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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Untitled Truth

Of all of the plots of Science Fiction series that I have ever seen here is one that I have never seen overtly expressed. "Jews raise their children on the souls of those they have driven crazy."

I know it is true of more than one of them.  So I indeed know that this is true. And I know that others, non Jews are included.  So don't come knocking at my door.  Because we both know that it is true and we both know that it is wrong.  And only one of us wants it to stop.  Only one of us has the courage and responsibility to that it is wrong and should end.  I know how children from other religions are indoctrinated into this occult and that it is wrong.

This is the true revelation from the Bible.  I am not antisemitic.  I am one who can't stand to see that people are made to suffer from this. 

I have proven this more than once in this blog and the story of my life also proves it.  I would like to see others tell their stories also.  If everyone who was victimized by them were to tell their story, I think it might create a moral and civic conscious.  It is only when they experience the guilt and humility of what they do will they abstain, as even those who make up a small unaware part of them revile in horror over their actions that condemn them and the whole world.

Why am I writing this?  I do not hate Jews.  I do not want to see anyone harmed.  I want those responsible to abstain from this.  I want this to stop.

This is not hate speech, this is me standing up for myself and other victims.  I only accuse in defense of myself and other victims.

This is supposed to be the land of the Free.  This horror has no place here.

Those who would say that I am wrongly accusing them well no that is in indeed hypocrisy.  And this hypocrisy has no place in our Democracy. 

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Laissez-faire Eugenics 12 10 2010

Laissez-faire Eugenics 12 10 2010

What happens when there is an influx of immigrants to a country who qualify and I hate to use the terminology, “Low grade imbeciles”, as was used by our immigration department in the 1920’s?

What happens when ravishes of poverty and, drugs both legal by prescription and illegal passed on to infants create a demographic layer of low grade imbeciles. What happens when drug money puts political candidates in office and we get a country of great mediocrity?

When it concerns those of their own evil families in this country the United States of America, they actually believe themselves to be genetically inferior to those whom they persecute. And therefore they seek to use nonlethal weapons to torture and learn from those whom they deem to be superior.

This is Nazi Germany and the occult all over again, but of a different origin. Sadistic idolatry by the feeble minded has been created. They do not believe in themselves, they believe in you to the exclusion of you and that if they feel they are you that they can then believe in themselves. This is the sickest form of idolatry the world has ever known.

They have the technology to create a Ganzfeld effect around our home and fill your home life with the minds of complete idiots or “low grade imbeciles”.

The term Eugenics means that a country of people is no better than the lowest of society. They believe that they are therefore justified in tearing a person’s energy body; we can consider that a soul, from their body in this form of modern day sacrifices. It creates a temporary imprint on them that allows them to feel pretentiously intelligent. It does not elevate our society by bringing the weak up to the level of the minds of the strong. Strong minds are only made by overcoming challenges by themselves. What these people are indeed is a hollow façade of competency that does not like to be challenged because it exposes them.

The Laissez-faire, or let it be, means they believe the end justifies the means. But the only ones who benefit from this are them to the detriment of the societies of the world. They believe that they are competent because they are falsely they are imprinted with someone else’s confidence as it is painfully torn from their soul.

In summary what the evildoers do is educate those who could learn in no other way than what we can consider a modern form of ancient sacrifice.

Is it fair to say that those who have to resort to soul sacrificing others to raise their children are indeed genetically inferior?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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The Lost Ganzfeld of Good Immigrants Souls 12 03 2010

The Lost Ganzfeld of Good Immigrants Souls 12 03 2010

The Ganzfeld Effect with pain, this technology is wielded by Isreali’s and Asians. Does this name sound German? That is because it is and it is the spawn of Nazi Germany.

Today the soul stealers from the Kingdom of Judea have portable acoustic equipment that can project a Ganzefield. But this isn’t just any Ganzfield, this is a Ganzfield that causes pain and can make your ears bleed.

For those of you who do not know what the Ganzfield effect is. It is a white noise generator. When people are exposed to the white noise generator various interesting effects happen. If two are in a group together their minds tend to try and synchronize. What happens when you would put one person who is a genius in a room with a mentally retarded person? The genius would be driven to the brink of insanity while the retarded person would get smarter. Anybody want to volunteer for this? No. And you wouldn’t want to, because no one would want the cognition of a mentally retarded person superimposed on their own.

This is another way those of the Kingdom of Judea steal souls and discredit those they have stolen the souls from. When you go to complain you have a mental retard superimposed in your mind. You have no credibility when this happens and will not be able to express yourself coherently. This technology is used on innocent United States Citizens against their will. And it is a form of torture.

Where did we, the United States of America get the idea that we could torture people? Israel and water boarding. Got it!

Because they make this field painful they in effect can train people to be what they want them to be by using this field. They had this portable technology in 1991. Did they have it before this? It is not the most difficult technology to figure out as it is waveform based. Was Lee Harvey Oswald brainwashed remotely with this to assassinate President Kennedy? President Kennedy that is an Irish name.

When I say they train people I say this because it is like putting a shocking collar around a dog. You have to ask yourself what kind of a person would treat an innocent person like this? What kind of a monster?

After they subject you to the Ganzfield they flip a switch so that it no longer is a constant field but a field that is moderated by the strength of their voice.

The closest term we can use to describe what they use this field for is to “Demonically Possess” people. At least they try to. Some of us study those who are torturing us.

What else do they use it for? They also use it to fragment the skills, intellect and knowledge of those whom they victimize. This is one of the most acts a “person” can commit against another. Those who receive the skills are indeed very pretentious in a fatuous sense. In other words they don’t truly have the skills they just feel they do. Isn’t this wonderful, to fill the world with this incompetence. You wonder why the United States is in the mess it is in today? This is part of it.

What else do they use this technology for? They also use it to control those who know about them. If you have ever been a psychiatric patient they most likely had stolen your soul. They will use this technology against you.

This technology was refined and utilized by the idle minds at college universities in the United States.

Children’s minds are imprinted with this technology. If a child is being home schooled look out, someone that lives near them might be having their soul stolen from them with this. Oh and this bears no cost to our country whatsoever does it!

Milwaukee was formed on the basis of German immigrants. This is where the evil occult who use this originated from.

There was a Milwaukee Police officer on the television that had committed a crime and was put on trial in the courtroom. The television showed a clip of him. He was barely able to speak as he testified. What did he say? “I had some trouble with mafia.” In an incoherent voice. This is the voice of someone who is unknowingly tortured by this technology.

A black man was arrested in Milwaukee for using a Radio Transmitter to harass his Jewish neighbors. He got ten years in prison. Is he serving it? What happened to his transmitter? A simple device like this can be used to drive people crazy. This is the United States of America and the year is 2010. Who is it that would drive someone insane?

Once a person is subjected to this for too long their cell wall structure starts to break down and they are then more prone to infection. Bacterial and viral infections set in and a person is put in degraded stupor. Is it no wonder that our country seems to be in one also?

“Forgotten Ellis Island”

I ask myself, who would do such a thing and why? It finally came together in terms of my understanding when I saw a documentary on the Public Broadcasting station entitled, “Forgotten Ellis Island” Ellis Island is the Island of the East coast near the Statue of Liberty where immigrants were processed before they were allowed into the United States, including my ancestors.

In the 1920’s there was a flood of immigrants to the United States. Many of them were sick with Tricoma (sp?) a disease that can cause blindness. I do not know the history of Europe enough to know the real reason as to why there was an influx at this time or how many of the immigrants that tried to come to the United States were immediately deported. Or where those who were deported were sent to. But I have a strong inclination that a lot of them found their way to Germany. They came to America because it was better than where they were coming from.

