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Thursday, March 31, 2011

They were victimized in quiet and therefore hate the quiet, that is why they need to hear you, the one to be labeled schizophrenia 03 31 2011

They were victimized in quiet and therefore hate the quiet, that is why they need to hear you, the one to be labeled schizophrenia 03 31 2011

Part of the reason people are demonized to be schizophrenics is because bad things happened to the demonizers or victimizers in quiet, and therefore they hate the quiet. They cannot learn when it is quiet and therefore seek to cause a distraction. They fear silence and quiet because to them it represents a potential of not knowing what will happen next. That something to happen next could very well be something harmful to them and this creates anxiety. Another word for anxiety is fear.

Some with this type of mind are also dyslexic. The dyslexic mind is formed because the person with the dyslexic mind is always trying to get ahead of someone in their thinking, therefore that are starting at the end of the word. A person who starts at the end of word looks at a word on paper and reads it backwards or not at all. The mind of dyslexic cannot quiet down in order to start at square one because that is in essence of anxiety to them; it is like having to trust someone when your trust has been betrayed. Learning from someone from the first step means that you should trust them, and to be fair many who teach cannot be trusted.

Back to the first paragraph people who cannot think in quiet from a dependent mind to those they do trust in some way or shape of thought. And they try and get ahead of that mind. They often seek to share the soul of such person and the easiest way for them to do so is to distract them from thinking, to break their concentration. To have them lose confidence in themselves.

Those who are labeled schizophrenic do not hear voices of their own making; these voices are of other people. Because they are heard they must obey the laws of physics in some manner and are likely to travel via the electromagnetic, energy or light spectrum in some way. The United States government, specifically Colonel John Alexander has admitted to creating synthetic telepathy, so the government does indeed know what spectrum this is from. My question is this, if someone is born with this ability they were probably born with it for a reason or it was granted to them for a reason. What of those who would seek to victimize through synthetic telepathy which is actually a psychotropic weapon, are they indeed dooming themselves and the rest of us as they seek to profit from the souls of those they victimize. Would this not seem to be contradictory to God and the belief in God or the will of creation which is the same thing? There does also seem to be a, fade at distance effect, to these phenomena.

Is there a way that we can treat those who are of dependent mind so that they can learn to relax and not have anticipatory anxiety in the face of silence and quiet? How can you get someone to trust you after they have been victimized in the quiet? First you have to bring the victimizers to justice and ensure that those who victimize are brought to justice.

Like I said the one labeled schizophrenic is not the only true victim, there is a whole subset of people who hear that persons thoughts and are of dependent mind to them. They were created to be this way, and would never admit it. How can you tell who they are? Because they will always seek to give you something to not like about yourself. Why? Because there is something about themselves that they are very ashamed of, and will never admit to, something that makes any flaw you have pale by comparison. And it is just that, they are dependent minded to the one they labeled schizophrenic. The other reason they do it is, because they are dependent minded, they live off of your thought process and when they give you something to not like about yourself, you start to think about how to improve yourself. Any time you start to think of how to improve something this is an opportunity for them to turn your ideas into money and act as if they are their own, they are not, they are yours. In defense they would say that because they are with you they were part of the thought process. This is like an urchin claiming it helps propel the ship, the reality is in the absence of the urchin or in this case silence we think much better. We all know the difference between being kicked and nudged. They will stir the beautiful mind of a person to the consistency of a hornets nest, and take delight in doing so. When a person’s mind is no longer with them where is it? I’ll give you a hint, it is with those who stirred it. What does a person who was raised on dependent mind then seek to do in adulthood, drive the source of their knowledge insane, so they are medicated to the point whereby they no longer have to listen to them, a soul has been stolen. This allows the demonizers to deny what they are and frees them from the guilt of their crime.

