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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Electro Nazi or the Method and Use of Non-lethal Weapons on innocent United States Citizens 09 13 2010

Electro Nazi or the Method and Use of Non-lethal Weapons on innocent United States Citizens 09 13 2010

1. Attenuated and directed radio waves. They essentially direct radio waves through a nearby transmitter at an individual. After the heat from the waves are felt they then attenuate them with a microphone.

2. Portable television vans have the dish on the top and broadcast at these frequencies to make the victims feel like it is a natural phenomenon and they cannot get away.

3. They have a machine that can cause a pop or spark in the brain. This incapacitates a person and they can no longer think afterwards.

4. The soul popper, this one sounds like a giant sucking sound as it fights you to pop your soul out of the back of your head. Like a vacuum or a cork from a bottle.

5. The tooth rattleboner. This one rattles the teeth in your head and causes great inflammation. The metal in your teeth often vibrates like a jigsaw blade, and almost shakes your jaw loose.

6. Nonlethal weapons- biological, viruses, nematodes bacteria. All designed to incapacitate and drive people crazy. To in effect make them mentally ill or seem mentally ill when indeed quite the opposite is true.

7. The voice over. This is where a person says something on television and they change what they said through the speaker of your television set so that you think they said something they did not. This signal is somehow isolated to your television set.

8. Double Audio in feeds to you television sets or paired signals. They have made it so that they can send a separate broadcast signal to your television set through your cable TV line. So that they can sit and obnoxious brat at a microphone to drive you crazy by chanting and whining while you are trying to watch television. They way you can figure this one out is to switch to over the air broadcasting and the brat will go away temporarily.

9. Piggy back signal for radio and HD Radio, whereby they do the same talk over or in the background of the existing signal and ruin your listening enjoyment

10. They have completely ruined High Definition radio and television signals by using technology that disrupts it and puts there voice over the signal. They have the ability to make an HD signal crackle and fade for long periods of time, until you switch to something they can more readily participate in driving you crazy with.

11. They have the ability to send a magnetic pulse to disrupt your memory for a great idea or thought that you had. This one feels like a head cold that lasts a half second. They do this so that they can claim ownership of your idea and make it seem to you like it belonged to them and not you.

12. They have a magnetic pulse and waves that makes it uncomfortable for you to stand in one spot for too long and compels you to do something else.

13. They have a wave that heats you up and dry’s your eyes out so that you cannot complete your project with good workmanship skills.

14. They have mastered just about all the “radio” spectrum and used this intangible spectrum in every ill conceived manner to the detriment of your health and well being. In effect in this country, The United States of America, they have stripped a select few of their rights as people. They treat them inhumanely like animals to hunt ironically they cannot stand hunting, and are squeamish at the sight of blood. This is part of their delusional hypocrisy.

15. Like cartridges in a gun they keep a person stationed by you on the microphone and all times poised to drive you crazy. And there is no shortage of those taking the easy and evil way to riches, in this crime against humanity and this country.

16. Another form they use is a microwave whose signal is attenuated via a voice. Meaning that they speak into the microphone and the directed energy from the microwave is attenuated to the voice of the person speaking. This is how a twisted evil mind try’s to control and dominate a victim. Try’s to train them into not believing in themselves. They would train someone the way someone would beat a dog with a piece of barbed wire. You would never know it by talking to them in public.

17. Their favorite thing to do is to send a retard or young child to talk to you all day long through these methods. They indeed condone a child torturing an adult; this is the nature of Satan.

18. Once they have stolen a soul they do everything to get it back. Because without it they are soulless. It is like their prized pet has escaped. They never want to lose the goose that laid the golden egg.

19. The PC screwers. Here they love to screw with your computer while you are trying to use it. There are a variety of ways they do this. One way is to secretly access your computer and use it while you are. They do things like skew the cursor and make it go where it is not supposed to.

20. The PC screwers two. They have a magnetic pulse that overrides the signals your keyboard or mouse sends to your processor. They make the cursor jump at opportune times this way to screw up what you are doing.

21. Their favorite thing to do is distract you while you are doing work that you are good at and love doing. This is how Satan learns. When he distracts you he hijacks your thought stream and gets in front of you. Everything will be going well until he/she waits for the opportune time to ruin your project. Where they ruin your project is also the signature of Satan.

22. In business they will spend whatever amount of time it takes to steal the soul of someone more intelligent than them. In effect this is about all some of them are hired to do all day. Drive people out of their better minds. Where do those better minds go, to their brethren?

