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Friday, April 29, 2011

DSM a manual to Plagiarize and Erase Minds 04 29 2011

DSM a manual to Plagiarize and Erase Minds 04 29 2011

DSM stands for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. You’re experiences including delusions of grandeur are the basis of many of their stories.

I would not be surprised if for every item in that DSM that they track, items that they listen to from your mind… I would not be surprised if they have a formula linked to every “item” in your mind they track that tells them how your unique thought could make a good fiction story. This would allow them to paraphrase your story, rather than blatantly using your actual story as it is. They love to paraphrase your stories and initially when you come to this sense of what they have done it resonates within you like a sense of shock. But after awhile you become immune to it. Just consider yourself being immortalized or that there are people that are of dependent mind to you and they have to make a living too.

But back to the DSM and the formula to create stories from it:

For example, Delusions of Grandeur- “Yeah that one he just thought would make a good fantasy story, his thoughts moved me there, we must tell of it.”

“Yeah, that nightmare of thoughts he just had, that will make the excellent basis for a horror movie.”

(It is starting to sound like that Star Trek Episode where those fat vein heads liked to keep people prisoners and analyze what they thought, were love changed the woman from old to young and Kirks hatred broke the spell. There are many themes in science fiction that describe this, another was the episode in the Twilight Zone where one banker fantasizes about robbing the bank, the other hears it telepathically in his own head and calls the police. That episode is really an archetype from a passage in the Bible where the living god say’s “You did all these things in my name… I never knew you!”)

“His hopes to find the right woman- that thought he just had will make a nice romance story, we’ll call that one Sleepless in Seattle.”

Can I prove that those who wrote such stories did not have the validity of personal experience to serve as a basis for their imagination? I know that some writers do indeed channel people to write their stories. I also know, but cannot directly prove, that many writers paraphrase others thoughts into stories. But what I can do is remember a similar experience or thought that I had and was distracted from remembering.


“His new aspirations to make a living. There is a good story there. We plan on squelching all of his new aspirations so that he tries again and we have more material.”

“His thought of how he could run so fast that he blurred time, that will make a good science fiction type story. Well call it Superman.” There is a lot of truth to running fast as you do leave the soul thieves behind when you do so; they are indeed ruptured from their souls when you do. I have seen the puking looks of disgust on their faces.

“Let’s see the recurrent theme of the immaculate conception and not understanding the real nature of a father, that will be the basis of Star Wars.”

“He enjoys himself so much that will be Ferris Buellers Day Off.”

“That conflict he has with his gym teacher in High School that will be RUSHMORE.” Bill Murray looked and acted just like him.

“That creep who bothered him throughout his childhood, that one will be called “The Cable Guy.”

“The way he jumped off the side of the bank of the creek and just missed falling on the rusty iron stake, we will have to use that one in a James Bond movie.”

And to be fair to the writers, maybe they are blessed with receiving the ephemeral spirit of creation of another. I would like to think that but I know it is not true. There is an organized effort of soul theft involved.

“All those observations he makes…all his introspective thought and observing, we will make us a television series and call it Seinfeld.”

You get the idea I know where all the good stuff comes from because when I see it, resonates with my life experiences to the T. But the realization of such plagiarized gestalts is much more than that, when you see one on the television screen you immediately feel the loss from you before you ever realize why. You only come to realized why upon thought of why you felt the loss of yourself. You will feel as if part of you was drawn to the screen before you understand why. It takes awhile of getting used to and it is best to not watch the television at all. Why? Most people who watch it just sit and get fat!

What is further evidence of soul theft from you, other than the gestalt you feel upon seeing plagiarized scenes on the screen before you and not immediately understanding why you need to take a deep breath? What is further evidence is that you talk to those whom you victimized in their heads incessantly because you cannot stand that you are still dependent to their thinking after you have capitalized their souls. If you want to talk to me invite me for coffee and talk to me in person. It is no surprise to you then that I find that you talking to me in my head is a distraction from things I would like to accomplish at the time you see fit to talk to me in my head and that is always. I know why you do this you want to keep that door to my mind open because it is the hand that feeds you.

You might ask what my motivation is for writing this? I am a person that had the same goals most do- to make enough money every year to start and comfortably support a family. And if Jerry Seinfeld said he heard it said to him, “I never want to see you on television again.” I know very well who said it to him and I am not telling. Other than to say that he obeyed so I have no qualms with him.

Here are THREE more “the way he thought” for you to consider;

“They way he thought Ronald Reagan should just tell Gorbachov that the Berlin wall should come down and that he should just say those exact words, “Tear down that wall!” and Reagan did so and then two weeks later the Berlin wall came down. We need to channel taxpayer money and say it is for a Star Wars program to defeat alien races from outer space. But we will really use it to subliminally torture human beings with nonlethal electronic weaponry so they don’t meddle by thinking good hopes and thoughts for the world.”

“The way he feel from the top of a high tree when he was a little boy and he heard a woman’s voice from the sky say, “Put out your arms!” and he did and grabbed a branch and did not fall to his death.”

“The way he got angry with the snotty DJ at the radio station he thought lightning should hit the radio station antenna and actually did two weeks later that would be good for a mythology. Wait we already have Thor. And because he did that, hit the radio station with lightning that is justification for us giving him know credit for his humanitarian ideas or other stuff.”

To which he replied, “Okay if that is the way you want to play it, remember this, it was your choice.”

You should know he was NEVER alone in!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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