living Gods Exist 04 28 2011

The Bible says that they do in many passages.

What if living Gods exist and the only way they were allowed to continue to live was if they believed in Jesus Christ? What purpose would this serve? It is very simple, thereafter they could only be Good Gods. And if they weren’t Good God’s people that knew of their existence (like Knights of Templar types) would kill them or at least try to.

Is this why many who are labeled mentally ill are said to have a belief they are Jesus Christ. That is what they would say is the most common “delusion” of the mentally ill. What could cause such a prevelance of this “delusion”? Again it is very simple. God told us in Bible from the words of Jesus Christ, “He that believe in me shall never perish!” So if indeed you are Daniel and thrown into the fire for being a living God what do you do, before you are burned up and gone, you say this “In the name of Jesus Christ devil be gone!” and you repeat that. The archetype of being thrown in the fire is a central element to many spiritual “awakenings.” It could even be said to be the theme of the movie “The Matrix.” Many Shaman are said to have undergone this test of fire too. Indeed the towns of Sodom and Ghmorra did not do so well when put to this test by GOD. Why? Because human genes most readily influence human genes and human genes exposed to colon bacteria that are symbiotic to human beings sometimes create people that are not in the image of God (read that essay for more explanation on this).

He that believe in me shall never perish, the words of a good God to lead example to be called upon when put to the test. When soul is being stolen and your life is in danger those are the words used to fight Satan and declare yourself to be a Good living God.

That is what that is all about and if you do not agree tough. If you do not agree let God put you to the test and we’ll see what you say afterwards, I can guarantee you if you are still alive you will probably identify with Jesus Christ. And in this modern age you better believe in him because the world could be destroyed by cataclysm any day. But do not worry if this happens if you have been put to the test and declared a Good God by those (Knights of Templars types) there might be a flash of light and you would be recognized as being a Good God like Jesus Christ and saved by some real supernatural Gods that might travel around in time and space type ships. And then you get to travel all around the infinite stars in the universe with them doing all sorts of good. And those that are left behind on the planet earth will be “Weeping and gritting their teeth” like the Bible say’s happens when stolen souls are raptured from people.

And this last part is what they would label delusions of grandeur and make into movies.I think the traveling around the Universe in a space craft would be neat. Could stop on some natural Eden like planet and take the community ladle from the spacecraft and have a drink of fresh cool clean water. But wait I forgot to think this there would also be Goddess women who would want to copulate with you aplenty because you were deemed a living God of Earth. Nice cleans women’s of beauties.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Festered Capitalism 04 28 2011

Festered Capitalism 04 28 2011

How much good does capitalism really do us when pockets of greed are created and allowed to grow unattended until everywhere you look and listen there is utter nonsense!

Isn’t that what the average honest American of intelligence thinks when he turns on the television set; it is torment to watch these idiots speak. It is torment to see that they are listened to! It is torment that the American citizen pays to watch them speak on the television set. Not only is it torment but the supercilious transition into existence is an act of treason. Those commentators do not know the true meanings behind the words that they speak; they just know how to speak in the same manner that flim flam men did.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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The Central Intelligence Agency 04 28 2011

The Central Intelligence Agency 04 28 2011

If Louis Lamoure can write in his Westerns that a bad man has a rat like face I can say Leone Panetta has a rat like face and no honest American can look at him and disagree. And who just promoted this man?

Do these people give faith in the American Taxpayer?

If I was President I would raise the CIA building. I would get a megaphone and say, “Everybody out it is going down….”

An irate man would open a window and say, “What do you mean by this Mister President?”

“You wouldn’t let us know what you were doing. You were found to have tortured people. We do not need any more evidence than this to condemn you and your activities in this building. It is going down. Gather your personal belongings. You do not need to worry about any of your documents because you have already defined that you have committed the worse crimes against humanity known to mankind. It is going down! Get out now if you want to live.”

“Will I be relocated with my job?”

