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Friday, April 29, 2011

Justification for the Satanic Race 04 20 2011

Justification for the Satanic Race 04 20 2011

If two species had developed, one that could communicate verbally and one that could not. And the ones that could communicate verbally sought to victimize and drive the nonverbal to extinction. To do horrible things to the non-verbals; beat and torture them. Then the nonverbal might be justified in their acts.

Or what if the verbals learned to communicate to free themselves from the wicked nonverbals?

If you are a nonverbal and get a transcending does of the holy spirit from a verbal do your best to make the most of it and seek to remember what you can. Write down what you can and this makes your memory greater. Once it is gone it is gone and does not belong to you. When you covet and victimize the source, it is a crime against humanity. It is soul stealing.

What is the difference between a verbal and a nonverbal? One can think in the quiet and one cannot. One thinks from its own mind and the other needs the chaos to hear the soul of another to be able to think.

The fur ears (nonverbal) have not really changed much over the years. They live off other peoples piss off and it feeds them. They want to be disliked for this reason. Because without you mad at them they are hollow.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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