23. They love to parade a lone woman of beauty in front of you and then step over to her and act like you looking at her was a crime. They want you to feel less of yourself and part with some of your soul in hers and his direction. This is the easiest way for them to drive you crazy and out of your mind. To then label you as mentally ill.

24. They do not want you to marry because once married you will stop your drive to create and that is what they thrive on. They also do not want you to marry because they do not want you to be happy because it is harder for them to read a happy mind. Another reason they do not want you to marry is because you already set a much higher standard than they could live up to and it would ruin their lives if they were not an integral part of screwing up yours. For you to marry would cause them great internal conflict and guilt. Satan cannot survive if it experiences guilt. In order to even contemplate committing the acts Satan does he/she cannot have any guilt or the ability to feel guilt? This is also why they want to make an unfeeling zombyfied vegetable out of their victims. So that they can be a better and more effective Satan.

25. If you are the victim of the soul stealing of Satan you will see much of your exact same cognitive structures built uniquely from your memory on the television set.

26. If they can make you feel guilty for even the slightest thing they will play on this guilt and your heart to ruin.

27. Contrive an emotion in you. They love to contrive an emotion in you. What do I mean by this? They have a cripple walk by and wait and see what you think. Then they are able to join in your thought stream and switch the tracks of it. They love to put you on a track where you can injure yourself. Because then you have to go see a doctor and they ask you what medicine you are on and you have to tell them that there is no such thing as mental illness. It is just Satan. Then they will reach to their book of statistics that is bigger than the bible to categorize you as different. Once labeled they can then steal all of your soul. They have effectively demonized you. The idiot that was them becomes you and vice versa. See my article titled, “The nature of a virus is influence.”

28. They love to screw up what you are doing while you are doing it so that they can come along and act superior, as if they caught the error and not you. This is their favorite method to control you. This is how they have power over you.

29. The goal of all this is to diminish your belief in yourself until you feel like you are nothing. This is like a monkey hitting a human on the head with a pipe and then claiming by some means that he is now smarter than the one he hit on the head with a pipe.

30. Can this be the work of Satan? Could he be genetically lesser? See my article, Abortion Stolen Souls Brazen Women the Catholic Church for more on this.

31. If as a child you had bruxism or grinding of teeth at night in addition to having a mineral deficiency you were most likely fighting Satan also.

32. If as a child you felt an evil influence try and overcome you and make you feel inflammation of the brain you were most likely fighting the demonic possession of Satan in addition to any other allergy you might have had. And I will go out on a limb and tell you that anti allergy pills diminish the influence of Satan. Why? Might have something to do with the blocking of receptor sights on nerve endings to his access. I cannot say for sure. But if you take and antihistamine and get a lot of work done in a single day you will find quite a few psycho eyed individuals on the prowl for you.

33. They way to beat Satan is to deny him any of your soul being. That means that if you are single do not masturbate ever. His/her demonic possession is greatly dependent on your discarded soul. See article titled, well I don’t not what the title is but it is the main article on my fake pornography website. A website designed to divert those set to masturbate on to more creative and productive endeavors.

34. When you masturbate they devour your future and put forth your future works in progress not completed as if they were your own.

35. This one is hard to believe but when Satan is chanting at you there is indeed a transcendence of the time space continuum. It is not only because it is taking you longer to do something you know should take very little time, but there is also some other aspect involved here that I cannot explain. It is as if your skills and thoughts are transferred backwards in time. In does not seem true but it is because as a Zen master you have traced every thought from origin in your thought and mind. You indeed know the premises on how they were uniquely formed. This is why they love to short circuit you and your memory, because that is what they are using to “work” and when you are using it goo they cannot not. Because they were imprinted by you and every time you think they were taught to listen. They would rather have you fragmented and stupid like. You suffered through trial and error to learn the things you did, not them. Those skills belong to you whether you need to use them at the moment or not. Not them. And by the way quite a few of them are Republicans.

36. The list of psychological constructs they try and play against you never ends. So try and maintain a focus on what you had planet to do. As I mentioned they love to sidetrack your thinking, to superimpose their idiocy on your being as you are doing something. That is how they keep trying to steal your soul. They think that if they can frustrate you into not trying they win. My mother always told me to try and keep trying. As I told a young girl I met once in college who wanted to kill herself, “Every life is worth living.”

37. They love to praise you so that they can go along with you down the path of thought so that they can some distance down the path when you are isolated pull out the long knives and do you or your work in.