“I would prefer it if you just left the country. You will not be permitted to endanger us any more or receive any more taxpayer money. Get out. It is going down!”

Because of their actions it is no secret what their nature is and who they are protecting- it is not the American citizen.

Leone Panetta was the one who did not want the American public to know of the Governments activities regarding torture. Can there be any greater condemnation of him than this as a human being. And President Obama just promoted him.

The United States of America should be the image of Humanity but it is not. At the very least we should stand for Humanity but we do not.

“It is going down.” I would say on the megaphone. This would be my gift to the world and the United States.

What more do we need to know than this to condemn the CIA? We would even more horrified to look at them if we knew of what they really did “for” us.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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DSM a manual to Plagiarize and Erase Minds 04 29 2011

DSM a manual to Plagiarize and Erase Minds 04 29 2011

DSM stands for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. You’re experiences including delusions of grandeur are the basis of many of their stories.

I would not be surprised if for every item in that DSM that they track, items that they listen to from your mind… I would not be surprised if they have a formula linked to every “item” in your mind they track that tells them how your unique thought could make a good fiction story. This would allow them to paraphrase your story, rather than blatantly using your actual story as it is. They love to paraphrase your stories and initially when you come to this sense of what they have done it resonates within you like a sense of shock. But after awhile you become immune to it. Just consider yourself being immortalized or that there are people that are of dependent mind to you and they have to make a living too.

But back to the DSM and the formula to create stories from it:

For example, Delusions of Grandeur- “Yeah that one he just thought would make a good fantasy story, his thoughts moved me there, we must tell of it.”

“Yeah, that nightmare of thoughts he just had, that will make the excellent basis for a horror movie.”

(It is starting to sound like that Star Trek Episode where those fat vein heads liked to keep people prisoners and analyze what they thought, were love changed the woman from old to young and Kirks hatred broke the spell. There are many themes in science fiction that describe this, another was the episode in the Twilight Zone where one banker fantasizes about robbing the bank, the other hears it telepathically in his own head and calls the police. That episode is really an archetype from a passage in the Bible where the living god say’s “You did all these things in my name… I never knew you!”)

“His hopes to find the right woman- that thought he just had will make a nice romance story, we’ll call that one Sleepless in Seattle.”

Can I prove that those who wrote such stories did not have the validity of personal experience to serve as a basis for their imagination? I know that some writers do indeed channel people to write their stories. I also know, but cannot directly prove, that many writers paraphrase others thoughts into stories. But what I can do is remember a similar experience or thought that I had and was distracted from remembering.


“His new aspirations to make a living. There is a good story there. We plan on squelching all of his new aspirations so that he tries again and we have more material.”

“His thought of how he could run so fast that he blurred time, that will make a good science fiction type story. Well call it Superman.” There is a lot of truth to running fast as you do leave the soul thieves behind when you do so; they are indeed ruptured from their souls when you do. I have seen the puking looks of disgust on their faces.

“Let’s see the recurrent theme of the immaculate conception and not understanding the real nature of a father, that will be the basis of Star Wars.”

“He enjoys himself so much that will be Ferris Buellers Day Off.”

“That conflict he has with his gym teacher in High School that will be RUSHMORE.” Bill Murray looked and acted just like him.

“That creep who bothered him throughout his childhood, that one will be called “The Cable Guy.”

“The way he jumped off the side of the bank of the creek and just missed falling on the rusty iron stake, we will have to use that one in a James Bond movie.”

And to be fair to the writers, maybe they are blessed with receiving the ephemeral spirit of creation of another. I would like to think that but I know it is not true. There is an organized effort of soul theft involved.

“All those observations he makes…all his introspective thought and observing, we will make us a television series and call it Seinfeld.”

