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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Evil Catholic Teachings- THE WAY OF THE SNAKE: 09 19 2010

Evil Catholic Teachings- THE WAY OF THE SNAKE: 09 19 2010
What’s the first thing the priest does and knows how to do, for some reason, when you come into church pissed off?
He will say that we are all evil sinners and accuse us.
Children spoiled with attention raised evil pick up on this right away.  Children of business leaders who will give the most to the collection box in order to keep peace.  Why does this keep peace?  Because evil families love to hear those that they victimize be accused.  It renews their sense of self and serves as a justification for their evil deeds.  They feel they are treated like they are divinely inspired for their evil deeds by the actions of the Catholic Church. 
When you do something really bad to someone else accuse them, the innocent, of being just as bad. 
Does this remind you of a conservative Republican or two of today?  When irresponsible and accused of molesting and stealing souls they hold the bible up in front of themselves as a shield. 
If you think any of this is indeed the will of God.  You better be ready for the Apocalypse.  Because if you think this is the will of God and that is what you cause others to believe you will see that hand of God come down and destroy the evil of the earth through just about any means possible, flood, famine, plague, disease, flue, deformations, sickness, filth.  Etc., Really he will destroy you with all the things you indeed believe falsely in.  Is it not the insurance man who cancels your policy when you need it he will be drown, is it not the Doctor who turns you away at the door to the hospital when you are most sick he will die a horrible and painful death, is in not the farmer who caters to the commodity trading companies that steal money from millions he will be bankrupt, seed will not be available and he will be flooded, is it not the banker who played shit on his fellow banker with bad loans he will be bankrupt of money and that is his only form of support, Is it not the lawyer who twists words to his advantage and those of the criminals he represents he will have a head full of worthless mold like cheese and not be able to speak another lie, is it not the crooked policeman who turns his back on the real crimes and criminals in our society he will be caught in a spiraling vortex of death with them.  All those who steal money and souls from others in life will be void of this and die at the hands of the evil they have supported. Politicians who should not have governed will be the subject of pandemonium.  Those who have stolen the souls of writers and written and published news they knew not to be true will first be made with crippled hands that will never be able to write again, before they die..  Those whose mouths spoke lies will become lock jawed before they die.  Does this sound like Ronald Reagan to any of you? That is how God judges and tests the evil ones. Those who have stolen souls will be purged of them for all of eternity and will not exist in any form whatsoever.
Those who have made a mockery of God and religion should repent now and ask for forgiveness before they are subject to the will of the true God.
This is all the poetic justice and the will of God.  “Yeah shall reap what thy sow.”
Sound familiar, I can give you example after example in this recent history of our country where the will of God has taken precedence and sought justice over the evil of men.
Father Michel Lighter of the Catholic church was accussed of wrong doing and then was transferred to preach at the University of Milwaukee’s Catholic Newman Center.  No doubt he and others are preaching this evil in the back rooms of churches and synagogues.  You will know them because they bear the confidential grins of pigs in their private conversations.
Who would be the first to spear a crucified Jesus Christ in his liver?  These are all odd men of minds that have a narrow channel of evil focus.  Psychotic people trying to put the burdens of pain of their souls and their lives on others.  Their wrong choices in life become the pain of someone innocent.
Nothing makes them madder than hell than when you do not fall for their weaknesses built into the temptations they contrive for you.
Americans Step up to the Podium and turn these Medusa “men” to stone by defeating them with their image.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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