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Friday, April 29, 2011

G.O.P means God is Our Problem 04 28 2011

G.O.P means God is Our Problem 04 28 2011

In a for profit economy is it possible that the basic needs to sustain humanity are neglected? Is it possible the basic needs of humanity are thwarted from occurring? Is it possible the basic needs of humanity have been removed everyones life equation so greatly by the sprouted machinations of capitalism that the balance of nature is thrown out of balance?

It has happened already.

Why is it every measure that benefits humanity is met with a stern “NO” from the Republican party? (more on this in post script)

Does the G.O.P. really stand for “God is Our Problem”

“In God We Trust” “For God and Country” These are words this country was founded on. This country was not founded on the image of currency. The image on currency was meant to serve as a reminder of the ideals this country was founded on. Today as our country has superciliously transformed into reckless capitalism these tenets are absent of abused.

Nowhere does it say in the Republican Party platform, “God is Our Problem!” is what G.O.P. means. But that is indeed how they behave, like everything good for human beings is a problem. All acts of good and not greed are a problem for them.

What is a Gubenatorial? It is really a Notorious Gooben, or and I am going to go one step forward with real English translation and tell you the secret meaning, “Notorious Goblin” That is the exact secret meaning NATORIOUS GOBLIN. That is what they do not want you to know. The secret of the G.O.P. is that they are NATORIOUS GOBLINS.

If you do not believe just take a look at one and you will see that is exactly what they are, NATORIOUS GOBLINS. They cannot deny it because everyone who is not one cannot truthfully disagree upon seeing them that that is what they are. Everything they have done for this country is exactly what a Notorious Goblin would do if they were in power.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

We don’t need Natorious Goblins.

Are they always trying to act like the good and stern fathers they never had? Are they trying to put the discipline of saying “NO” unto the rest of us because it was not said or enforced on them enough when they were raised. Or are they jealous of those of us who took risks when we were young and learned a great through experience? We learned what to do and not to do by trial and error. Was every creative ambition of Republican Party members met with a stern slap on the head and a no?

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