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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Jewish Italian Republican Nazi Party 09 15 2010

The Jewish Italian Republican Nazi Party 09 15 2010

The FCC has little or no enforcement of regulations over the electromagnetic spectrum, just at the SEC did little for the financial markets, or the EPA for the environment, or the FDA over food sickness or etc. etc. etc. This is a result of the Republican agenda of destruction of effective government over the last forty years.

President Obama if you want to ensure the United States of America has another leader like you someday after your potential term ends in 2012 you have to address this issue, the use of non-lethal psychotronic weapons against individuals. This is the most important issue this country will ever face.

Satan is all around us and he thrives on the misery and suffering of others. Today Satan hires people to steal souls for him.

Philosophy and the spirit of invention are what created this country. Since World War Two there has been an agenda to fragment people’s minds in this country and steal all their ideas. This sickness has spread to the rest of the world and has actually been promoted subversively by the United States Government.

Why do the Republicans always want to give breaks to small business? Because they need to hire people to treat poorly and steal their souls to live off of. Satan covets the souls of others. Satan needs the souls of others to survive.

Our candidate for Governor in Wisconsin is Scott Walker; he is said to house sexually violent men with mentally ill women and consider it a trade off.

President Kennedy took us to the moon, was he assassinated? Because Satan would find nothing more threatening than the successful completion of such an ambition. Satan is the most jealous and hateful person there is. Who is he? He is an evil group of people. He/she is present in a minority of the Jewish and Italian populations.

The evil Italians are the block heads or muscle of the group and the Jews are the week, jealous and hateful minds that orchestrate the psychic harassment of innocent people.

They want to destroy Wal*Mart so that they can monopolize communities and drive those of talent out of their minds. They want to have a monopoly on business so that they are worshiped as gods and can treat people inhumanely.

The Catholic Church will always be pro-life because adopted children are often victimized by the families that adopt them. They are demonized by brothers and sisters. Adopted children often serve as a stepping stone to the lives of other family members that had empowerment over them and abused them all their lives.

Good men have been driven from our government since Kennedy was assassinated and it has only led to war. Carter was the exception- a hand shaking face to face peace maker, through diplomacy. Clinton would have been effective but he fell victim to temptation and resulting demonization by Republican Party and its supporters.

The Republicans are not of a peaceful mindset and their agendas of power only lead to war. They love nothing more than to stand at the podium and pretend to be strong people by leading this country to war. By sending Americans overseas to die. By instituting a foreign policy of the taker mentality.

Barrack here is something you do not know that I do. These people do not learn the way we would traditionally think of. They learn by parasitically riding the backs of those they victimize all throughout their lives.

I hate to sound like a racist because I believe in the equality of everyone. But this race cheats others and the country. Their rule is organized by a faction of evil Italians and Jews. And I know your mother was Italian?

They bring those like them into this country. This is how much of our wealth has been drained to China and Russia.

They hate progress and if they are lucky can only seek to master one skill in their lives. They master skills by sacrificing and fragmenting the minds of people that are of the genius status. The smarter the individual they can zombifyng the less they have to zombify, because they are able to spread the skill set of a genius to more people. They get more bang for their buck or silver by targeting someone smart. The isolate such individuals in big lonely cities and steal their minds. Their greatest trick is to convince someone of talent that they are worthless. How are they able to do this? Because someone of genius status got to that level by love for others and thinking of others, there is no other way. Such people are sensitive to criticism and believe all the bad things said to them. Being sensitive, caring or thoughtful in nature is what got them to think so well. And this is who the evil target to victimize. These are the people they love to psychically torture and make suffer.

Just as an Italian and Jew sold Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver and distributed it to their group members, organized crime was founded in this country by an Italian and a Jew, and they have sold the soul of this country to the profit of their own coffers. Most Italians today are Republicans. They killed President Kennedy and have kept this in turmoil ever since.

Because they were raised with imprinted minds they do not think like you would think they do. They think semantically. They have little understanding to the depth of the words they speak. Often you hear things come out of their months that were spoken not of their own spirit, like they temporarily became possessed by a grandma demon or someone. To them being successful is about winning a verbal argument. The most effective way they have to win a verbal argument is to accuse the other side of being weak. This is the same way or technique that they also steal souls with. Do you see the comparison and understand the meaning?

