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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hitler’s Jewish Children Today 09 19 2010

Hitler’s Jewish Children Today 09 19 2010
Like in the movie Oliver Twist, these sick children are being taught to steal souls for their master.
If you think the sight of children wielding rifles in Hitler’s Nazi regime is abhorrent you do not know the effects of children wielding a microphone attenuated nonlethal energy weapon pointed at you and your loved ones in your house.
This is something that you cannot see but you can feel the burning and percussive effects from this painful torture from a supervised and trained demonic brat.  The boy’s in Oliver Twist stole wallets for Oliver these spoiled brats steal souls for their parents.   Any time they can drive you out of your mind with the use of nonlethal weapons they have stolen your soul.  When they put you on Zombifyng medicine with Origins from Nazi Germany they consider it permanent. 
What have they stolen?  You ask?  They have opened a door to your mind and read all your memories, past, present and future.  They have also stolen imperfectly most skill sets that you have developed.
I hate to say this about children but they are so different than how we traditionally think of how children were raised that I feel that I must, these children are raised to be duplicitous sadists.  They might as well be hitting you on the head with a sharpened ball peen hammer, the pain and resulting destruction of conscious from micro strokes and slurring of verbal ability is the same.
Why is this the United States of America?  What does this have to do with the philosophies it was founded on?  It is the diametric opposite.  No one will ever believe this about them, because they use the horrors of the genocidal holocaust as a shield.  Anyone who speaks against the evils they do is accused of anti-Semitism or of being a Hitler Nazi.
They commit the biggest crime in the history of the world.  They make people mentally ill and live off of their minds as if they were their own.
They are duplicitous sadists that torture horrifically.  The horrific death toll from the holocaust seems like a mole hill compared to the one percent of the world’s population that through their indoctrinations have been made ill and will suffer until they die much earlier than they should.
Those are not their lives they write about and make movies from, they are the memories of their victims.  And they know of these memories as they have stolen their souls.  They painfully extract and feed upon their lives energy like vampires feast on the naïve.
They have insidiously spread their subversive soul stealing religion throughout the world.  Its foundation in this country was built on the handshake between the two factions of organized crime, when the founders of organized crime an Italian and a Jew first shook hands.  The same that killed Christ, probably Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and the Kennedys’, basically anyone that was good and has an intelligent mind of their own gets the whack from these evil zombies.  The three Stooges could think better on the job than they could.
Today they ranks include voodoo blacks, bloody chicken foot Hispanics, Turmeric spooning Indians, Gangster talking Russians, and that sickly Lutheran with a moldy brain who can’t keep his phlegm dripping finger out of the pie, he is one too, etc, etc, And the do victimize members of their own classifications, meaning Jews, Italians, Blacks, Hispanics, Turmeric spooning Indians, and Russians are also victimized by them.  In fact the whole world including themselves is victimized by them.
These people do not work for a living; they horrifically live off of the stolen souls of their victims.  The world’s population is four billion and the incidence of their victims is one percent per year or forty million people victimized by them yearly.
The lives of forty million people disabled and ruined every year.  Not to mention the pain and suffering that this causes to the rest of their families.  You want to know why the Arab World hates us, this is it.
Did I enjoy having to write this?  No.  I hate writing these expositions that condemn people.  Do I enjoy having them demonize me and filling me with their self-hatred? No.
These children get a head start in life by figuratively kicking in the skulls of their victims heads with a Nazi like boot, a hidden nonlethal directed energy weapon.
God Bless Those Who Live in Peace and Tell Me Where I Can Also
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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