Adolph Hitler sent a boat of Jews to United States and it was not allowed to stay here. He took that as the rationale that he could then do whatever he wanted to do to them. And he did. And then the United States got drawn in the war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. And we went and saved the Jews. I like saving lives more than the next person and have saved a few people’s lives in my day. If you look at my Inventions Needed blog you will see this is the way that I think and have always thought. But what is one like me to do when I am harassed by these people daily? I am not a racist. But what is one to do when he knows who is doing this? Should this ever be occurring in the United States of America in the year 2010?

The Public Health inspectors were also doctors. They turned away those who looked the most sick. They went to great lengths to help the immigrants. They even built an Autoclave to sterilize whole mattresses in to keep from preventing infection. An Autoclave is a large metal chamber that uses heat and I believe pressure to sterilize. It is built somewhat of the same construction characteristics as that of an Iron lung or large metal safe. The one on the television program was a large reinforced metal barrel large enough to put a whole mattress in a shut the safe like door. Now just to show you how I think. Every hospital in the United States of America should have one of these today. I have never sat on a hospital bed yet without getting an itchy fungal rash. This is the same rash that causes sutures and surgery victims to become infected after an operation. This would decrease the cost of healthcare that results from these infections. But it would also increase the costs as it takes labor costs to move and clean the mattresses. Maybe hospitals need to be designed with wider hallways in the future to accommodate such safeguarding procedures.

The man who was and I have to phonetically try and respell his name from memory. William Williams.

The Public Health Inspectors at Ellis Island had to turn away the ones who looked the most sick and mentally feeble, or emotionally weak. They found these to be Jews and Italians from Eastern Europe as well as Russians. The Asians were the first to be barred completely. I was skinny and emotional as a child it was like there was a fire-ous heat that was always dehydrating me. This is a symptom of being demonized.

What I have found to be true of those who victimize others and try and steal their soul is that they learn best through distraction (read my article on distraction learning).

The Jews and Italians are from the Kingdom of Judea and they could only survive by crucifying someone to live off their souls. How can I draw this conclusion? Because Jesus Christ put a stop to it through Martyrdom. Judea and all of Europe then descended into the Dark ages.

As I watched the program “Forgotten Ellis Island” some of the people in the old sepia or black and white photographs looked more beautiful than any people you see today. They seem to have an innocence that was beautiful. Smooth lines to their faces etc. And some of the people in the pictures did indeed look like they were “feeble minded” or “low grade imbeciles”. Many of these had low hanging jaws and eyes they squinted out of. The ones who were sick with Trachoma (sp?) had red bloody fibrous tumors growing under their eyes. The treatment they got at Ellis Island was the best in the world although it was horrific. Copper sulphate was used to strip these fibrous legions away. It stripped the flesh right off and it fell away.

The Public Health Inspectors did not want anyone in this country that were Anarchists. Why? Because they knew that anarchists demonized people to get ahead in life. Today the United States has a broad cultural diversity. I initially thought this would be the greatest idea in the world. And on the surface it is. But here is why it isn’t. The anarchists of this evil Wiccan like occult that I described earlier steal the souls of United States citizens in order to get ahead. Why because immigrants will do anything for money including participating in demonizing someone. Why else because these immigrants get acclimated into the United States by living off the soul of someone who lost it from demonization. Demonization that sounds an awful lot like denomination as in what denomination is your currency in, is it that of someone’s soul?

Now I know what you are saying to me, “You can’t prove any of this and we’ll lock you up!” Wait a minute, the Bible the holiest book ever written the most widely book ever written, was not a work of fiction. It tells of Satan and how he could read men’s minds. This is no joke! This is a reality that all the Kings Horses And All The Kings Men don’t want us to know about.

An anarchist was their way of asking if you believed in the Bible. In effect someone who does not believe in God will go to great lengths to steal money from others. Including stealing others souls. They did not want this to be The United States of America. They wanted the United State to stand for something, to be better. Because of this crime today it longer does.

Because of their evil management nature the United States has become a wasteland. Like a minefield of lost souls. Not a minefield, but a Ganz field of lost souls. Even a dog knows when it is being kicked and not nudged. They do not care where the money flows as long as it is part of their evil occult or clan. Technology from the United States has flowed to Israel and China via this soul drain for money.

I am not a racist and I will not be made into one! And nor should members of this occult seek to present me as one to the rest of the world. To stand against the evil of the occult is the most patriotic thing a person can do.

We have made many discoveries that were previously believed to have a different cause. This is the big one alluded to in the Revealation in the Bible.

Continued in Next Article Titled Reverse Eugenics

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Vortex of Evil II

Vortex of Evil II 12 09 2010

Because they will not want to teach the bible for the truths it contains they will seek to have the book banned in the United States. The Bible is the only legitimate book that is respected in terms of the reality of soul stealing and Satan. Anyone who has been labeled Schizophrenic in effect has a tattoo on their wrist just as in Nazi Germany. They have had their soul stolen by Satan. Hitler committed genocide against the mentally ill first but he did not stop there and neither will they. The infrastructure to loot souls and commit genocide has been put in place.

Through homeland security a network of evil guised under the façade of good has been formed to this structure. You know how I know this came under the guise of homeland security? Because if it wasn’t it would have been gone a long time ago.

The beginning of it is taking place already. Innocent citizens are being spied on and harassed in horrific manners by the false righteous. Who are indeed soulless?

Once the vortexes of evil are created neither money nor precious metals can support those who have hoarded them. Disease, famine, plagues and sickness of the soul then follow and all are then victims. This poetic justice of God can never be escaped from. Just as nature balances itself out, so does the nature of good and evil in men and women.

These vortexes are created by Satan and his endless envy of those truly good.

The will seek to put in power as President of the United States a figurehead who tries to symbolize what they have come to believe themselves in, a delusion of Royalty. Donald Trump’s ego will somehow gets its comeuppance and force him to run for President. It won’t be good, but instead more of the government by the subjective. If elected our Pseudo Kings motto would be to The United States of America, “You’re fired!”

Incidentally, in retrospect we are quite safe to say that that has been the underlying theme of every Republican President for the last forty years. Look at who has dominated our public policies. Through the use of attrition they readily abuse our system bureaucracy and our unemployment rate shows this effect. I know how their minds work, because they have subverted our system of bureaucracy and fairness they then want to be able say that is no longer needed. “What we need is smaller government!” They exclaim as if they are patriots and heroes. Does this sound like the psychology of a child who does not play fair because he cannot win that way?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Vortex of Evil 12 09 2010

The Vortex of Evil

The evil vortex and government by the subjective.

Once a vortex of evil has been created even those who took part in its creation will not escape it. Microwave towers that were installed across the country as cell phone relays will be switched on as a means of control. The microwave radiation present from the Big Bang in the creation from the Universe will no longer be “heard” and all will be subject to the mind of satan.

This capability has been perfected and refined as a means of control. “There is something different, like a field that is preventing us from thinking like we know we can.” I said to my father when we were out in our backyard in Whitefish Bay, WI.

“I feel it too.” He said and two years later the retired Milwaukee Public School teacher of thirty five years developed congestive heart failure.

You will not be able to think of things you already know that you know. You will be made into stupefied imbeciles and as you try and leave the country you will find nowhere to go. If you are successful in leaving you will be falsely charged and retrieved

The United States will come under penal law like England did to Ireland and Hitler did to Germany.

A non-leathel means of subliminal control has been instituted. Reading levels have already declined placing the United States so low on the list of countries on the percentile scale that you would swear it was a third world country that you never heard of. We are also low on other academic levels.

Just as pre World War II the structure has been put in place whereby block leaders can sell out whole blocks. And just as in Nazi Germany the “Confidents” or “traitors” will not escape the vortex of evil they helped support and create.

