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Friday, December 10, 2010

Vortex of Evil II

Vortex of Evil II 12 09 2010

Because they will not want to teach the bible for the truths it contains they will seek to have the book banned in the United States. The Bible is the only legitimate book that is respected in terms of the reality of soul stealing and Satan. Anyone who has been labeled Schizophrenic in effect has a tattoo on their wrist just as in Nazi Germany. They have had their soul stolen by Satan. Hitler committed genocide against the mentally ill first but he did not stop there and neither will they. The infrastructure to loot souls and commit genocide has been put in place.

Through homeland security a network of evil guised under the fa├žade of good has been formed to this structure. You know how I know this came under the guise of homeland security? Because if it wasn’t it would have been gone a long time ago.

The beginning of it is taking place already. Innocent citizens are being spied on and harassed in horrific manners by the false righteous. Who are indeed soulless?

Once the vortexes of evil are created neither money nor precious metals can support those who have hoarded them. Disease, famine, plagues and sickness of the soul then follow and all are then victims. This poetic justice of God can never be escaped from. Just as nature balances itself out, so does the nature of good and evil in men and women.

These vortexes are created by Satan and his endless envy of those truly good.

The will seek to put in power as President of the United States a figurehead who tries to symbolize what they have come to believe themselves in, a delusion of Royalty. Donald Trump’s ego will somehow gets its comeuppance and force him to run for President. It won’t be good, but instead more of the government by the subjective. If elected our Pseudo Kings motto would be to The United States of America, “You’re fired!”

Incidentally, in retrospect we are quite safe to say that that has been the underlying theme of every Republican President for the last forty years. Look at who has dominated our public policies. Through the use of attrition they readily abuse our system bureaucracy and our unemployment rate shows this effect. I know how their minds work, because they have subverted our system of bureaucracy and fairness they then want to be able say that is no longer needed. “What we need is smaller government!” They exclaim as if they are patriots and heroes. Does this sound like the psychology of a child who does not play fair because he cannot win that way?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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