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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Lies of the Catholic Church 09 21 2010

The Lies of the Catholic Church 09 21 2010

The Catholic Church wants young women to believe that it is a mothering instinct for young woman to further demonize men who have been victims of Church Abuse as boys.  The Catholic Church wants women to believe that it is okay for young women and mothers to psychically drive people crazy and fragment and steal their souls.
This is not what mother Mary was about.  This is not the teachings of a divinely inspired priesthood.  This is a priesthood of Satanic men who themselves live off of the souls of boys and men and steal their souls.
This is a church ridden with guilt for its actions for what it has done in the past.
This is a church that has gone against the teachings of the Bible in every way.
It has become clear to me that the Catholic Church is a business that thrives of the souls of men that it steals.
The Catholic Church does indeed steal souls and is the greatest proponent of demonization and soul stealing of boys and men and women in the world.
Everything about the mass smacks me in the face as promoting soul stealing.
“A death he freely accepted” They want you to believe that people, the Romans Crucified, all wanted to die.  They want you to believe that Jesus Christ had called it quits on teaching good.  The only reason Jesus Christ freely accepted his death is because he had no choice, he was SOLD!  So why not declare yourself a martyr.
“This is my body and blood, take from it and eat it.”  At the last supper.  Jesus was saying to them, this is what in effect you have done by selling me; you are eating my flesh and blood.  This one is very subtle, but the ongoing message to parishioners of the Catholic is, do not feel guilty for the CANNABOLISM AND DESTRUCTION of the lives of young men.  And if you do not think young women engage in the destruction of the lives of young men you do not know the true meaning of the painting by Picasso titled “Scream”
The key and major tenet of the Catholic Church is that the Romans were justified in crucifying and killing people.  Here is what you will never hear every mass at a Catholic Church, “It is wrong to sacrificially kill people.”  Wouldn’t it be nice just once to hear that priest turn to that man on the cross and say it is wrong to sacrificially kill people?  This is what God in Heaven has been waiting for two thousand years for the Catholic Church to say, before he has to destroy the world as in the Apocalypse.
It is wrong to sacrificially kill people.  It is wrong to steal the souls of young men victimized by the psychic power of brazen young Italian men and women.
Brazen young Italian men and women should not act like animals on this planet for the eyes of God to see.
Brazen young Italian men and women should not be justified in their crime against humanity by the Catholic Church.
Brazen young Italian women should not become sterile in their wombs from their filthy sex habits and have the Catholic Church become the facilitator of them wrecking families that must then put their children up for adoption.  Why do young women become promiscuous other than hormones and peer pressure?  The desire to have sex that is not of the nature of what we might consider “Incest”.  There is more to that but I won’t go into that now.
Revelations tells us that they took Mother Mary’s baby from her.  The Catholic Church should not cater to the rich whores in the world who are now infertile, from a multitude of filthy partners.  If you do not believe this then you do not believe the fact that the human papoloma virus the same one that gives you a wart from walking around in the shower and locker room without sandals on also causes ovarian cancer.  Well how does it get their?
The Catholic Church should not promote laze fair activities whereby anything goes.  Stealing souls of men and women, stealing babies from mothers who cannot support them in this world.
Babies and children should not go to the parents that can best support them. It should be the stance and promotion of a world that promotes fairness and does not seek to reward the climbers further in life by selling babies to them from those who are less fortunate.  Women who have clawed and screwed their way in life should not be rewarded with adopted children who came from in some form those they climbed over.
The parents of adopted children have no idea how to raise children properly.  What they end up resorting to is the further stealing of souls to raise these children.  I once heard a priest say how sad and regretful a woman was that had her child aborted.  Does the priest not think of the women who put their children up for adoption because they had little means to support the child, how if the Catholic Church had been a good role model in raising young men that these women might have the means to support their children and would not have had to put them up for adoption.  Why does the Catholic Church seek not to help the pregnant women find food, shelter some type of work rather than… Why does not the Catholic Church have true father figures available to single mothers?  We have come full circle hear, priests have victimized young boys in solitude and likely children put up for adoption end up in foster homes where they are abused.  We already know for a fact that these types of people, soulless, live off the Holy Spirit.  I heard a priest once say this, “We would be nothing without the Holy Spirit” What is the holy spirit, it is the souls of those that have been stolen and it serves as a conscience for those who steal them, otherwise known as Satan.  There is more to that last sentence but I will not go into it in detail here because it would digress from the stream of this essay.