The ability to limit your ability to read is the first means of control. It is how England committed genocide on the Irish population. Why do they seek to do this? Because these hollow heads full of buzzing flies cannot stand that they are souless satans. Dependent minds that hear others. They will do anything to try and make reality into something it is not. And that includes Genocide.

Why do they not want you to be able to read? Because they do not want you to have the intellect to describe the subtle ways you will be wronged. They are going to want you to use terms of witchcraft to describe your plight that no one will believe. They will want you to refer to Harry Potter movie and describe things in terms of black magic. It is evil they have created but it is not black magic, it is technology based.

Why do they not want you to read? Because these souless low grade imbeciles learned everything they ever knew from “listening” to the mind of someone thinking. And once they have learned they cannot stand to listen ever again. They never want to believe that is indeed how they were raised and would rather live in their world of mediocrity and delusion. These Lazarus syndrome types will go to great lengths to silence those who are teachers of schools of thought.

Those who have Lazarus syndrome indeed fit the exact description of Satan in the Bible.

(Consider this the start of a new article?”

Satan who can “Read” mens minds has developed nonlethal directed energy weapons that have lethal settings. Symptoms will include high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. There are directed energy weapons that they can utilize to give you any disease of theirs and also keep you from becoming well and healthy. This is highly analogous to the structure that England put in forth with its penal laws over Ireland before it committed what amounts to genocide.

They will not want you to have the intellect to describe this for the horror it truly is and will commit a genocide of American Citezens. What will be left will be Castles built across the United States that will “trump” anything that there is in Europe.

One faction of them believes it has created a reserve for themselves with the money Bernie Madeoff stashed away. Once the evil vortex starts churning it will consume them to however.

A dictator of crime will always pit criminal against criminal and then kill the victors of the two, it is just their nature. Because in reality a dictator of crime can not stand that he is associated with either. Because he has money and has been treated well he spends it. The mind of a dictator of crime was raised on false idolatry and therefore wants to consider themselves more righteous in the end and such a person will never get this from his peer group. He/she wants to then believe in delusions that he is a better class than a criminal. And that is why the tree of the evil structure of genocide reaches branch to branch and those below are succesivley destroyed. In effect what you have is analogous to the reverse of a ponzi scheme whereby those who believe they would be granted status for participating and committed horrors to humanity are also cleaned off the kings playing board. And they NEVER believe it when it happens.

Chant this prayer it helps, “God protect my family and I from Satan, God protect my family and I from Satan, God protect my family and I from Satan.” It is truthful and it works.

To be continued…

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

China, Great Britain and Evil from the Bible 12 07 2010

China, Great Britain and Evil from the Bible 12 07 2010

China Banned the Bible from the 2008 Olympics. And the Bible was also not allowed to be taught in public schools. It is not taught correctly in Catholic Schools either.

What is so bad about the Bible that China would ban it?

It is the most widely read book. It is the basis of many religions. But what most people do not know about it or want to believe is that it proves the existence of Satan. It states that Satan can read men’s minds and possess people. China does not want its citizens to know of this reality. Because this reality is true in every part of the world. To know of this reality means to be able to somewhat guard yourself against it.

If the Irish had not fought against Great Britain none of us would be able to read today. Great Britain banned the books from the Irish. Great Britain was a country of Imperialism and could have easily taken over the world and enslaved everyone in uneducated stupidity.

The Religion of Great Britain was worship the king or we kill you. That is not a belief in God or the good teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ. What is it then? It is Satanic Wiccanry. In Great Britain Sodomy in legal. In the Bible it is an abomination. Why because people who commit this act will become infected and lose their soul either to virus or bacteria. They then have children who are soulless too. Soulless people live more on the instinct of an animal.

We cannot teach the Bible in this country. But what are children today learning more than ever? The wiccanry of Harry Potter. Most people believe that these movies about witchcraft are just harmless fun. This is not true. Witchcraft is the religion of Satan. The effects from witchcraft are very real and many people suffer and lose their souls as they are victims of "witches".

This country was founded by good men who were trying to escape this horrific occult. There is no one like them in power today.

British Petroleum bought Amoco the old Standard Oil Company in December 1998, In 2000 it bought Atlantic Richfield and Burma Castrol. These are three substantially large oil companies. After purchasing these what do you think that British Petroleum was ready to have happen? In the year 2000 oil man George Bush was elected President of the United States of America.

In 2001 the World Trade Center was bombed by a terrorist from the oil nations. And we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

While Barrack Obama was trying to pass his progressive agenda of health care for everyone and bring the troops home from Iraq in 2010 an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico blew up and poured oil into our Gulf for three months straight, while the people who worked at British Petroleum acted like they hadn't the slightest idea of how an undersea oil well worked.
Are we in the United States of America to no longer have in God and Country printed on our Currency? Should it really say in Harry Potter and King?

Back to China, the reason they do not want the Bible in their country is because their growth has been fueled from stolen souls and they do not want anyone to even get a hint of the reality of this as the Bible states. In the United States soul stealing has been legitimized through psychiatry and enforced with nonlethal weapons. Schizophrenia is said to be rampant in China and spreading through all parts of the world fast as is autism. Satan victimizes both in these diseases. And when Satan steals a soul that is also how homosexuals are created in the womb.

Alliester Crowley was a rich English Brat. He was a racist. He said that wealthy Jewish Bankers in England sacrificed children. This is indeed the evil occult. The English loathed the Irish just as Satan did Jesus Christ. Who thinks it was their own children they sacrificed? It was those of the Irish. I believe Alleister Crowley on this one because I worked with wealthy Jewish Bankers and that is exactly how they acted, like soul stealers.

Where I don’t agree with Alliester is where he influenced Hitler to genocide the Jews.
It was recently revealed that Bernie Madeoff used HKSB bank to funnel away $ 50 billion in his Ponzi scheme. HKSB is one of the top ten banks in the world today. For those of you who drive by one and do not know what the acronym means it stands for Hong Kong Shanghais Bank. For those of you not up on your math Hong Kong was at one time controlled by the British.

The Jews have the anti defamation league that can sew you if you say anything bad about them. Everything I said I know to be true. I live in the United States of America. Fifty Billion dollars could have easily put this country into a tailspin depression that it could not get out of. In other words people starving and in lines for food. Why Jews stick together in this fashion is because they have a Federation that gives food and money to those Jews who are out of luck. Did some of Bernie Madeoffs fifty billion by your neighbor a new house? When a body of people like this always have something to fall back on it does not matter how they treat everyone else in society. This is the nature of irresponsible behavior to humanity. In other words who cares what they do in sacrifice to an Irish child as long as I get to eat and have a warm home. Who cares who has to be put on psychiatric medicine; their soul is affording us gourmet meals. The next thing they will say is that those whom they victimized through psychiatry are not tough or strong. This is not true those they victimized did not have a Federation to fall back on. In other words those they victimized had to play by the rules, laws and morals of our society. Those they victimized were playing by the higher standard the United States of America had. I do not like to say too much bad about the Jews; the Bible does indeed tell us that we are all Jews. Another reason why they don’t want you to read it.

Another important point, when Great Britain made compromises with the Irish only Catholic Priests could that were approved could be preach in Ireland. The English sought to control Ireland. Irish Were not allowed to read books or pray with the rosary. They had to live five miles from town. In other words they were treated like animals in cages. Then the potato famine was brought to Ireland from the United States. What did the Irish ever need imported potatoes for? At the time of the potato famine exports of potatoes to Europe were not banned. England set up a rule of rent system over Ireland and Irish were evicted by the hundreds of thousands. A million Irish died. Many historians consider this an act of Genocide. England turned its nose on the beautiful land it sought to rule and the people it was RESPONSIBLE for. Ireland was systematically ruined by the English.