Today they have used our military industrial complex and university funded research to further their soul stealing agenda. They use the electromagnetic spectrum at subliminal thresholds to do this.

They violate human rights because they do not consider themselves human but something lesser. Why do they feel this way? Because they were raised on the idolatry of a stolen mind they made suffer. They never in their lives will have to suffer through trial and error to learn things for themselves. They are spoiled by their mothers, fathers, grandfathers and especially grandmothers. They are coddled and often home schooled. At their very heart they are pansies and weak. They were not raised to think for themselves but to cause suffering in others and think through them. Their greatest crime then becomes to try and think ahead of the one they victimized and lead them down the path of ruin and death. This is why Jesus Christ said, “Get behind me Satan.”They do this to try and reassure themselves of who they are, to regain a confidence in themselves, to admonish themselves of any guilt for their crime against humanity. If they can make themselves feel that they were smarter all along this gives them a sense of justice and righteousness if they can get in the way of someone’s life, obstruct their thought process and what they are doing and kill them.

If they can chant someone out of thinking for themselves they can get ahead of them and hurt them.

It is like in 2001 Space Odyssey whereby one monkey hits the other one the head with a bone or rock and only then is able to claim it is smarter. They use the electromagnetic spectrum to augment their torture of individuals and drive them out of their minds in this manner. I will go into more details of the nature of their weapons later. Needless to say someone practices this witchcraft or wielding such electromagnetic weapons ought to get a heavy prison sentence.

They love to distract someone and this is why they do it. (Read my article on distraction learning) Our education system is riddled with them. Much of our money is lost trying to educate them and they are a major cost to society because they cannot retain knowledge unless they zombify their mentors. Why? Because they were raised to listen to the thoughts of the mentor. A mentor they victimized to drive out of their minds and be heard. Back to the beginning of this paragraph, if you are raised and a I hate to use the term parasitically to the mind of a human being and therefore consider yourself less of a human being, what do you care if you do bad things to other people. In fact because you are raised in this manner you fulfill the prophesy of being a lesser human being. They were raised to take the easy way out and are prophesized to be less of a human being. This is what Jesus Christ meant when he said, “They know not what they do.”

They are not the vision of the United States of America that either you or I believe in. As small business owners in local communities, like grocery stores, their children often do not want to be like them and seek to go to college. They do not learn in college they steal souls instead. This what Jesus Christ meant when he said, “Yeah shall know them by their fruits.” That monkey is eating from your basket and acting like it’s his basket of fruit. In fact, today avoid any guilt in life he is taught that it is his basket of fruit, skills, talent, ideas, inventions, etc and not yours. He could not effectively commit the crime if he did not accept and warrant this belief in himself.

These are odd people of little character or integrity. They are sadists that hate themselves for not being able to learn and achieve. Why can’t they? Because they were never made to suffer and try for themselves. They were not raised by "tough love" as they would like to think and say instead they were babied sissies. Parents who knew how to care little for them or raise them made them sick sissies that care little for the rights of others. Bullies that hate themselves and project that outwardly. Is that what this country is supposed to be? No. It is the exact opposite. But they have learned to take what this country is supposed to be and use it to their advantage as they play on the good nature of people. They are the primary employers of illegal aliens in this country. Immigrants who would do anything for a dollar. Immigrants of their same religious faiths who fit right into their federations and communities and are supported by such. They only catch. They must demonize or seek to ruin the chosen victims.

Immigrants flooded into America to live the American dream and were only found subject to the two hands of organized crime. Like a daughter that runs away and finds herself a prostitute in Las Vegas less she is beaten, raped and abused. Immigrants to the United States will do anything for money. And they do beat rape and abuse those whom they steal the souls of.

This evil faction goes against everything the United States of America was founded on and stands for.

Their nature is very subtle as their intellects are imprinted and they do not learn through trial and error. Are we all the same? I would like to think so. But they challenge my belief in this as they behave life animals.

How also do they seek to ruin people? Giving their children drugs, subjective medical care, psychiatry, subjectively poor service in business, electronic harassment, they will not patronize your business but try and drive you out of it and then start up the exact same business, non felony methods of food poisoning that are felonies, etc., etc.

