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Friday, April 29, 2011

Schizophrenia and the Judea Ledger 04 29 2011

Schizophrenia and the Judea Ledger 04 29 2011

Why what is said to be a “disease” is said to skip generations.

What if as I proclaim it is not a disease at all? What if we who are said to be victims really carry the torch of humanity for others? What if we, who as I proclaim are really those others are of dependent mind to? My Grandmother was diagnosed with it and she lived to be in her late 80’s. As she was dying I was just starting to develop what they say are symptoms. I had just finished college and was starting my career. In the few years in college up to that time I was somewhat arrogant and thought that I would never be diagnosed like her.

And I do know for a fact that it is not what they want you to believe it is. And those who are of dependent mind to those who have this affliction know very well what I say is true. They know just as well as I do. Will they come forward as I have? A few have started to.

But if they never do and I believe they never will because they put forth quite an opposition to me expressing myself…. If they never do come forth to the point where it is recognized as a general truth…if they never do, there has to be a reason why they do not want everyone to know. Is it because they do not want everyone to know that they are of dependent mind to some of us. (wait a minute when I was a boy was I of dependent mind to others???? A careful examination of hat is not important right now as I am speaking for the other side that suffers more, and if I was of dependent mind I was of helpful dependent mind and not of resentful dependent mind. And I was not of a family of people that organized this power against others.) To continue with prior thread of thought- If they do not want everyone to that they are of dependent mind to some of us, maybe it is because in order to trigger the dependent mindedness they have to victimize us greatly and steal then steal our souls to sweep away the evidence.

So why would they not want the world to know? Is it out of shame for what they are and fear of facing judgment for what they do? I know that both of those statements are true.

What I am getting at is once one in a blood line they follow starts to die, do they… must they victimize a new one of a younger generation of that blood line in order to sustain themselves?

If they knew that part of the mind of a human being is dependent on another’s they would have some ability to choose when and who to become dependent mind to. Have they tracked the blood line and made a ledger regarding what bloodlines make the best mental hosts? If this runs in your family, if there was ever a history of it you would be greatly informed to read all I have written about it and everything that I have ever written, because once they “Strike” you or your loved one will have very little chance of escaping this horror. You will be hounded by them as they believe your mind is really theirs. Know for a fact that you have the freedom to think and imagine whatever you want to. And seek to have a good memory in life of how one of your thoughts connects to the next. And do not be afraid when you experience this new awareness of reality, because many of the constructs that you believe are actually true. Keep track of thoughts that you have developed from your experience and you will see much of this world is of you. Learn how to separate imagination from reality and you will have a strong chance. Learn to love to imagine and not believe in it. As you separate your imagination from reality you will come to find that some of your imagination is reality, if your imagination is reality and you cannot prove it as being so learn to write down your imagination as story. If you live to reach a certain age you will come to find that you cannot deny the validity of your own experience- for one to deny you the validity of your personal experience is the equivalent as someone taking away all your rights in the name of wealth creation and it amounts to genocide.

The reason those of dependent mind to you do not want you to know the truth is not for your benefit it is for the benefit of them and their children. They want their children to be able to deny what they are because in reality they have stolen a soul for money and in order to get away with the crime they must discredit the person they stole the soul from. And in order for them to be able to live with themselves and deny guilt for what they have done-they seek to zombify the mind they are stealing the soul from.

I tend to keep writing but one last point regarding this…if you were raised to be of dependent mind to someone else, as are the Satanic, it means that your mind is greatly in tune with that of someone else. I use the term Satan regarding them because it is over 2000 years old and it is a dead on accurate description of their mind. But if you are this…in tune with someone else, so much so that you think you are them sometimes…who is gonna know you think? Who is gonna know, care or believe the person you are of dependent mind to if you (as they do) start to attempt to erase a little of the capacity of conscious thought in that person? And what if in the process of erasing their capacity to think; they develop symptoms and you become blissful because you do not have to be subject to their thinking anymore? And blissful because you are rich because you have stolen ideas from them and banked them. Can you understand why there is a nice manual that is as big as a dictionary describing how we can be labeled? It is as big as a dictionary and it does not really look like it is written by humanitarians, it reads like it was written by LAWYERS! And when was it written? Was it written after WWII when our government first brought over Nazi scientist to the United States? The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual, DSM for short is what I am speaking of. The DSM is published by Merck, a German company? (put em up Merck I’m ready for you) The DSM book is the greatest work of fiction ever created and it was created to covert the tracks of the soul thieves. If there is a DSM and we know there is, is there also a JUDEA LEDGER that tracks lineage and blood line of those families that can be victimized for their souls? ( I looked my lineage up concerning my paternal grandmother and it goes back to the Queen of Franks, although there is somewhat of a gap how it gets there it got there just the same! My Grandmother did indeed say she was the Queen but I think this was more of a matter of those possessing her speaking through her)

A Judea Ledger would be like a treasure map to use to find people to soul thieve from. What leads me to believe in its existence? When I was a body some thirty five years ago, before there were ancestry.coms or the internet, I was told by the sister of someone that I was a childhood friend with that I was a distant relative of theirs. I will not give the name but I could, but I will say the father was a lawyer and they would likely be the keepers of the JUDEA LEDGER. Anyhow, some thirty five years later, I researched what my childhood friend’s sister told me and their family name that was nothing like mine was listed. And it was listed on the side of my family no one believed in. My Grandmother Isabelle Roth, who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and died when I started to develop what they say are “symptoms.” They are not symptoms of a disease they are symptoms of victimization. My point is- my friend’s sister had no way of knowing this, as it was a few generations back, unless there was a JUDEA LEDGER.

And there was something different about my Grandmother; she was a kind women with and aura or halo of such!

Believe in yourself and those of your family who are victimized with this and you will have better lives.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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