Now let’s switch to what happened in Germany in WWII. William Williams was the head of the Public Service officers at Ellis Island in the United States of America. That is the Island hospital overseas immigrants first came to. There was an influx of immigrants into the United States in the 1920’s many of them had the disease Trachoma. (I’ll add more to this article about this part later.) William Williams that sounds like an English name to me. With a stroke of his pen he said that those of Eastern European descent looked the sickest and most feeble minded and should not be allowed into the United States. He singled out Eastern European Jews and Italians and Slavs and they were most likely to be deported. The first immigrants to be banned completely when the United States closed its doors were Asians.

Where these immigrants coming to America to escape the satanic sacrificial religion of the King? Did they come here to be free? Yes? The Italians and Jews would have been descendents of the Kingdom of Judea where Satan, a real being loathed Jesus Christ. Where these good people or bad people? To me if you are poor and diseased and fleeing a country in search of opportunity to work hard you are a good person. If you are a wealthy Jewish banker who sacrifices souls, drives people crazy and loots countries you are bad. Do not let people like this abuse the freedom they have in the United States. People like this use nonlethal weaponry to victimize and live off the souls of others. Is there a one of you that wants to live off the blood money of psychiatry? If you want to live off the blood money from psychiatry get on the boat, because that is what it is and no one wants you to know.

Anyway back to History according to Thomas Paul Murphy. If the Englishman William Williams denied the Jews citizenship where did they then go? Back to Europe. Was there and influx into Germany? Did Adolph Hitler take the lead from the Englishmen William Williams and the Englishman Alleister Crowley of the occult? (Crowley was a queer, a product of the occult himself in the womb without ever knowing it.) Hitler sent a boat load of Jews to the United States and it was turned away he took that to be all the rationale that he could do whatever he then wanted to them and he did. And they were systematically evicted in the same manner the Irish were, their rights were first taken away and there was indeed Genocide. The Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States was in WWII. Would it not have been easier just to let that boat of Jews in the country? If we had then we would have never known of the holocaust. The United States got in the war and saved the world and the Jews from complete genocide and rightfully so.
What no one in the United States wants to tell you today though is that souls of people are stolen in the United States daily. They are then labeled Schizophrenic. That label is just as bad as having a serial number tattooed on your wrist. And there is no one who will stand up and save them today! Just as the wealthy Jewish bankers of England sacrificed children in the occult to steal their souls and life’s energy, Wall Street steals the souls of people in the United States daily for the same reason. If you want to know what the psychological profile of someone who steals souls is think of them as a hollow head full of buzzing flies. You can also think of Satan as being this way. If you are labeled schizophrenic which means split mind you are not of two minds. It is indeed Satan that is of two minds. His second mind is yours, as the Bible says Satan can read MENS minds. This is very true. We also know from quantum physics that was is being observed is never truly independent from the observer, and this is how Satan is able to demonically posses people. If Satan can influence a person enough he can get possess and control them. This is why Satan then employs nonlethal weapons to harass his victims. He wants them to be incapacitated and incoherent so that they cannot credibly speak against him and his weak mind. Just about everyone of English descent that I have ever met fits this profile. They are the opposite of calm, cool and collective. Satan does not think for himself he is of dependent mind, dependent on those he victimizes.

If there is one issue that the Mental Health system of the United States needed to address but was too afraid to is this. The Bible also tells in the story of Lazarus how when a person comes back from the “Dead” those who lived off his soul are put into purgatory and suffer. If psychiatry were to have any legitimacy in the United States today it would define the suffering of the soul stealers and how they seek to victimize the one whom they stole the soul from. The term that we could give to such people would be the LAZUROUS SYNDROME. We could lead the rest of the world in good example for once by adopting this name and recognizing who the truly ill are in this world. It is not the ones with the tattoo on their wrists or the label that stigmatizes. It is Satans who can make the rest of the world believe that it is those with schizophrenia that are evil and deranged irresponsible people. Just the opposite is true. To be schizophrenic means that many have lived and learned from your soul and you are not a bad person. In the United States today it also means that some have indeed sold your soul for money as Judas did Jesus Christ. Both one Jews, I would go out on a limb in confidence and say that one was bad and one was good.

Those who have the Lazarus syndrome often die rather quickly from diseases such as cancer. Why? Because all throughout their lives they have given their suffering to a scapegoat, and when that scapegoat is well and good and happy again it all comes back to them very quickly. This is what the evil of the Catholic Church subversively promote today. To give all of your suffering to someone else. This is not the teachings from the Bible or Jesus Christ. This is the teachings of JUDAS.

When every member of the Catholicism goes up to the alter to get communion the priest should really say, “We eat this blood and body of Christ so that we never demonize another person again.” That is indeed what Jesus Christ meant by this. The reason the Romans gave him the crown of thorns is because they had immoral hollow heads full of buzzing flies and they wanted to mock him in his death as being like them. Jesus Christ knew that people would turn to the good word of God when all else was gone in their lives and that is why became a martyr on the cross. A God crucified for the crime of being the King of the Jews.

To give you an idea of who causes the voices in your head.

“You say that you are the King of the Jews?” said Pontius Pilot.

“It is you who said that!” Replied Jesus. There is more wisdom in those six words than any that were ever spoken.

“You are a stiff necked people!” God said to the Jews who were trying to concentrate and get some work done. It kind of sounds like a taunt doesn’t it? God was not seen when he said this. This is the exact nature of Schizophrenia. It is the same taunting of disembodied voice.

“You are a schizophrenic!” Someone gave the label as a crime.

“It is you who said that.” Should be your response.

They created synthetic telepathy in the early 1990’s. It is a waveform base technology. It has been refined over the last twenty years so that implements and devices of this nature the size of a cell phone are used to taunt and harass individuals. People who wield these have the ability to play God with others in our Brave New World. The Hollow Heads Full of Buzzing Flies are winning.

When Standard oil formed a monopoly in the United States big Government broke it up. What can we do when the oil company that is monopolizing the world is owned by Great Britain?

In case any of you are not aware Great Britain stopped most of its victimizing of the Irish about the time they went to war with the United States in our Revolutionary war. Just as no one wants their children to be friends with the drug dealer at school, should the United States really consider Great Britain our ally? Should we consider them someone we can turn to? Do we really know who is in control in Great Britain?

Why can’t we solve our own problems in the United States? How can we decrease our dependency on foreign oil with Great Britain as our ally? When we outsource jobs to India a former domain of England are we also setting ourselves up for more trouble down the road? It is good to sell our goods to other countries.

Like I said in my blog Julian Assange has a password of 256 characters believed to be virtually unbreakable. I had a 256 character password that was broken within five minutes in 2001.  They like to change a little word here or there to discredit me and keep me busy.

President Kennedy, our Irish president had the competency to take us to the moon. Be truthful when you ask yourself if we have had a President who could do this since. Lee Harvey Oswald that sounds like an English name too. Do you want to know who assassinated him, narrow minded dependent people who cannot understand progress or those who can’t think for themselves. Sounds a lot like our Republican Party today!

Those who want to subvert and ban the Bible know if read with insight that it reveals and condemns them!

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

To be continued……..

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On Censorship 12 07 2010

Nothing that is released on Wiki Leaks compares to what I know and publish in this blog. Nothing! The truths exposed here have been hidden from humanity for over two millennium. The method they use to suppress the truth from conscious memory is distraction by any means. Julian Assange is a patriot. He is said to have a virtually unbreakable password of 256 characters to a WikiLeak file that has incriminating information in it. I had a 256 alphanumeric upper lower case password broken on my computer in 2001. The way they are able to break these is capture the radio type signal that is emitted when the password is used. And only advanced technology funded by a government can do this.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ant’s crawling on crucified Jesus Christ 12 01 2010

Ant’s crawling on crucified Jesus Christ 12 01 2010

On the news tonight they spoke of a controversial art exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum. It was a video of crucifix covered in crawling ants.

