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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ant’s crawling on crucified Jesus Christ 12 01 2010

Ant’s crawling on crucified Jesus Christ 12 01 2010

On the news tonight they spoke of a controversial art exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum. It was a video of crucifix covered in crawling ants.

If you don’t know what this means you haven’t read my blogs.

It means compared to the human image of God those who persecuted Jesus Christ had the significance of ants.

Ants, something that irritates, inflames and humiliates someone who they drove nails through into a wooden beam. Someone they hung up to dry for all to see. Someone who could not get away from the torment of them, those of the Kingdom of Judea.

This is indeed the stigmata of those victimized by the topic of this blog. Here the ants symbolize the Pharisees and their children whose descendants live today and crucify in a different manner.

We don’t dare compare ourselves to Jesus Christ but this is indeed what this stigmata is comparing this disease to.

By far, I am not the only one with this insight.

And this will be the revelation that changes the world for the better.

A Catholic priest complained and had them remove it. What priests should be more concerned about is the hidden reality this addresses. An ugliness they have been proven to aid and abet in the creation of. A decry to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, make the horror of this revelation known to the public! I know without a doubt that you know what this means too. The Catholic Church will survive this but only if it takes a dramatically different point of view with regard to what is being taught in the Bible and repents from this horror and crime against humanity.

God Bless Those Who Understand the Bible and Teach the True Meaning

Thomas Paul Murphy

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