The primary tools they use to drive people crazy violate human rights and FCC laws. Please Barrack I am pleading with you, put a stop to this. They may be with you for awhile but unless you stand against them like wild animals they will turn on you, after you have served them and in a moment of weakness.

They commit war crimes of torture against innocent United States Citizens and have a strong backing in our government. For a list of the methods see my notes on the effects of their nonlethal weapons.

If you think these people, that should have been held back in the third grade make for a good United States of America, you are as sick as they are.

They cannot compete on terms of fairness, because they themselves are bigoted inbred racists. They are of old money that does not understand how the world has changed. They want this country to be an empire monopolized by them. They have led to subjectively poor education standards. How has this happened, because most of a teachers time is ineffectively spent disciplining a class that is not nutritionally sound and tips over desks when they get mad. How can a class like that be taught. Why has discipline been ineffective because parent’s rebel when their children are told no and teachers have at times subjectively gone too far, it makes the news, and then teachers become less effective. Today a larger problem though is teachers that promote the demonization of other children in a class. If you think some bullies are not supported by the teacher and principal you don’t know how the real world works. This is how they have maintained their old money and power structure. This is what backs the Republican Party.

They use eavesdropping, surveillance and torture by the use of nonlethal weapons of the electromagnetic spectrum. Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars defense is likely mounted in the dry walled attic of a neighbor with the true mind and nature of a serial killing Mongoloid. The money Ronald Reagan spent on Star Wars didn’t go into the sky to protect against foreign enemies it went into compact devices used to torture neighbors. This is another of what the Republican Party would consider achievements. Nothing good comes from President who steals an election. That is why the Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush administrations actions must be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Barrack you must set up a commission to right their past wrongs. As they use wars as distractions to create a different focus from the public. They also profit from such wars. Also Barrack prepare the country in the future so that if you lose in 2012 they cannot not take this country to war by the will of one who assumed he had the power of a dictator and used the semantics of our government laws to override the will of the people.

Barrack if you do not take a stand against them there will never be a President for change for the better in this country again. If they are not brought to justice they will destroy the United States of America because it is their agenda and nature to destroy. They thrive on evil and destruction.

Who was President after Kennedy? Nixon. And eavesdropping was Nixon’s motto. For President Kennedy to be assassinated his whereabouts would have had to have been known so that they could have planned to kill him. How could they have known Kennedy’s whereabouts best to accomplish this? Where the Republicans eavesdropping on him prior to Nixon? Was Nixon eavesdropping on Kennedy?

Barrack the scandal of nonlethal weapons perpetrated by Republicans and Jews is bigger than Watergate. In fact it is one of the most widespread crimes the United States has ever faced. Local law enforcements even use these against innocent members of communities to try and steal their souls, fragment their minds and put them on zombifying medicine. They would love nothing better than cause someone to act violently against them so that they can arrest them and put them on zombifying medicine. They do this out of envy, jealousy, to advance their own children, spite, hatred of the intelligent, etc. What I am getting at here is they have weapons that are designed to agitate people. They have weapons that would make the most innocent lamb of a person violent in a matter of moments and this was all funded by our United States Government. This crime is of mammoth proportion.

They do not eavesdrop today to know what is going on; they do so to steal souls. They do so to steal the intellectual property of the brilliant. This property is funneled into local universities and business of their choice.

Many of the rich in this country have not earned their money. They have stolen it by violating human rights, by torturing and stealing souls. And who is at the center of the justification of torture, Republicans. They did so in Iraq, they even kept body parts as trophies. Can you not tell your Generals did not know of this? If you think they did not know, set up a sting operation whereby someone makes a comment to one of them alone the lines of, “Thank god they did not know I condoned that.”

When human rights do not matter to people, we have to ask ourselves why?

Wall Street used to effectively fund infrastructure projects like rail road’s, etc. It seems like they cannot stand infrastructures projects today. Why not? Because they need something quirky with a scheme so that it is not understood easily and therefore they can create volatility and profit from fear, greed, panic selling and unconfident buyers.