If you don’t know what this means you haven’t read my blogs.

It means compared to the human image of God those who persecuted Jesus Christ had the significance of ants.

Ants, something that irritates, inflames and humiliates someone who they drove nails through into a wooden beam. Someone they hung up to dry for all to see. Someone who could not get away from the torment of them, those of the Kingdom of Judea.

This is indeed the stigmata of those victimized by the topic of this blog. Here the ants symbolize the Pharisees and their children whose descendants live today and crucify in a different manner.

We don’t dare compare ourselves to Jesus Christ but this is indeed what this stigmata is comparing this disease to.

By far, I am not the only one with this insight.

And this will be the revelation that changes the world for the better.

A Catholic priest complained and had them remove it. What priests should be more concerned about is the hidden reality this addresses. An ugliness they have been proven to aid and abet in the creation of. A decry to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, make the horror of this revelation known to the public! I know without a doubt that you know what this means too. The Catholic Church will survive this but only if it takes a dramatically different point of view with regard to what is being taught in the Bible and repents from this horror and crime against humanity.

God Bless Those Who Understand the Bible and Teach the True Meaning

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who funded this technology 11 24 2010

Who Funded this Technology.

November 24, 2010

A,T&T gave an investment firm I worked with First Analysis Corporation from what I and understand around $250 million to manage. First Analysis was paid, what I remember to be a 2% management fee to run this money. There were only 30 employees at this firm. The money sat in short-term treasury type instruments earning interest from the United States Government.

Some people at this firm did not have to work too hard to make a living, they had A,T&T and the United States Government to fall back on.

The firm was located on the 96th floor the Sears Tower in Chicago and that is where I worked for part of the year in 1992.

They sat me next to this transformer type telecommunications machine that was the size of a refrigerator. You could not think when you sat there. It put out some kind of magnetic or ion field. While working there I made numerous requests to be moved away from this device. There were plenty of empty desks on the other side of the building, but they would not let me go there.

The firm was founded by Oliver Nicklin. His accountant started with him her name was Janet LLoyd. There were both English. When they tell you stories of the English abusing the Irish in historical books they were not kidding. The English forbid the Irish to read books or even, have a rosary. Why? Because the English could hear some of the Irish thinking.

I have a long negative history with the company A,T&T, American Telephone and Telegraph. If you have read my story entitled, "My most prominent memory of Catholic grade school" the father of the boy that caused all the trouble in our class worked for American Telephone and Telegraph, his last name was Haliday.

We had Internet service from A,T&T in our home and it never worked right. And I have never dealt with customer service representative that was more rude than the one from A,T&T. And I mean intentionally rude. I mean the kind of rudeness people use to be mean and harass others with when such individuals want to. And for some odd reason I always got the same customer service representative on the phone.

After I refused to live my life as a zombie, a strange woman Mary Beth Sommers, appeared at my door one early morning, around 5 am, as I was reading my morning Investors Business Daily newspaper. As I'm writing this November 24, 2010 some 18 years later I realize that Oliver Nicklin couldn't stand me reading either. When I got to work before I was supposed to be there and tried to read the paper he would come and take it. One time he grabbed me by the arm in what is known in the martial arts as the dim maug. That is where they get a pressure point on the underside of your upper arm and can kill you. I didn't know this at the time but it just about took the life out of me. This very rude man one day was working on my desk and he took off his shoe and put his sweated foot with sock on the arm of my chair. As if to say you're important at all. I'm a good person. One day his secretary Grace Eger hit me on the top of my head while I wasn't looking with a large coil of fax paper about a foot long and 4 inches in diameter. I complained to Janet Lloyd who was responsible for personnel and she told me she no longer was responsible. There had been an immediate switch to Brian Hand and he was responsible for personnel now. He gave me the run around also. Needless to say this rude woman was never reprimanded in any way. Paul Klieneitis, and the correct spelling of name is just as sick as he is, was always in Oliver Nicklins office. Oliver’s favorite thing to do was to say to Paul, "I want you to ruin his day." Paul had the permanent expression of a psychotic spoiled brat or better yet a Jackal Lantern pumped up full with red hot tamale sauce. Needless to say he did his job very well by being very good at ruining my day.

Chicago was the most hellish city I've ever lived in. That is where they first were able to break me down with nonlethal weapons in 1992. Col. John Alexander of the United States Army has indeed said that the government has developed synthetic telepathy. They tortured me with this daily. But it is not just telepathy it is waves that prevent you from thinking and remembering. Just as they didn't want the Irish to read throughout history or me to read the newspaper then they don't want me to be able to read and think today.

Anyway Mary Beth Sommers seemed nice enough but there is something different about her. She made other stops too. And even somehow found me one day when I first started to go out to dinner. I was sitting in the basement pizza restaurant on Farwell looking out of pillbox window, while eating. This is four miles from my house. For some reason she drove by and saw I was in that pillbox window and waved at me down in there and came in and said hello. When I say there is something odd I mean she had a false façade as if she is thinking something different than what her face is trying to show. I asked her what she did for a living once and she told me she work for American Telephone and Telegraph.

The same technology that was used to harass me in Chicago is being used to harass me in my home and Whitefish Bay Wisconsin. And there are many different varieties to the directed energy weapons they use. Needless to say American telephone and telegraph should not be allowed to have any association with the name America, at all today. Because it has facilitated the greatest crime against Americans there's ever been.

The people that worked at this firm did very little to earn their money. And indeed some of them did not have the qualifications in terms of skills to be there. Some were just there because their fathers worked for companies that gave multimillions for them to invest.

To digress, I can remember the late 80s the president of A,T&T would be seen on that business channel show. We called that channel forty seven. He was slouched over at the neck and had a slow intellect what seemed to be somewhat of a hangover. Aside from that I thought he possessed more intelligence than any of the other guests on that channel.

The story gets better. I started go to the YMCA in downtown Milwaukee and was also approached by a man named Sommers, I'm not sure if the spelling is the same. He seemed nice enough to but some people just seem to like to appear when you're feeling good that you talk to them and then you no longer feel good. This was him. He said he was divorced. Was Mary Beth his wife? I don't know.

But the YMCA is located on the 4th floor of the Plankington Mall, Law Offices are said to be located on the 5th floor, and the UW Milwaukee extension campus is located on the 6th and 7th floors. This is the common logistics of the modus operandi that soul stealers use to steal souls. Whether they live in the apartment above you or below, it is an easy way to aim directed energy weapons at you. This place seems tainted with this technology. And these people do not shoot fish in a barrel but rather humans just like Jeffrey Dahmer did.

I went to college at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Accounting in 1991 that same year I passed the CPA exam the first time I took it. At the time three of my professors made subtle threats to the use of nonlethal weaponry, one Bill Taylor made the comment, "Flip the switch and they will all be gone." Another Darrel Craig told of how he was in intelligence during the Vietnam War and manned a large truck full of secretive electronic warfare equipment he implied that he could determine the fate of the life of a solder with the equipment, another a woman teacher boasted oddly during class about how every electric motor puts out an electromagnetic field while sneering at me. You get the idea subtle crap from evil people. Another accounting professor Paul Fischer brought in a speaker from one of the accounting firms who also singled me out to look at in a crowded lecture hall and told of how they had one guy working for them at the accounting firm, "But his head was all screwed up, his head wall all screwed up, his head was all screwed up." You know how an evil pig leers. And I could go on but why bother.

What do they do with the intellectual property they steal from you? It is disseminated to members of their clan from local universities.

One late fall day I went outside and to rake leaves. I worked up a good sweat and was just about finished when two A,T&T salesman showed up and talk to me for more than an hour. They tried to sell me their cable television, Internet and phone service. I told them I would never use their services again. By the time they were done I had a respiratory infection that resembled ammonia and was sick for two weeks.