38. The world of Satan is one of self delusion. And it is a world he/she tries to impose on the rest of us. Do not believe in Satan or the world of Satan. Do not watch television because that is them on their. Try to remain as free from their influence as you can because they salivate on the opportunity to demonically possess you and learn how to do stuff while you are fighting off the demonic possession. If you are fortunate enough to have developed such skills.

39. How can you tell when you are being influenced by nonlethal weapons? The easiest way is to try and do the same thing in a different location free from them. It is hard to get away from them but when you do you will realize what a beautiful person you truly are. You are the beautiful one and not the brazen women and their brazen daughter trainees. You are the beautiful one not the bamboozling father and his bamboozling son trainees.

40. One of the worst weapons Satan has at his disposal is what I call,”The Tears of Satan.” And I wrote a poem about it that describes it pretty well on my website.

41. Satan will do everything in his power to keep you from being successful because it invalidates him/her as a person when you are happy.

42. And of course Satan uses all types on nonlethal surveillance technology to watch your every move and learn you better. These include millimeter wave, microwave, etc. The real use of our military dollars went into the development of the technologies to facilitate control when they should have went into alternative energy advancement. Satan thrives from his hurtful power and not your well being. He thrives when you are sick. Satan is never happier in his/her life then when you are injured and crying. He is ecstatic and delighted. I don’t know why, maybe it’s a moment of euphoria that makes him/her more hopeful regarding themselves.

43. If you are new to the job Satan will give you the slowest computer imaginable so the he can read your frustration.

44. If you find that you can no longer do your work well for lack of concentration and look up at the ceiling and see that there is a fresh cut hole up there, that is one of Satan’s building management features most likely put in place by the big German conglomerate Siemens the same company that makes pacemakers. By the way they can remotely change the setting of pacemakers to make your parents ill.

45. Satan loves to sit you next to an electronic machine that looks like a phone switching box that has a transformer that humms. The current going into the transformer will not be the only thing that is transformed it is you that will be transformed into something less while Satan becomes something more. I was told by a coast guard man that during World War II many electronics engineers on ship systems went crazy. Now did the result of such instances lead to technologies that made people healthier or drove a select few crazy. It is a rhetorical question we know the answer too.

46. Once Satan gets his leash on you he will follow you the rest of your life and try new things on you. This is the delight of Satan.

47. Take a good look in the air sometimes you can see the tears of Satan as I do.

48. A voice attenuated electromagnetic beam that disrupts memory.

49. Millimeter, infrared, microwave and sound based see through wall technology.

50. Remote bodily part resonators and inflamers

51. Also some of them are jealous home schooled children whose minds turned inward in sickness and shamelessly torture.

52. Like Nazi Germany some of them torture because if they do not they will be tortured.

53. Some of them know no other way of life, they are brainwashed into their ways of evil and demonization

54. Some of them lost their souls to incestuous sex when they were children.

55. Some of them were sexually gratified by others as children and this lead them to believe that they were Gods and could do anything they wanted to other people. The reality created here is that they hate those who learned for themselves through trial and error. It is the one thing they cannot possess, and that is firsthand knowledge.

56. They seek to steal firsthand knowledge more than anything else in life.

57. Some of them do look different with lazy eyes and faces like Mongoloids. And I am not being politically correct and neither are they, and I am not going to be. Other than to say that I realized a long time ago that Mongoloids are a lot smarter and friendly than most people. Except for the mean ones who look bewildered and pale, they are the worst.

58. And they have a weapon that temporarily blinds someone. It’s like flash of light that hits you and then your vision is blacked out. I think I said to myself, “Hey. Who turned out the lights?”

59. The most effective is the seemingly disembodied spoiled voice of a tormenting pig mouthed brat. (Their jaw lines look a little different; they kind of have a saggy length at the back of the jaw line. If look closely you can imagine salivating slop dripping off their ugly jowls there.)

60. They hate to be stared at, because they seem themselves through your eyes, and cannot stand the sight of themselves like how you see them. If you stop and stare at them it is as if someone shown a spotlight the illumination of the sun on them. It is like they are caught dead in their tracks and don’t know what to do. I have actually experienced four separate instances where I did this and many a different type people fell over.

I’ve got more of these stories. But like I said I do not chose to write this stuff.

Really they have anything in their arsenal that you would think of the Devil as having.

God Bless Those Who Do Not Have Firsthand Knowledge of Them

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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