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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Republicans Argue- The Way of the Snake

How Republicans Argue-  The Way of the Snake
To answer questions with accusation is the way of the snake, a snake that coils around your neck when you ask a question and comes around and chokes off your voice and then tries to eat you head first whole and all.
Who argues like this?  A snake of course or Satan from the Bible.  But also people who feel they have no responsibility for their actions.  They are helpless in life. They were raised on the torment of the soul of someone else.  This is why they seek positions of power in life, to seek positions of power is to deny who and what they.  When in positions of power they create the ultimate delusions of themselves.  A fairy tale of delusion created in their minds that no one must be allowed to compromise. 
This is the power structure they have created in our society and seek to maintain, one that does not question and yields to those in positions of authority, whether it be a Judas Priest or a District Attorney that demonizes battered women further.  Here is how it all starts a Doctor steals a soul to become a Doctor, he is not a good Doctor and then screws up and needs to hire a malpractice attorney.  The malpractice attorney never had a soul to begin with either mind you.  Now when a government party beats the lobby group well that pampers well with ill-gotten gains, the way of the snake comes, the Republican Party to the defense of all the latters.  When someone speaks against them today for what they are they are driven crazy and this is augmented by the use of nonlethal weapons. 
Oh and those who steal souls are also those who create autism.  Who does not see the logic that if a brazen group of women can chant you out of you mind they can also steal the souls of unborn babies.  They talk to their own babies when they are in their wombs now don’t they?
Where have all the good men gone?
God Bless Those of Their Own Ideologies and Knowledge

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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