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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another way to test people for satanic minds 05 05 2011

Another way to test people for satanic minds 05 05 2011

If you are overweight and go on a diet and exercise program are there those around you the become fight-some? If so they may be dependent on your misery. Hold fast to your program redouble your efforts and put them in the dust.

How you think someone healthy and successful should act rather than feeling good about yourself and projecting outward to the world non-offensively. As you shed all those pounds you will find that you also have to shed the souls that have influenced you the most in life. To do this you must recognize constructs of theirs in your thoughts that define how you feel a successful person should act. The key here is not to be offensive to others and if you feel you were offensive to others and it weighs on your conscience try and understand why? What justifications do you have for the way you behaved? Do they build on strong life’s lessons that you have learned or are their very minor things in your thinking that you need to recognize and change in order to be happy about yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.

What you are trying to avoid is hubris. Hubris is often the self defeating element of a good soul. To balance your self steering in order to avoid hubris and humility and then forge ahead as if navigating a rocky water channel in a storm.

Analyze your life in order to determine what elements of emotion have defeated your efforts. Emotions are human do not be afraid to have them and do not be afraid to stand up to those who would insult and foster negative ones in you- those who would do so are often incapable of thinking for themselves. They are probably very jealous of you for reasons you would never be aware of- your good soul!!!!!

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