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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The PC Screwers 09 19 2010

The PC Screwers 09 19 2010
My mother complained to me that she had a chest pain while she was working at her computer.  “Everything that I do on here it’s like I’m stupid.”
“You’re not stupid there is an evil spoiled brat of German origin on the other end of the internet network line trying to kill you from frustration.” I replied.
How do I know this is true?  I had a wireless 256 character multicase alphanumeric password cracked on my personal computer.
How do I know that it was a Jew that did this?  Because afterwards my former High School Geometry teacher John Bliar was taunting me from the fenced in tennis courts across the street from my house.  He also happened to teach computer science.  Today he is friends with Philip Kelbe the High School tennis coach of both girls and boys.  And these people have indoctrinated and seek to teach this harassment witchcraft soul stealing behavior throughout the Milwaukee Community.  In all their respective positions of power they are a sickness that is irresponsible and under the possession of Satan.
This is what the generation raised on video games has gotten us.  Evil brats playing warlock games that then learn the code and then screw up people’s computers to further the will of Satan.
How much lost productivity does the computer that is supposed to increase productivity really create.  Some of feel they are not worth it.
How much money that was given to Universities has been used to fund the spread of nonlethal weapons that steal the souls of those they were always envious of?  What a waste and destruction their “leadership” has been to this country.
Many of the PC Screwers of yesterday now man the soul stealing guns of today.  They do this to augment their incomes and they thrive on evil.
Misguided souls, there are more than quite a few of them.
A long time ago I sent a helpful list of about fifty things that needed to be improved with Microsoft’s products.  Satan does not like to cater to your suggestions unless he believes them to be his.  If he was able to steal them from you with you unawares he likes that though.
Microsoft’s biggest responsibility to the world is the rogue software engineers and technicians that it created.  Bill Gates you need to form a religion that speaks against these individuals and you need to make any of your software that you sell for more than the cost of computers immune to the effects of hackers.
I have given you too much of my time and energy in life Microsoft.  Bill Gates your progeny now man soul stealing guns that are comparable to the ones in the video games that run on your computers. 
Repent and ask for forgiveness, and try and remedy the evil that you have created.
God Bless Those Who Solve Problems with Lasting Solutions that do not create worse problems in the future

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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