If you think Catholic Priests know the first thing about raising children you have not heard the queer in their voices in the presence of gorgeous men.  See my article, (Gods final stance on Homosexuality) if you want to know what they are.  By the way brazen Italian women resent gorgeous men in every way.
These queer priests were created by the brazen men and women of Rome.  The same ones that lined the streets and jeered at Jesus Christ being dragged through them with his cross.
Okay so don’t think they jeered.  They did not step in and free him from this act of sacrificial barbarism either did they.  Why not?  Because just as in Nazi Germany if you stepped in to help victims of the holocaust you too also shared their fate and were killed.  This the power structure of dictatorship and tiranicy and it has also come into being in the United States of America today.  Those who know the truth and speak out about soul stealing are further victimized by the use of non-lethal weapons.  Who wields these weapons today, same ones that crucified Jesus Christ, Romans and Jews?

“Dying he destroyed our death.” Is often said in mass, why not just say kill someone so that you can live on.  The knowledge of this here is what spawned Martin Luther to form the Lutheran religion that just goes ahead and promotes irresponsibility in life right off the bat. (See my article on this)
By the way the other day I met a catholic turned protestant carrying the New Testament and we started talking he said to me, “I had a lot of trouble with what you have to do to get to heaven?”
I said, “It is not what you should do to get to heaven, it is what you shouldn’t do.”  It is more meaningful, relevant and easy to understand if you think of it this way.  In other words you do not steal souls and promote the stealing of souls to get to heaven.
Why are priest’s proponents of sacrifice of souls?  Because they themselves were likely abused or know the futility of going against brazen women or barbarous men.  Homosexuals are weak men, as a matter of fact, “All evil exists when good men fail to act.  The Catholic Church collection boxes are filled with the proceeds of evil men.  Real, good men don’t have the money to put in there; it was stolen as were their souls by the structure of the Catholic Church.
This is a pay to sin or commit crime church.  A church where confession serves as salvation.  A church that justifies no other way than sin because we are human.
A church that justifies sin because we are human and therefore sinful ones.  Nothing mentioned for the degree of sins or crimes committed.  It is known fact in psychology that one human being will always punish the other more harshly than he was punished by them, for instance if two individuals were hooked each had a dial that controlled and electric shock and were asked to give a shock equal to the last one given them, they would quickly raise that dial in succession until one of them died.  As a matter of fact the Mafia based in Italy is the biggest proponent of organized crime in the world.  Do the Jewish descendants of Judas go hand in hand with the leaders of organized crime or does the Pope?  I don’t like to say anything bad about the Pope but he lives right next to the leaders of the mafia relative to the rest of the world.  And if you say that the leaders of the Mafia live in the United States today.  Then by decree I say that is where the pope should live also.  And he should eschew them every day.  And he should chase them around in his Pope Mobile and maybe have some kind of electric shocker to make them repent and confess their sins.  Of course I am drawing an analogy to villain Davrose in the Doctor Who series, to add a little levity here.
The true corollary to “Evil exists when good men fail to act would be” “If you fail to act against evil you are not a good man.”
I would not doubt that some of the brazen men and women of the mafia line his ranks.  Brazen men that get high off of committing evil deeds against men.  Brazen men who are called the priesthood today by the inculpable acts of molesting boys and stealing souls the Catholic Church is proponent of.  Remember if you fail to act against evil you are not a good man.
What happened in the world after the Romans killed Christ.   Filthy ogre men from all over the world were drawn to it and dying to get in.  The borders could not withstand the influx.  Those squatty little short Italian men who served as border guards, the same ones who jeered at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ could not handle the evil draw the created. 
Incidentally who are we crucifying daily in the United States that has caused the influx of filthy illegal immigrants and what does it say about the fate of this country?  I will get to the answer to this question by the end of this essay.
The sword that Rome lived by is the sword it fell by. This is the true poetic will of God and Jesus Christ, “Yeah shall reap what thyne sow”
Filthy sterile brazen baby stealing whores of the Catholic Church remember those words, “Yeah shall reap what thyne sow” That is the true message of Jesus Christ the Son of God and a God himself.  The transfigured minds of the men of Rome tried to make this into something it is not.  The Catholic Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ a bastion or safe place for sinners.
The Catholic Church also says that you have no choice but to sin and that you sin every day without even knowing it.  I disagreed with this since I was in Grade School.
