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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Central Intelligence Agency 04 28 2011

The Central Intelligence Agency 04 28 2011

If Louis Lamoure can write in his Westerns that a bad man has a rat like face I can say Leone Panetta has a rat like face and no honest American can look at him and disagree. And who just promoted this man?

Do these people give faith in the American Taxpayer?

If I was President I would raise the CIA building. I would get a megaphone and say, “Everybody out it is going down….”

An irate man would open a window and say, “What do you mean by this Mister President?”

“You wouldn’t let us know what you were doing. You were found to have tortured people. We do not need any more evidence than this to condemn you and your activities in this building. It is going down. Gather your personal belongings. You do not need to worry about any of your documents because you have already defined that you have committed the worse crimes against humanity known to mankind. It is going down! Get out now if you want to live.”

“Will I be relocated with my job?”

“I would prefer it if you just left the country. You will not be permitted to endanger us any more or receive any more taxpayer money. Get out. It is going down!”

Because of their actions it is no secret what their nature is and who they are protecting- it is not the American citizen.

Leone Panetta was the one who did not want the American public to know of the Governments activities regarding torture. Can there be any greater condemnation of him than this as a human being. And President Obama just promoted him.

The United States of America should be the image of Humanity but it is not. At the very least we should stand for Humanity but we do not.

“It is going down.” I would say on the megaphone. This would be my gift to the world and the United States.

What more do we need to know than this to condemn the CIA? We would even more horrified to look at them if we knew of what they really did “for” us.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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