We use Time Warner today. My point is they wanted us to use AT&T so that they could monitor our cable and Internet and screw with it like they used to. They like to take away books from the Irish. They also like to take away their Internet and television.

Today they have found a means to splice into our cable signal and broadcast a layer of what I know to be voice over’s. A voiceover is a customized broadcasting whereby the people speaking are not saying what you're hearing them say. They use this to drive people crazy. When you go to use the HD signal on the radio or television in your house they have also found ways to jam this so it doesn't come in or is full of static. So you are coerced to use the pay for service with the obnoxious voice over’s.

They use all this technology and more to steal your soul. I'm an inventor. They have stolen more things for me than you could ever imagine.

When I went to get a patent lawyer I was referred to a gentleman named Sebastian Pugleisi. He had worked for Kimberly Clark in the Specialty Chemicals area. Until he founded a patent law firm, allegedly to help the common inventor patent their inventions. I worked with him to develop patent applications for two of my inventions. He dragged his feet six months and then dissolved his firm, as another and hired him for their staff. A patent attorney probably could have done this work in two weeks.

I feel the main purpose of his subterfuge was to sway me from trying to get my inventions patented via attrition with regards to the application process. Why? Because all my intellectual property has been turned into money by others, sometimes through "alchemy". These are the kind of people that would burn everyone else’s books so that they could think they were smarter than everyone else.

The man I worked for at First Analysis was a Jew; his name was Dr. Alan Harvey Cohen. His doctorate was in specialty chemicals just like my failed patent lawyer Sebastian Puglisi. Do the two know each other? Kimberly-Clark made the absorbent material for diapers. Dr. Cohen and I researched many companies that did the same thing. And this was indeed Specialty Chemicals technology. Dr. Cohen lived in Wisconsin when I went to work for him initially at Kemper Securities. And indeed Sebastian Pugleisi also lives in Wisconsin. Do the two know each other? Every fiber of my being tells me they do. Every fiber of my being tells me that I was referred to Sebastian Pugleisi so that my interest in having my inventions patented would be thwarted. And again I cannot really say anything negative about Sebastian other than he might have tried to think he was more intelligent by trying to out talk me and failed. But I view all this as the detriment of not only me but the United States of America.

Anyhow Alan was the meanest person that I have ever met in my life. And he took every opportunity he could find to insult and haze me. All those who worked for this company acted in much the same way even though there was no reason to. Were they the ones that operated nonlethal weapons used to harass me so that I could not sleep for a year when I worked in Chicago? I have no a doubt in my mind that they are. In Chicago if you have a problem with your neighbors or anyone else and you knock on their door they just will not answer. Any complaint you have in Chicago is attended to with the expression of apathetic hatred. No wonder Mrs. O’Leary’s cow burnt the place to the ground.

This company First Analysis stole my soul and profited from it handsomely.

I have a very pragmatic intellect and they used that to train many other analysts’ as I tried to think through the hazing field of their guised directed energy weapon. I have never been back to Chicago since this. And if these people left the country and I never heard or saw from them again or so their names anywhere ever again, the United States of America be a much better place.

Here's what you need to know that they do not want you to know. When you can get away from them far away and they do not know where you are. You will find out you are indeed completely normal and there are no signs of illness at all.

They know this is true and have created nonlethal handheld directed energy weapons that can make you bleed from your root canals, gum lines, etc. Your dentist is also likely to be his soul stealer. If you look closely you can actually see the particle wave that is flowing through the air in your direction from one of these devices that is a little larger than a cell phone. When it hits you who feel like your flesh is burning and you are going to pass out. This device can incapacitate you and make you lose your balance and fall over in less than a second. I wrote a poem about this you will find on my poetry website.

When I worked for First Analysis I companies with new technologies were always bringing them to the office on the 96th floor of the Sears tower for review in top-secret meetings. No doubt this is where much of this spawned from. We indeed had access to the first commercial pair of noise cancellation headphones. They wanted me to try them on. Why? Because they wanted to make sure that the frequencies they use to drive people crazy would not be blocked out by the headphones. They weren't.

After I came home to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, we had what I would call and a group of neighbors move in next door on the corner. What seems like just after I moved home from Chicago a lawyer named Steven Weber and his wife and three children moved in. I wasn't the only one to notice what a mean person he was. But I indeed got the brunt of his harassment. He would also like to find an opportunity to talk to me at odd times like when I was just done shoveling snow for an hour and a half and had a good sweat worked up that needed to dissipate in the freezing cold air so person doesn't overheat in the cold winter air.

He once told me that he knew of a group of lawyers that had a surefire way to make money on investments. It was called a black box and it is right 80% of the time. Dr. Alan Harvey Cohen also told me of the black box. I have never seen the black box. But I have no doubt from my experience in life that it is not technology-based at all. It is a psychic woman who can read your mind after you fantasize about her and ejaculate. I have written about this and published articles on it also. But from what I understand of this Wiccanry they can read the energy signature from this like a witch doctor does entrails. I've written about this also in more detail too. This is essentially the same thing as stem cells though. You know the cells they derive from aborted babies but they use them differently these Wiccans do. They use them to transfer your soul into that of their children by manning nonlethal weapons after you have ejaculated, whether you purposefully ejaculated or not. In effect they are tearing the information from the soul of that energy body and you away at the same time. It is little known fact that the true nature of reproduction type stem cells is that the energy body within them contains a vast amount of information. In effect it contains future information that helps new offspring adapt and survive in the world. What I'm talking about is I believe that when a child is born that its soul is somehow a combination from its mother and its father. As a soul it exists in its own energy state of being. This idea is kind of like when you're playing with toys as a child and you seem to know things intuitively that you forget as you age. As you are being of creation you might even be seeing or remembering things from your own future or have a separate and inherent intelligence from creation that parallels that of your father for awhile in life, before you become more conscious of who you are and what you do. I believe that there are some people, a great many that really never figured out what they do or why they do it. If you have ever seen the look on the faces of the Three Stooges while they are trying to think and figure something new out, you know what I mean.

If what I am describing to you sounds like ancient sacrifices to you it does to me too. Do they sacrifice people because they think when the die they will become more like them. The Bible alludes to them as believing this. Is why they crucified people? The Bible also tells us that nobody believed in those who sacrificed others and then believed themselves to be just like the sacrificed. In other words the Bible tells us that the soul stealers are Satan, and jealous, evil, criminal, hateful etc. In the world today the soul stealers are the psychotic ones and not those who they would seek to become and then label their victims as being what they were, in perfect defense of a crime against humanity.

Back to my story. One late night I was being hazed by this technology and went over to the neighbor’s house to confront him. I had seen a device that was 3 feet long and a foot wide by another foot and was mounted to the angled rafters of his garage. It was oddly shaped and was pointed at my house. This neighbor’s house is on the south east corner of Fairmount Avenue and Marlborough Dr. in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

He invited me in to his home and said he didn't have any of this technology. Same apathetic and hateful type of facial expression. He said I could search around his house if I wanted to, but he seemed nice enough at the time and I figured if he invited me and I sat and talked with him a while the technology wouldn’t be pointed at me while I was there. I was right. We sat for a while in his den and acted a bit like a homosexual and he gave me a piece of chocolate. I went home and forgave them and made a list of good things I liked about them.

I had not mentioned what I had seen in his garage mounted on the rafters at all to him. The next week his garage was dry walled on the inside including all the walls and the ceiling. The device I saw would now be hidden. I'm still harassed by this technology today. And from the scope of it they probably have numerous origins from where it is emitted.