You would think that after two thousand years the teachings and influence of the Catholic Church would have lessened the incidence of sin and crime.  What they really teach is that as being human there is no choice but to sin and those that think otherwise we will catch and prosecute in the name of Rome.  In effect their position is that we are NOT human with the capacity to know right from wrong.  Why do they propose this?  Because most of them are different, they are soulless and have no capacity for responsible action in life.  In other words they cannot think for themselves or think rationally for themselves.  (And I written about this in another article, but the reason is because the ability to learn to think involves memory.  The biggest impediment to thinking for them is painfull memories.  Those with painful memories propagate soullessness in others, it’s kind of like “misery loves company”) So brazen women have too painful memories that allow them to think for themselves and they need a scapegoat and fragment minds and make people mentally ill (their label for this is Schizophrenia, it isn’t what you think it is brother and it isn’t what psychiatrist and psychologists want you to believe it is either.)
Their stance that we cannot be free from sin, is a justification to sin.  They would not survive if those collection boxes were not filled.  They would not survive if they were made to pay their true cost to society.
The human race will not survive if the Catholic Church does not think that human beings created in the image of God can be free from sin.
I can hear what you are saying already, we would have to be Gods not to sin.  That is indeed what Jesus Christ also said of us, “Know yeah not that yeah are Gods? He asked people in question about the true ignorance of themselves, in other words, “Don’t you know that you are Gods.”
Jesus believed we were all Gods as we were created in the image of God.  What he could never fathom was how those created in the image of God could be evil.  He could never understand how Gods could be evil.  To be a God one must recognize the instance and possession of Satan and resist the influence and possession of Satan.  How can we strive to do this?  By confronting those memories that prevent us from thinking for ourselves and promoting this in others too, and this is psychotherapy or talking therapy, but psychotherapy is really like another screen on the stage that hides the true villains in this world.
Then if we consider ourselves Gods as Jesus did, it was the Gods of Evil that sold him to other Gods of
Evil that sacrificed him.
To put it quite simply they could not come to terms with guilt in their lives, they could not stand to hear the voice of the God of truth anymore.  The true voice of God made the Romans very uncomfortable with themselves.  Who cannot forget hearing Pontius pilots envious words of jealousy as he nailed Christ to the cross, “So you are the son of God”  Do not those sound like the words of every sore loser you ever competed with and met in your life, if not Italian also. What did Jesus reply, “It is you who say that.”  In other words Jesus said you would label me anything in order to justify your hatred to me and my crucifixion.  Does that not sound like what we do to people in this country by labeling them Schizophrenic?   Let all the victims of Schizophrenia stand up for themselves and say “It is you who say that!”
The Catholic Church always paints a good picture of the Romans for killing the true voice of God.  It is as if once again you never will hear it said in your life in a Catholic Church by a priest, “It is wrong to sacrifice people through crucifixion as the Romans did!  That is the true message that the Catholic Church should have been giving to humanity for the last two thousand years.  It is wrong to be jealous of those who think better than you do, it is wrong to be jealous of those who can think for themselves, it is wrong to victimize those who you think are better than you in any way.  These are all extensions to what Jesus Christ said in the bible, but these are not the extensions that the Catholic Church promotes.  They promote the extensions that are indeed the word of Satan.
The Catholic Church, the bastion of weak minded humans.
It is too bad that Jesus Christ did not come back every one hundred years or so throughout history to speak out against evil.  Maybe he tried to but had his soul stolen by the howling filthy sterile brazen women of the Catholic Church.  And this is no joke.
In many marriages of Italian women it is the woman who makes all the money for the family by stealing souls.  The family of the species is indeed more deadly than the male.
The Catholic Church never speaks out against the promiscuity with filth that made these women sterile.  You can’t tell these brazen woman anything anyway they do not want to hear it, they are willful as if they are gods, the bible says woman was made from the rib of a man, so will just leave that as that as far as who is who in terms of the chicken and the egg.   Catholic Priest lost their will for tough love and talk when they needed it the most.  In fact the Catholic Church has little to say about the crimes and sins of women.
I am sure that women also committed crimes two thousand years ago as they do today.  Why do we not hear of them in the bible?  Is this another failing of the Catholic Church?  The inability to admonish women of sin.  Who were the women of Rome at the time of Jesus?  Weak old nags who sought to have castrated and unic men as servants.  About the same as they are today no doubt.