You get the idea I know where all the good stuff comes from because when I see it, resonates with my life experiences to the T. But the realization of such plagiarized gestalts is much more than that, when you see one on the television screen you immediately feel the loss from you before you ever realize why. You only come to realized why upon thought of why you felt the loss of yourself. You will feel as if part of you was drawn to the screen before you understand why. It takes awhile of getting used to and it is best to not watch the television at all. Why? Most people who watch it just sit and get fat!

What is further evidence of soul theft from you, other than the gestalt you feel upon seeing plagiarized scenes on the screen before you and not immediately understanding why you need to take a deep breath? What is further evidence is that you talk to those whom you victimized in their heads incessantly because you cannot stand that you are still dependent to their thinking after you have capitalized their souls. If you want to talk to me invite me for coffee and talk to me in person. It is no surprise to you then that I find that you talking to me in my head is a distraction from things I would like to accomplish at the time you see fit to talk to me in my head and that is always. I know why you do this you want to keep that door to my mind open because it is the hand that feeds you.

You might ask what my motivation is for writing this? I am a person that had the same goals most do- to make enough money every year to start and comfortably support a family. And if Jerry Seinfeld said he heard it said to him, “I never want to see you on television again.” I know very well who said it to him and I am not telling. Other than to say that he obeyed so I have no qualms with him.

Here are THREE more “the way he thought” for you to consider;

“They way he thought Ronald Reagan should just tell Gorbachov that the Berlin wall should come down and that he should just say those exact words, “Tear down that wall!” and Reagan did so and then two weeks later the Berlin wall came down. We need to channel taxpayer money and say it is for a Star Wars program to defeat alien races from outer space. But we will really use it to subliminally torture human beings with nonlethal electronic weaponry so they don’t meddle by thinking good hopes and thoughts for the world.”

“The way he feel from the top of a high tree when he was a little boy and he heard a woman’s voice from the sky say, “Put out your arms!” and he did and grabbed a branch and did not fall to his death.”

“The way he got angry with the snotty DJ at the radio station he thought lightning should hit the radio station antenna and actually did two weeks later that would be good for a mythology. Wait we already have Thor. And because he did that, hit the radio station with lightning that is justification for us giving him know credit for his humanitarian ideas or other stuff.”

To which he replied, “Okay if that is the way you want to play it, remember this, it was your choice.”

You should know he was NEVER alone in!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Schizophrenia and the Judea Ledger 04 29 2011

Schizophrenia and the Judea Ledger 04 29 2011

Why what is said to be a “disease” is said to skip generations.

What if as I proclaim it is not a disease at all? What if we who are said to be victims really carry the torch of humanity for others? What if we, who as I proclaim are really those others are of dependent mind to? My Grandmother was diagnosed with it and she lived to be in her late 80’s. As she was dying I was just starting to develop what they say are symptoms. I had just finished college and was starting my career. In the few years in college up to that time I was somewhat arrogant and thought that I would never be diagnosed like her.

And I do know for a fact that it is not what they want you to believe it is. And those who are of dependent mind to those who have this affliction know very well what I say is true. They know just as well as I do. Will they come forward as I have? A few have started to.

But if they never do and I believe they never will because they put forth quite an opposition to me expressing myself…. If they never do come forth to the point where it is recognized as a general truth…if they never do, there has to be a reason why they do not want everyone to know. Is it because they do not want everyone to know that they are of dependent mind to some of us. (wait a minute when I was a boy was I of dependent mind to others???? A careful examination of hat is not important right now as I am speaking for the other side that suffers more, and if I was of dependent mind I was of helpful dependent mind and not of resentful dependent mind. And I was not of a family of people that organized this power against others.) To continue with prior thread of thought- If they do not want everyone to that they are of dependent mind to some of us, maybe it is because in order to trigger the dependent mindedness they have to victimize us greatly and steal then steal our souls to sweep away the evidence.

So why would they not want the world to know? Is it out of shame for what they are and fear of facing judgment for what they do? I know that both of those statements are true.

What I am getting at is once one in a blood line they follow starts to die, do they… must they victimize a new one of a younger generation of that blood line in order to sustain themselves?