Many who have attained degrees and work for Wall Street did not learn those skills, they were imprinted with them. They never truly belonged in those positions, because they never responsibly learned.

They learn irresponsibly, by stealing minds. Those labeled as split minds were victimized by them. Denounce psychiatry for the evil that it is. Psychiatry was the Product of Jewish Nazis. And Jewish Nazis have taken control of the country. The institute of psychiatry is enforced by the use of nonlethal weapons that are designed to make people think they are crazy. Bring the wielders of such weapons to justice before the United States becomes an unlawful filth ridden wild pandemonium. I think it is today.

Members of the Jewish Nazi Republican Party can demonically possess people to write bad things about them, hateful racist type things. They do this so they can label the victim as mentally ill and put them on zombifying medicine, when done like Judas they have stolen and distributed a soul fragmented. That way they no longer have to “listen” to their teacher. They never wanted to listen to a teacher ever in their lives. They hate nothing more than having to listen. They would rather talk over you than listen. They will cut you off before you ever get to make your point to make you feel like you cannot make a point. They are able to do this because by being raised as snake oil salesmen this is their primary skill. Now Snake Oil, there is a term whose derivation also needs to be scrutinized more closely in terms of an untrue revisionist history meaning.

Jewish Nazi Republican Party members are exactly the same as their horrific genocidal enemy Adolf Hitler. Italian and Jewish Nazis seek to create a master race but what they really create are imprinted minds that hate themselves and project it outwards on the world. The Jewish Nazi Italian Republican Party creates all schizophrenics, another name for split, fragmented or psychotic minds. They do it to their own people. The Bible does indeed tell us that we are all Jews. To consider yourself human is to consider yourself a Jew. As Adam and Eve were the first humans and they were Jews. I do not have to go through too long of a logical proof to explain that one. I fit the condition precedent as set by the Bible of being a Jew, and am therefore one also. I do believe in the teachings of the Bible but understand it from a depth and perspective many of you would be fortunate not to be so enlightened by the suffering and enlightenment of.

Blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, Lutherans, Indians, Irish etc. have all been invited into the Evil Italian Jewish Nazi Republican Party. Members of this gang wear your soul just as if they had filleted off your skin and made a suit out of it. They want to deny that they are you. And go to great lengths of harassment to do so. (See my article at my fake pornography site, very informative)

Members of this gang please teach your followers, and to borrow from a quote of Steve Jobs, “To live their own lives.” I am pleading with you to live your own lives.

I cannot stand having to write these truths.

Why do I write this? You would want to know if an uncle named Samuel was molesting or sexually abusing your son or daughter. You would want your son or daughter to speak up and tell you. You would want them to be strong enough to fight this and believe in themselves. I am speaking up against the Sadism of Uncle Samuel for the benefit of this country and the world.

The second reason I write this is because they seek to ruin all work that I do and any enjoyment I have in life, because when I am happy they know they no longer possess their stolen soul. They also use nonlethal weapons to ruin my work because they want me to believe it is not as good, and therefore I should quit trying to be successful and make my soul happy from it. They also learn by distracting others while they try and work. Again this is what Jesus meant when he said, “Yeah shall know them by their fruits.”

Why else do I write this, because they have opportunistically distracted me at times when I have narrowly averted injury or death. (Nothing made them more happy when they were able to do this.)

Nonlethal weapons violate human rights. And those who eavesdrop only become jealous of those they put under surveillance. Once jealous they seek to use nonlethal weapons on them out of sick envy and hatred. They do not realize that they attained all they know through love, God, suffering, parents, and most important trial and error. Try and try again to live your own lives. They live in a state of delusion and want to deny you your own reality of knowledge and experience. They try and impose delusion on you rather than accept who they are and who they were raised to be.

An America based on this hatred will only be the object of hatred to the rest of the world, and will not survive as the object of hatred to the rest of the world.

Because they were imprinted they seek to be like the position of power they were imprinted “on”. These spoiled minds are unfit to serve our country politically and they are Republican. And yes in what would seem like a revelation they can read the minds of the ones they fragmented and then did steal and negate through psychiatry.

God Bless Us All Everyone

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Please read the brief listing of the effects of nonlethal weapons:

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