They wouldn’t come to church would they if they felt they had to listen to this.  Maybe the lack of this is why the ranks of the Catholic Church have lessened.  The Catholic Church needs to take a stance against women that women should condemn the sin and crimes of their men.  That women condemn the act of soul stealing.  That women see that their men are fairly earning their living.  THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AND THEY WILL NEVER HAVE THE STRENGTH TO DO THIS. Because they are just the contrary of this.  If the women of the origin of Catholicism were indeed of strong mind they would have never let Jesus Christ to be crucified.  And indeed if women of today were indeed of strong mind there would be little incidence of mental illness in the world today or the fragmenting of minds.  But today woman drive men soulless psychically and steal their souls. (This is covered in another one of my articles.  But in short they know the soul of that man they are driving crazy can trump the energy spirit of the blank slate mongoloid baby in their belly that came from a father of weak mind that never learned to think for himself.  So what do we have done here again is come full circle, men not able to think for themselves because of painfull memories preventing them from learning  inseminating women who then seek to fragment the mind of a good man to immaculately conceive a soul in their baby.  (There is a detailed article about this in my fake pornography website.)
Anyhow the Catholic Church and all major religions need to take a stance against the sin and crimes of the stealing of souls and rendering mentally ill of people.
If the Catholic Church does not speak out against crime and put forth an image of man that is one of God and sinless as a role model, who will?  The Catholic Church is that all humans sin.  Should not the message be as humans we should strive not to sin to be more like the image of God?  Jesus Christ said, “Know yeah not that you are Gods?”  A corollary to his statement would be “Don’t you know that as a God you have the capacity not to sin.”  PS if you don’t consider yourself a god as a human you should also feel that you have the capacity to not sin.  Waking up in the morning should not be considered a sin should it.  Not thinking for yourself and becoming Satan is a big sin.  Moses did not write this one in stone.  The reason he wrote the ones in stone that he did was because he was so pissed and driven out of his mind by the instance of sin that he took out a hammer and chisel and put for the effort to carve what not to do in stone.  Why he needed to carve it in stone tells us quite a bit about the nature of the flock of people he tended.   PS maybe if he hadn’t had to carve all that in stone he could have led the way out of the dessert quicker.  I will go down in the annals of history as being the first one to ever suggest this. 
Back to the Catholic Church promoting more of a sinless model for human beings to be.  Here again is the paradox of religion.  The only place sinners and criminals here the message against crime and sin is the church.  So in order to get sinners and criminals to attend church you must forgive them for ill doing.  In order to get more “ROOT OF ALL EVIL” in your collection box you must forgive.  Is it not a great contradiction that the Catholic Church collects what Jesus calls “ROOT OF ALL EVIL” If they truly followed and promoted the teachings of JESUS CHRIST would they not shun the “ROOT OF ALL EVIL” in all forms?  They would have to form barter currency and I do not think they could do this without being evil also.  When we give money to the Catholic Church are we “Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar.”  Does this tell us who Caesar is today?  If you spoke too strongly against sin you would have no church members?  Well that is the prevailing fatalistic attitude of the Catholic Church.
I am not going to take the lighter side here and say that is impractical because I want the Catholic Church to think about itself and not scoff this off.  These are all points of thinking for the Catholic Church.  Idle minds are the devils playground.  And I see many of the faces of Satan in the Catholic Church today, so it is my duty to make them less idle now isn’t it.  That Pope looks like he sits too much in his chair, he also looks like he needs more exercise. 
Exercise also reduces evil thinking and mind and body are interconnected and strength in one leads to strength of the other.   Think of the triangle symbol for the YMCA here. MIND – BODY- SPIRIT are the three sides of the triangle.  And the last time I looked they are ditching the Catholic or Christian part in the logo to just the Y.   And believe me I rub off on them strongly every time I go there.  To put it another way I assert my right to exercise at the place in the face of Satan every time I go there. They know my presence.  Because I recommend many improvement to the place and chastise many who drop weights and weaken their structures.  And also have things to say to the rude people there that make the place uncomfortable to those who are less strong or muscular or fat, etc.  I have lost this fight at the Downtown Milwaukee YMCA and no longer go there.  The butch queers got made it too uncomfortable for me to work out there, and after many a complaint at some points you just say, “Who needs to put up with this.”
Minor point of digression:  Does not big screen movies and television glorify crimes.  Does not television and movies put forth the image of what can I get away with for those who do not think well or for themselves very well.  Is this not the major source of entertainment?   Are they not promoted by the two factions of organized crime?
Blessed Are Those Who Think We Can Live in World Without Sin

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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