This man moved away and became a teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools, he said he always wanted to do it and I told him he had the demeanor for it. What I see now today in terms of teaching in our schools is what I will call a hidden agenda. I have written an article about how they recruit people into this satanic or Wiccan like cult when they are young. Does this remind you of the horrors of World War II? It should because once again the occult and military industrial complexes have taken control of a country. That country is our once proud United States of America that stood as the icon of freedom to the rest of the world. Are there people who are victimized by what one would consider evil sects of the Jewish religion to a degree that is worse than the Jews who were ritually killed in the holocaust of WWII? I know this is true. And I will also go on the record as saying there is no humane way to torture someone.

I want to expound on what that last paragraph means little more. If you think United States America should never send our boys to fight on the soil will foreign country again because they torture their citizens as Saddam did in Iraq you are wrong. Here's why. If you think we don't do that in the United States of America today to innocent human beings you are dead wrong. The United States of America can never claim this excuse to take us to war again. Never! Unless our purportedly much smaller and what I believe to be broadly and widespread decentralized form our government, that has taken form today, admits that this form of torture is occurring and that they are going to put an end to it. If you think about it, how else could the Republicans facilitate a country with a smaller government unless a broadly and widespread decentralized form of government were allowed to subjectively wield nonlethal directed energy weapons. Here we have a multi dictatorship of adults who have the hateful and jealous minds of spoiled children.

My father worked Milwaukee public schools for 35 years as a reading teacher before he retired. He is also a victim of this technology. He now has congestive heart failure.
My mother was also a teacher. She was zapped with this technology while walking down the stairs one early morning and broke her hip. I found her lying on the cold slate floor almost dead.
Despite all my efforts in contacting government officials nothing has been done to take this away. Same cold apathetic hatred from everyone. Apparently they cannot stand my reading or thinking either. I listed all the symptoms and effects from this technology in an article I posted on my blog there are over 50 of them.

You want to know why the Arab world hates us? Why the World Trade Center was bombed? I think you probably just found out. Any foreigner subjected to this technology could not help but come to the same conclusion as I have that there is an evil sect behind this. Why? Satan and the soul stealers were documented in none less than that book, oh, what's its name.....The Bible. The Bible the most widely read and respected book on the planet Earth is about the only book you will ever read that tells of the reality of Satan and soul stealing. Satan exists and thrives on the souls of their victims today.

The amount they stole from me is astronomical. They are not changing and do not wish to change. That is why I am posting real names here. To let you know who Satan is. Satan is indeed all around us and everywhere today.

They care little for their victims. I would not request money from them. I hope this website stands for all eternity. Because in fact I have a goal that they are never able to victimize another person in the future history of the world. I hope my statements serve to make those I mentioned more accountable to humanity. The list of savage evil people that do not earn their own high standard of living in this country but, instead steal it from the souls of others is endless. And they are the main drain on the economy the United States of America.
Why do terrorists organize and work in what is called cell structures or units? Because effectively this is how they have seen that Satan works in the United States of America. This is also how they worked in Germany preceding World War II, no matter which side you are talking about.

The greatest enemy the United States has ever faced is the many faces of Satan from the Bible. And he or she is the black heart of America today.

What could cause them to torture another human being is beyond my comprehension. But all that I can think of is that they feel they are less than human. I think it is a result of their own activity- the reason they are miserable. Just maybe if they stopped this subliminal torture they might start to feel better about themselves. But first they must admit what they have done to the whole world because it will soon face destruction if they don't. Why? Evil of this nature and magnitude would never be able to contain itself in our modern day and age. Can they cease and desist from this behavior? It would be harder for them to do that than it would for the most filthy of narcotic junkie there ever was trying to kick a drug habit. They do not have the will to do it. Nor do they have the desire to stop; it is not the nature of Satan to stop. They are not about to give up their easy lives.

The only way you will ever be able to silence me is to hit me on the head with a hammer or kill me. And you do indeed hit me in the head with a nonlethal weapon the equivalent of a hammer every day. Why am I writing this today? Because I heard myself on tape recorder and realize that my voice is indeed slow as if I've had many strokes. I write this today therefore because I still can and I know it is a truth hidden from the general public.

When I see the financial crisis in Ireland today it is not hard for me to figure out who caused this.

Merry Christmas to God's Favorite Children in the Bodies of Adults
God Bless the United States of America and its Citizens
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Why I write

Why I Write 03 10 2010

My Grandmother (Nee Isabel Roth) was diagnosed with the “where all one mind” illness when she was about 40 years old.

My father, mother, sister and I would visit her at the Marshfield Clinic. She had a tremor in her jaw and her tongue would stick out and her mouth was often dry. We would sit there with her on the front yard of a clinic, where there was a swinging park bench. As we sat I would see an old man with a self contained leer riding around on an adult sized tricycle.

Sitting there with her I realized she was a gentle kind lady. There was an aura of love that surrounded her; even a boy’s will be boy’s type of boy could feel it.

She was compelled to utter these words as best she could through her dry mouth. “I’m the Queen; I’m the Queen” she would repeat. Trying not to stare, I did not know what to think of this. I could see something about her that did not seem crazy.

She would ask for things for my father to bring to her on the next visit like a comb or a watch. And she would emphatically say, “There’s money in the bank. There’s money in the bank. There’s money in the bank.” Her mouth would move as if someone was trying to prevent her from talking. I now know she had the same problem thinking.

She was a little gal made skinnier from the affliction. When we left her and went back to Milwaukee I would worry that that guy on the tricycle or some man in the white coat might take advantage of her. One time I made my mother ask her this and she laughed earnestly and said, “No.”

Knowing that this disease runs in families, I tried as best I could to prepare myself for it if it were to strike me later in life. In addition to my business school classes in college I took as many psychology courses as possible.

She was always writing things on little pieces of paper. Things that made sense to her but nobody else understood them. I thought in the same manner as she did when I was young. I knew about things but not how to explain their complexity. And I am sure what she knew could be explained if she were able to clear her head or if the knowledge were available to her to comprehend them better. I vowed that when I wrote it would be meaningful and understandable, or not worth doing.

About that Queen she thought she was. I was interested in my lineage, particularly because of her and because I was very good at picking winning takeover stocks when I was in college. I wondered if there was any basis for this. My father told me that a lot of Rothschild’s changed their names to Roth when they came into this country from Germany in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. I read a book on the Rothschild’s the Jewish bankers. It turns out that they made a large banking investment on the outcome of a war they could not have possibly known on a factual basis and won that bet.

My Grandmother wasn’t the Queen of Franks but our ancestry does indeed go back to the Queen of Franks, one of the earliest Nobility of Germany. I am not, per my research, part of the lineage descending from the Rothschild banking family.

Isabel was never respected by her family and forced to do work on the farm where they had nicknames of animals for each other. I thought of this the other day when I was in church. There was a little girl sitting with her family in the front row. She was disrupting the mass and wouldn’t stop talking loudly. At that age a child thinks they are more important than anyone else in the world. This does not happen as often as I like, when a child is misbehaving in public, but finally her father picked her up and cradled her to his chest and walked back to the back of church where we could no longer hear her. All the way back she was screaming, “I won’t stop talking! I won’t stop talking! I won’t stop talking!”

I won’t stop writing.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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This should not be happening in the United States of America

I emailed this to the President of the United States and the incoming and outgoing Governors of Wisconsin

Scott if you are like me you think that everyone should have to earn their own money and not steal it. I want to know what you think of my letter. I want to know if this is the United States of America that you believe in.

President Obama I have one issue that I need you to address during your presidency. The use of nonlethal weaponry on United States Citizens to drive them incapacitate them into believing they are mentally ill.

A have a website that I have dedicated to this.

This is a very real phenomenon. If you look at my other websites you can indeed see that I am a highly intelligent person. This is just the kind of person they target to steal the soul from.

I am being harassed by the use of nonlethal weapons. This is a fact. I have documented this on a magnetometer that takes these readings. I had the police file a report on this too.

