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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soul Gunners- Evil Politicians were all raised this way 09 19 2010

Soul Gunners- Evil Politicians were all raised this way 09 19 2010
And one more thing, their lives energy and conscious thought were all stolen from their victims.  This is why Lawyers have traditionally been very good at arguing.  Most if not all were raised evil and to steal souls.  In the slight chance that their victims recover from their Hands Solo deep freeze, they victimizers dwindle away into obscurity.  But do not let them hide to commit more evil.  Speak out against their ugly head so that they are made holy.  The priest of preacher would never have the balls to exorcise their evil.  The last one that could was Jesus Christ and he served as an example of what not to do to today’s priest.  That is why they do not speak out against evil as he did.  They are cowards, inept men afraid of being ostracized to the cross by inhumane actions of cold animal blooded Romans.
An easy way to tell who they are:  When something intelligent is said or asked of them they scoff it off in lacking or mocking ignorance.  They despise having to listen and feel they are immune to reproach or guilt.  To watch them speaking or their actions you would believe they thought they were divinely inspired.
Their divine inspiration is likely their grandmother from their Norman Bates Motel.  Just like the serial killer Norman they have no conscious or guilt for the atrocities they commit.  They are covert serial killers who kill their victims slowly.
They tempt the loss of your soul with an endless cat walking parade of beautiful and mockingly seductive women that obstruct your path in life and daily activities.
The men and women covet the weak minded beautiful women and cajole and harness them for this ability.  This is like how Cinderella’s older sisters were mean to her.  Once in this life of crime they have no other option to support themselves as they never possessed any skills, any skills they ever had were ephemeral because they never really thought about them or learned and remembered them for themselves. They are never responsible learners, they are ephemeral learners.  Meaning they learn from the ephemeral spirit of those their Mothers seek to drive out of their minds and keep “UNDER”.
Most of these beautiful women were raised or channeled into it by the society and culture they foster through power to being mindless irresponsible souls stealing sex drones.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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