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Friday, April 29, 2011

Demon Women and Corporate America 04 28 2011

Demon Women and Corporate America 04 28 2011

Once a woman has consumed semen or had untrue influence to her blood stream doth she indeed become more male like?

One odd thing I have found about capitalism is that we strive to learn skills necessary to compete in a capitalist environment. And then those skills are often stolen by others from the brightest of us. If capitalism and its focus on greed did not exist we would strive to learn these skills and therefore there would be less drive for soul theft by others to steal our souls from us.

Because of the prevalence of soul theft in our economy I have to ask does capitalism in its current form exist to facilitate the needs of soul thieves. Am I wrong when I see a preponderance of bad in our system to ask is this why it exist in its current form- to serve the “needs” of the bad? The United States of America should be the country to lead by setting the best example of humanity. And initially it did but our freedoms have been abused for profit to the point that those who are innocent of abusing our country now are having their rights and freedoms taken away.

Is this why capitalism exists- as a template for those of low self esteem to strive for power in? To torment others to become in power and once in power continue to torment others. What does this say about those who are successful in this manner, in other words (iow) does the whole structure exist to serve the needs of Satan? That is not how America was founded so we know that is not the reason for its existence. If that was not how it was formed to be how did it transition to become this? And more importantly how can we get back to the ideals, integrity and freedom it initially stood for.

“He must be crucified for I had a terrible dream of him.” Has the United States transitioned in existence to serve the progeny of HER! I can say all this bad stuff about women because my mother is a sweetheart.

Do such women then develop an envy of men? Are men then sacrificed and driven insane to appease them?

What happens to the men then? In the Kingdom of Judea they were often castrated and uniced. Why? Women demonically possessed them in order to be something they cannot be. And they did so with THEIR transmitted dreams and mal desires. What happens to women who has demonically possessed a man and he was sex with another woman or masterbates to the picture of a beautiful woman? The woman that demonically possessed him either developes low self esteem because it was not her that was desired or she turns gay and seeks to have sex with women as she saw the man she possessed do. That is why they castrated and uniced these men. So the soulless women could be somebody else with little self loathing or guilt involved. If that does not look like the best example of humanity I would agree and go further to say that it is a crime against humanity. These evil women did not like themselves they needed the soul of someone else to feel good. And their husbands went to great lengths ANY means to please them. What did these evil women really want? To be MEN! These are not Godesses. A Godesess would be defined as a woman that had great respect for all of creation and they are the opposite.

The men who have had their souls possessed are their victims in many ways. They would not like to experience making love to another woman or they enjoyed it and turned gay themselves.

Wouldn’t the common American agree that women should not have to be made happy by being allowed to demonically posses others? There is something greatly wrong with them when they purpotrate this.

And if they were raised to be this way it really invalidates the way they were raised. To only be happy and satisfied in life when you demonically possess someone else does not say much about yourself. In fact it makes the worst statement about a person that can be made.

What happens when she gets a taste of a soul that is hollow? A taste of the “man” that she married. The man that she thought was everything that she wanted in life? She is then dissallutioned. And not only that, as human genes most readily influence human genes, and the stem cell like genes of creation are the most tenacious there is regarding this. She is transformed into something that is no longer completely feminine. Upon realization that her husband is indeed hollow of soul, what does she then seek? To possess the good soul. And she is worse because she is more aggressive because of how she was hormonally influenced. The composition of her soul is an odd mix of male aggression, odd desires and vacancy. I have already spoken of what hers sons are like in a previous essay.

In effect they are the way they are because of the way they were created and because of the way they are (unhappy people that seek to be someone else by demonically possessing them) they invalidate the way they were raised.

Do daughters become large and stronger faster because they are forced to have incest with their fathers and the male hormones and soul energy makes them bigger quicker. ( I hate to say this but the rock band Led Zepplin might have said it best with the song lyrics, “Big legged woman ain’t got no soul!”

If you were raised to be a big legged woman with all the implications that I suggest, what would you seek to become? You would seek to demonically possess the soul of a good man raised by a good mother. Why? It could almost be considered your cry for help in this world, your way of saying, “I am not right and you can figure out why!” Well I did figure out why, and I just told you why. So if you want to prevent others from being like you feel free to send this essay to whomever. It will help prevent children from being victimized and suffering from the little known consequences of such incest.

Can we agree that if there were demon women like this in power they would not serve the best interest of a country?

And if you think my this article in anyway will affect my bid for President of the United States I can assure you that it will not.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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