President Obama you cannot tell me this sick behavior is part of our National interest in any way. You cannot tell me any valid reason as to how this form of torture benefits our country in any way. This goes against everything that is written in the constitution about our freedom in this country. It is a sickness that drains the lives and souls of the few to the monetary gain of quite a few.

The voices someone labeled schizophrenic hears are from the same people from the realm of the Bible, today's Italians and Jews, though not all.

This is a major cost to our economy and violates every human right in the world.

I have written of all aspects of this in this blog and I intend to publish a rather convincing book that will make this known to the whole world.

The reason I am telling you a Democrat is because these people go against everything the Democratic Party stands for. They are the reason the Democratic Party has been unsuccessful over the last forty years.

Here is a great clue for you, I am not Mentally Ill, but I am disabled by them and the use of this technology. Every one that has been labeled the same as I have been most likely has been a victim of them. This is a major cost to the country and the world. Because of the use of this technology my voice sometimes sounds as if I have had a stroke.

I can go on and on and articulate in great detail about this. But I just want to say that this should not be happening in the United States of America.

Please read my blog and tell me what you can do regarding this.


Thomas Paul Murphy

Scott if you want to eliminate entitlements I am with you but only if you eliminate the use of nonlethal weaponry by those who have entitled themselves to steal the souls of others. It is just that plain and simple. If you want to know the truth you won’t be able to because those who have entitled themselves to steal the souls of others cause more damage than could ever heal. What you would end up with is streets lined with those made sick at the will of goons who wouldn’t listen in school and distracted others from learning to.

Scott I want to know if you condone the detrimental behavior to society, our country and the world that I am describing?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Satan Show

To the best of my knowledge there has never been a science fiction book or television show published whereby children and adults live off the thinking of one whom they demonize. Why not, I ask? Because this is the horrific reality that Satan does not want you to know about. The humility, shame and guilt Satan would experience from watching this would kill him/her. Why?

Satan lives in a world of delusion. Satan cannot think for itself and can only live “off” the thinking and souls of others. What happens when Satan attains money and power in this country? It invents and utilizes horrific ways to torture people subliminally and “live off” their thinking and souls- a crime against humanity.

Why does Satan torture sadistically as an adult? Because that is how it was raised to think, it knows nothing else. Remember Satan has no soul. Satan was indeed raised to have no soul.

Paint a true picture of Satan and when it views it, it will die and turn to stone.

Satan never would publish or allowed to be broadcast a true and accurate depiction of itself as that would expose it for what it is. Satan is soulless and hates itself and therefore must live in a world of delusion.

If you have been labeled schizophrenic “Satan” a real and alive soulless human being is thinking right along with you. Do not yield to temptation or impulse because these are the tools of Satan. Satan will also do everything within its power to Zombify and put you on medicine so that at some point it can deny that it is truly a dependent of you or a parasite of you. Once Satan has learned how to think from you it no longer wants you to be part of its reality.

The reality of Satan is that it tries to make the unreality of itself into a reality. The way Satan does this is to destroy every reality that contradicts its own unreality and that is you. If allowed to go unchecked Satan would destroy the whole world with it in a ball of fire rather than accept its own reality, and metaphorically it already has as our water and air are full of mercury. Mercury does nothing good for human development and neither does Satan.

Satan is always one to induce guilt in others rather than accept its own “responsibility”.

To “dissolution” Satan is to kill it or just maybe make it human???????

An accurate depiction of Satan would cure all suffering and end all poverty and evil. I doubt that it will ever happen.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, October 8, 2010


The true meaning of the passage from the bible where  some men come to the house of God and his door is closed and he say’s to them “You that have done all these things in my name, I never knew you.”
Is; adults that act like children and try to deny responsibility for their actions.
They claim to do things in the name of God when they really do not.  In the time the bible was written when they did “good” things they were usually against the establishment and the status quo.  What was Gods response to them in effect he said from behind the closed door “I did not ask you to do these things!  Even if they were right, I did not ask you to do these things. So why did you do them?”
What is this really, God telling them what they do is in their own name, and “They are responsible for their actions.”  To act and think about what they do and not act blindly or assume righteous guidance.
“These good things you say you have done in my name, I never knew you.”
God is also giving a message to mankind.  “I never knew you and you acted in my name?”  The message is, “How did you act in my name?  What makes you think I would be proud of you?”
In this passage from the bible God has taken human form and lives in a house.  He has the door closed and does not acknowledge who is knocking.  As far as I know from my Catholic teachings, God only took human form on earth once, in Jesus Christ.  There may have been times behind the burning bush and maybe in a tent also that I remember.  But we were taught in Catholic School that the face of God is unknown.   In contradiction to that in the Bible I read later on, “No one can see the face of God and live.”
I was in church and the priest asked, “How many of you hear the voice of God?”  Maybe three quarters of a dozen people in the small chapel raised their hands.
The point of this passage in the Bible, from God is, “Do not assume it is my voice you hear when you do these actions.”  God, said to them from behind the door. “I never knew you.”
What else did God mean, “You were not my friend?  I don’t know you.”  You are not my son or of my blood and I am not your father.  And when he finished by not letting them in the door he meant, “You were the exact opposite of a friend to me.”
“How many of you hear the voice of God?” The modern day priest asked.  In this passage of the bible God was on earth sitting behind a door.  The Bible is telling us that God lives the life of an ordinary man.
By deduction the Bible is repeating the meaning of what Jesus said, “Know yeah not that yeah are Gods?”
God is saying as an ordinary human being, he did not need the intrusion into his thoughts and mind of those that then came knocking on his door.  In no way, shape or form were you allowed to intrude upon the thoughts of God.  In no way were you in effect to steal them and act upon them as if they were your own voice or thoughts.
Here God is rather gruff in dismissing them.  Why?  Because in effect they had fragmented his mind in able to be able to hear his voice.
When they fragment a mind they create much suffering in those they fragment.  I say fragment but I really mean make mentally ill and all the terms of stigmatism that are related to it.  The scene in this passage of the Bible bears all the imagery of God as being someone who has had his soul stolen.
It is as if God behind the closed door is suffering from a stolen soul and that is why he is gruff.  Being gruff or ornery is indeed a symptom of a stolen soul.
Are those who have had their souls stolen indeed Gods?  The Bible alludes to this, in language those who suffer from a stolen soul understand very clearly.
Today in the United States those with stolen souls are labeled mentally ill and they suffer, as all around them they see those Jesus described by the term, “Yeah shall know them by their fruits.”  The Bible seems to allude to people that hear the voice of God in their heads and act on it irresponsibly.  Are the thoughts of some people that hear voices in their heads, heard by others?  I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is true.  Were those whose thoughts are heard made to suffer greatly in order to be heard?  I know for a fact that this is also true.  What I am saying parallels this Bible passage, “What we have today are people and children that were and are raised on the tormented souls of others.  People are tortured in the United States of America so that those whose children are raised do not have to raise them themselves.  They have the hand of someone they chose and tormented to do this for them, while they continue with their adult lives of sin. “  This is a sickness of irresponsibility in this country and it must end.
If you want to know the reason why people go postal this is it.  If you want to know the reason the Arab world hates us, this is it.
“How can you say that you are good when to me your nature is very evil?”, is a sentence that would have equally fit in the same passage of the Bible that reads, “I never knew you!”
Moses parted the Red Sea, is that not the power of a God also?
Why not teach the real meaning of these events?  Probably too much for young minds to handle, but some indeed know it already and use it to their advantage.
I talked to a young man who was a Catholic turned Protestant the other day and he said to me regarding Catholicism, “I have had a lot of trouble with what a person has to do to get to heaven.”
I cut him off and said, “The question is more easily answered by, “How does a person not get to heaven?””

I Never Knew You
Thomas Paul Murphy
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