It is too bad that our modern world has created these types who would seek to victimize in order to earn a living, in effect they ruin it for everyone as this system of wealth creation profits those who steal and not those who developed and thought of the good ideas in the first place. Wouldn’t it be better if those who thought of the ideas were given credit for them so that more good ideas could be put forth? The biggest problem with these people, and I have seen it in them all my life, is that they seek to be someone rather than something. Being someone actually means being someone else, they are not true to themselves or the rest of us, in effect- living a lie. To be something means that you learned through firsthand experience or by respectful listening. To be someone means that you worship false idols. Do not worship false idols, instead pick characteristics of those you admire and adopt just those traits. If you seek to be someone else, you are worshiping a false idol and unknowingly you will also gain there negative traits. You are not that other person for many reasons and you can never be, so think about what you like about them and seek to behave like that and not like them. People are who they are through life’s experiences. Denying one the opportunity to learn for themselves is one of the worst crimes a parent can commit.

If someone is of dependent mind can it be said that they do not truly have their own soul? How can you ever get to heaven if you don’t even have your own soul? Do you think that you can fool God? If you do not have your own soul how can you ever expect to get resurrected? There is nothing to resurrect for the dependent minded, there is nothing unique to them, it is all borrowed. Why? Because they sought to be someone rather than something.

People learn and grow best through the self-frustration of trial and error. This is what elevates the truly gifted to the higher levels they attain, the formation and promotion of independent thinking. The dependent minded can never claim this, they live like gypsies and steal souls and they do attain great heights of power and money because a system of soul theft has been legitimized and indoctrinated throughout the world today. How can we tell who they are? Because once they attain great wealth they hoard it or distribute it like thieves. (Two recent cases, one almost sent us into a great depression, there is a pattern here between Madeoff and the Indian accountant for Koss) They do not seek to use their wealth to benefit humanity. Why not? Because of what they are, dependent mind, they think the world is unfair. If you believe a world is unfair you keep all you can for fear that you will never have the opportunity to make it again. Why? Because you know you did not make it fairly in the first place. If you knew that you made it fairly in the first place you would not have the fear that you could not make it again.

Those of us who know that we have good ideas do not have this fear that we will not have good ideas again because we know that our good ideas are based on thinking and caring for others. Unfortunately for us we are like a treasure trove of soul to be raided and capitalized by those of dependent mind because of our great thoughts. Once they are done raiding a soul the perfect crime has been committed because the victim has lost the capacity for coherent thought. And who of our normal population would believe. Their ego and self-have been stripped to zero. They have been made to think very little of themselves by those who know they were a lot better than that. Sometimes they let them recover so that they can come back for meal after meal of soul theft and capitalization. This is like giving the cow, in this case a human being just enough nourishment, so that you can milk it once more. And they seek to keep the person unhappy so they keep thinking for them. For their victim to be happy creates more fear in them than anything else, it forces them to think of themselves as they truly are, a much needed reality check for the demonizers.

Therefore promoting perseverance in the face of failure is the greatest thing you can do for a person of dependent mind- to encourage them to try and try again.

It has been the crime against humanity and I will not be the only one revealing this to you. If you ask anyone who is a victim of this they will probably tell you a similar story that can be reduced to just this, their soul was stolen by the dependent minded.

There are many ways a person can hear voices, some are raised to, some offend others and then hear them, etc. Once a person is attacked and run down our modern diets of sugar, refined foods and chemical additives, etc., opportunize our metabolisms to a disease, a disease that is the exact same as the plague. Our government does little to protect us from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, improper nutrition and soul theft. Special interests, or the money of wealth creation, keep rolling us in this wrong direction. Whether intentional to their effect or not these are indeed tools that are used to capitalize the public in the name of wealth creation. What is it really in this case, the establishment of an advantage that does not serve the public? Why is money allowed to buy advantages that run counter to the public? The only reason that I can think of is that those who made it did not do so fairly and to try and propose a system of fairness would put them at a great competitive disadvantage in life. The name of the game for them is, take it, because you can’t make it. In simple terms that resolve the question those who are takers are not makers.

One cannot deny the reality of personal experience.

Do not be afraid of the quiet or seek to deny others the opportunity for quiet contemplation. The world will be a better place for everyone, and that includes you, if you change and respect those whom you drove from their minds.

In summary the world needs to change so that people do not compete in these terms and everyone can learn free from fear- in the quiet.

There is no doubt in my mind concerning the truth to what I have written.

God Bless the Child Who Has His Own

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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