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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Teeth of the Snake 09 19 2010

 The Teeth of the Snake 09 19 2010
“They like to get their teeth hooks into you by contriving an emotional situation.”
 It is almost as if they can feel no emotions such as sadness if they don’t get you to feel sadness.  Yet this is what they strive for to break down the strong minded.
This is indeed how a sadist of Satan thrives.  Your pain and suffering is the drug of choice that motivates them to victimize, they only feel human through your pain.  It is how they reassure themselves that they are better than you.
Once Satan can contrive an emotion in you he can then demonically possess you and screw up your works.  It is as if he gets on the same record track as you at that point, but his train is a train that runs out at the rusty bridge over the river.  While you think you are still the conductor he jumped off with the bag of gold.  By the time the river comes up on the tracks you are caught in the track and trains of thought of idiocy and that dead man break only stops screeching when its airborne and on its way down. 
This is also what I mean when I criticize poor managers that are souls stealers.  When you work for a good manager and not Satan your work will go smoothly.  When your manager is Satan you can expect to be made soulless, the only end to the screeching he created will likely be your termination at the base.
And I do not have to name names, you know who you are.  And I will not entertain any of your false pretenses that you are not soul stealing and evil.  I know for a fact that you are and have gotten your teeth squarely into the government and control of the United States of America.
I dare the evil faction of the Jewish religion, descendants of the Judas chain to refute this; in fact I am drawing you back into your own snake hole. 
I don’t have to name any names I know who is going back into their own snake holes already.
There is nothing Satan hates more than peaceful protests like those of Martin Luther King, Satan wants you to become the violent psycho that he is and this is why he hates passivity.  Satan’s life is an unhappy one and he was forced to come to agreement with the evil. Why because he was indoctrinated with it from a young age. Satan in effect is an imploding evil soul of fire that tries to negate the world of any decency.   Satan believes that if he can make you like him, that he will then become like you were initially.  It’s kind of like the phrase, “Beware of the naked man that offers you his shirt.”  In effect Satan always believes that he can trade places with you in life.  He actually is under the delusion that at any point in his life he can immediately create himself equal to you in all respects of learned knowledge.
You must repent quickly and confess your soul stealing sins to the rest of the world.  Those weapons of Einstein can rapidly destroy the whole planet for good.
God doesn’t roll dice.  Will he roll those nuclear missles all over the earth?
Repent and confess your sins against humanity and this will make you human the human you always wanted to be Satan!
God Bless Those Who Expose Satan
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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