If they knew that part of the mind of a human being is dependent on another’s they would have some ability to choose when and who to become dependent mind to. Have they tracked the blood line and made a ledger regarding what bloodlines make the best mental hosts? If this runs in your family, if there was ever a history of it you would be greatly informed to read all I have written about it and everything that I have ever written, because once they “Strike” you or your loved one will have very little chance of escaping this horror. You will be hounded by them as they believe your mind is really theirs. Know for a fact that you have the freedom to think and imagine whatever you want to. And seek to have a good memory in life of how one of your thoughts connects to the next. And do not be afraid when you experience this new awareness of reality, because many of the constructs that you believe are actually true. Keep track of thoughts that you have developed from your experience and you will see much of this world is of you. Learn how to separate imagination from reality and you will have a strong chance. Learn to love to imagine and not believe in it. As you separate your imagination from reality you will come to find that some of your imagination is reality, if your imagination is reality and you cannot prove it as being so learn to write down your imagination as story. If you live to reach a certain age you will come to find that you cannot deny the validity of your own experience- for one to deny you the validity of your personal experience is the equivalent as someone taking away all your rights in the name of wealth creation and it amounts to genocide.

The reason those of dependent mind to you do not want you to know the truth is not for your benefit it is for the benefit of them and their children. They want their children to be able to deny what they are because in reality they have stolen a soul for money and in order to get away with the crime they must discredit the person they stole the soul from. And in order for them to be able to live with themselves and deny guilt for what they have done-they seek to zombify the mind they are stealing the soul from.

I tend to keep writing but one last point regarding this…if you were raised to be of dependent mind to someone else, as are the Satanic, it means that your mind is greatly in tune with that of someone else. I use the term Satan regarding them because it is over 2000 years old and it is a dead on accurate description of their mind. But if you are this…in tune with someone else, so much so that you think you are them sometimes…who is gonna know you think? Who is gonna know, care or believe the person you are of dependent mind to if you (as they do) start to attempt to erase a little of the capacity of conscious thought in that person? And what if in the process of erasing their capacity to think; they develop symptoms and you become blissful because you do not have to be subject to their thinking anymore? And blissful because you are rich because you have stolen ideas from them and banked them. Can you understand why there is a nice manual that is as big as a dictionary describing how we can be labeled? It is as big as a dictionary and it does not really look like it is written by humanitarians, it reads like it was written by LAWYERS! And when was it written? Was it written after WWII when our government first brought over Nazi scientist to the United States? The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, DSM for short is what I am speaking of. The DSM is published by Merck, a German company? (put em up Merck I’m ready for you) The DSM book is the greatest work of fiction ever created and it was created to covert the tracks of the soul thieves. If there is a DSM and we know there is, is there also a JUDEA LEDGER that tracks lineage and blood line of those families that can be victimized for their souls? ( I looked my lineage up concerning my paternal grandmother and it goes back to the Queen of Franks, although there is somewhat of a gap how it gets there it got there just the same! My Grandmother did indeed say she was the Queen but I think this was more of a matter of those possessing her speaking through her)

A Judea Ledger would be like a treasure map to use to find people to soul thieve from. What leads me to believe in its existence? When I was a body some thirty five years ago, before there were ancestry.coms or the internet, I was told by the sister of someone that I was a childhood friend with that I was a distant relative of theirs. I will not give the name but I could, but I will say the father was a lawyer and they would likely be the keepers of the JUDEA LEDGER. Anyhow, some thirty five years later, I researched what my childhood friend’s sister told me and their family name that was nothing like mine was listed. And it was listed on the side of my family no one believed in. My Grandmother Isabelle Roth, who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and died when I started to develop what they say are “symptoms.” They are not symptoms of a disease they are symptoms of victimization. My point is- my friend’s sister had no way of knowing this, as it was a few generations back, unless there was a JUDEA LEDGER.

