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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Urgent Matter of National Security 09 21 2010

Urgent Matter of National Security 09 21 2010

1.      Dick Cheney was the head of the CIA
2.     We know that Dick Cheney condoned or gave the okay to torture during the War in Iraq.  So Dick likes to torture, this goes against every philosophy this country was founded on.
3.     Coronel John Alexander admitted on late night talk radio The Art Bell Show that the defense department had created synthetic telepathy more than a decade ago.
4. Dick Cheney had a much different agenda for American than you or I do, much different.
Here is what you do not know that I do.  They have the ability to synthesize the voice of anyone they chose, a movie star, a Politician a World Leader etcetera with this technology.  What do I mean?  They can make people think they are hearing the voice of a specific person.  The specific person is not the one speaking into the “synthesizer” of the device.
They can even synthesize the voice of………Barrack Obama!
They have the means to create the perfect Manchurian Candidate- a person brain wiped and brain washed to assassinate anyone of their choosing.
How do they brain wipe someone, through the use of non-lethal weapons and sleep deprivation.  These weapons cause excruciating pain.  See my list in the article non-lethal weapons.
Look into this.  It is true.
There need to be laws in place to protect us against this.  This alone will save many lives and a major cost to our economy. (See my Article titled- I haven’t typed it in yet, but it will explain this, it has been written though)
This will save many lives, much suffering and further promote the image of America you and I believe in.  (If you wonder why America has been misguided I have also written an article on this and will publish it soon here too.)
Oh, by the way the America you and I believe in is Fairness and Opportunity.

God Bless and Protect Freedom to not hurt others or steal and fragment minds in order to get ahead.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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