And there was something different about my Grandmother; she was a kind women with and aura or halo of such!

Believe in yourself and those of your family who are victimized with this and you will have better lives.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Prayer of the Soulless 04 25 2011

Prayer of the Soulless 04 25 2011

Lord, protect my family and I from Satan.
Return our souls to us.
Restore our bodies back to health.
And make us what we were supposed to be.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

This prayer is very simple and very effect. Say it when you get up in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you go to sleep. It is effective because those who stole your soul know what you were supposed to be.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Business with China 04 13 2011

Business with China

Why is it that many small United States Companies with great businesses and new technologies that view China as an opportunity to do business in end up going bankrupt. It is like China is great at unraveling our businesses in the United States.

Here are a few of the way's it does this.

1. It places large orders with them and then cancels them and does not pay. This creates a large cash flow problem. ( Think Syntax Brilliance, American Superconductor, Composite Technologies.) These companies are funded by the Chinese Government with Billions of Dollars and somehow they can not find the money to pay when the time comes. It is like we all go into Chinese restaurants and eat and do not pay. My father developed congestive heart failure after eating in one, so maybe we shouldn't be paying anyway. Do they put MSG in food in Chinese Restaurant's or is a poison they designed to destroy America.

2. A United States company starts to rely on low cost parts from China and then they no longer become available. This ruins the Budget of United States Corporations and forces them into bankruptcy.

3. We have to ask ourselves why Bernie Madeoff put billions of his dollars with Chinese Banks? Is there an orchestrated effort to ruin the United States, rob it of freedom and loot in of its constitution by those who cannot compete fairly in the free side of the world and win?

4. Technological theft. If they are selling CD's and DVD's on street corners and nothing is done about it, do you think they have a policy any different than this regarding the technology of every United States Corporation there is?

5. What is also rampant in China is the theft of souls and the labeling of victims as Schizophrenic. It is the feeble minded who learn from the minds of those they victimize and label in this manner. Those who victimize others and steal their souls drain them of all Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Bible had an appropriate term for them, SATAN. Has China initiated the process of destroying the United States of America through subversive means. In other words are their Chinese Americans who prey on United States citizens and participate in stealing their souls?

6. It was said to be great crime when the United States put Chinese Americans in camps during the war. I have to ask myself are there Chinese Americans who plot to destroy United States Corporations and loot their technologies, bankrupt them? The answer can only be yes there are. How do you solve a problem when the enemy looks like you? How do you solve a problem when you can not prove to others what you know to be true?

7. Is it our own greed in the United States that China has uses as a chess piece against us? In other words does it control its dealings with us through the use of cheap labor and then manipulate business transactions in the manners described above because of this?

8. I'm sure there are many other way's that China has jilted and bankrupted United States Corporations. Basically if something went wrong with your dealings with them and it was as if a child thought of a quick and easy way to get out of its responsibility to do its work and then gave an excuse. When analyzing things of this nature it is best to put two and two together and then try and figure out what the connections are.

9. Is it a coincidence that as soon as the worlds largest banks became Chinese owned the United States then experienced a financial crisis that threatened to be as bad as the Great Depression.

10. The Constitution guarantees us of the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These rights have been lost in the same manner businesses who do business with China have gone bankrupt. China's Communist backed capitalism is a great threat to the United States as is Communist Backed Organised Crime Capitalism in Russia.

11. The Constitution guarantees us the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I intend to uphold my rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and will challenge the United States Government in court to do so also. If we are denied our rights in the United States of America where are we living when live here? You cannot claim that I am a Citizen of the United States of America if you deny me my rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. For if I am not free from Satan were I live in this country I do not live in the United States of a America as there is no United States of America for me. Victims of soul theft that physically live within what is considered to be the United States of America have been denied their rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you deny me my rights that this country is stated to have for everyone you can not make any claim on me. You might think of it as analogous to a person going to see a movie and then becoming imprisoned at the theater while his life and soul is then used to make more movies.

12. The United States of America. Why are they called States? Because we are all supposed to believe the same STATEments? Of truth, honor and justice for all? Of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Of all men are created equal? If you have had your SOUL CAPITALIZED in this country you know these STATEments are not true. You know that those who capitalized it do not believe in equality, they believe lesser standards of humanity. Lesser STATEments concerning humanity. Capitalism was never meant to capitalize souls but that is what SATAN has degraded us to.

13. How can we restore our freedoms? Peacefully expose those who have stolen them for what they are.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Without Your Stolen Soul 04 01 2011

Without Your Stolen Soul 04 01 2011

Without your stolen soul in the world the women are afraid to be next to the men they marry. It is like he is foreign to them.

The men don’t know who they are without your soul. They walk around stupid, like a sick horse with blinders on.

When you are not where you usually are they get anxious and scared. Why? Because they know people who are exactly like their true selves can possess their mates to do bad and horrible things to them. You are the true strength to those, both women and men, who have stolen your soul.

Without your stolen soul they are no longer happy. With it they falsely wore the face of your pride in accomplishment. Now they are the absent minded and irresponsible they were raised to be. Without your stolen soul they become and act like mean children.

Without your stolen soul everything they never had to learn for themselves in their lives fades from them.

Without your stolen soul or presence they foam and the mount because they are so mad and crazy mean.

Who, besides me, thinks they need to be deprived of your soul so that they can truly learn and grow in life?

Who, besides me, thinks they should be deprived of your souls so they can form their own souls through the frustration of learning for themselves.

If you go on vacation and that means a trip some distance they are raptured form their stole souls.

I don’t know what happens to them when we die. In denial they might think that it is the ultimate win. But I would think that it is more along the lines that they are blissfully stupid about their own selves, and that terrible things happen in the world then and they could care less.

If you take a few steps back and look at all of the world’s problems that have occurred and how easily they could have been fixed through compromise, diplomacy and rational thought you realize that when their victims die they themselves become blissfully ignorant. The blind then lead the blind. But don’t you dare say anything about it because nothing offends them than the reality of truth. The reality of truth is like a pacifier they throw at you hatefully.

The reality of truth to them is the same as a lost game of checkers; they throw the checkers through the air and to be lost on the floor.

The reality of truth to them makes them grimace and shake their heads in disgust and grit their teeth in anger.

What am I drawing a picture of with my comments about the reality of truth, answer-The Beast.

The beast is the nature of demonology. Just as the Pharisees and Romans put all their pain and suffering on Jesus Christ, the beast tried to make you the beast instead of itself. How does the beast do this? By pretending it has something better than you have and giving you the love of money. The beast likes to watch what you do with your money. The beast likes to torment you for the skills you have.

The beast loathes you for what it is not and seeks to make you loathe yourself too. The beast wants to label you so that you who are better become subordinate or a pet to the beast, or more accurately- a stolen soul.

The beast wins in life by making you a mislabeled schizophrenic and unhappy.

When you are happy it is a sign your own good soul is with you and not the beast. Think about it, when you are unhappy it is often because the beast has stolen you soul, by being mean to you for meanness sake.

Those who had good souls are tired all the time they are medicated because they are doing the thinking, feeling and work of those who steal souls, or the beast.

It is said that it took Jesus Christ a year to exercise all the demons from woman; I wonder if that is the reason he willingly took the cross?

What did it mean they said he was King of the Jews? Did it mean that he knew that he was a victim of demonology as the leader of a nonverbal school of thought? Did it mean that he was the leader of a group of dependent minded; of course he was as he was the arbiter of last resort for the Pharisees. Was his message of stigmata really one of the mind and not the body, the real stigmata of Christ being victimized or demonized to be the leader of your own school of thought? Yes. A school often replete with torment. Did he willingly take the cross to become a martyr to deliver a lasting message to humanity? Yes.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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