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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Vortex of Evil 12 09 2010

The Vortex of Evil

The evil vortex and government by the subjective.

Once a vortex of evil has been created even those who took part in its creation will not escape it. Microwave towers that were installed across the country as cell phone relays will be switched on as a means of control. The microwave radiation present from the Big Bang in the creation from the Universe will no longer be “heard” and all will be subject to the mind of satan.

This capability has been perfected and refined as a means of control. “There is something different, like a field that is preventing us from thinking like we know we can.” I said to my father when we were out in our backyard in Whitefish Bay, WI.

“I feel it too.” He said and two years later the retired Milwaukee Public School teacher of thirty five years developed congestive heart failure.

You will not be able to think of things you already know that you know. You will be made into stupefied imbeciles and as you try and leave the country you will find nowhere to go. If you are successful in leaving you will be falsely charged and retrieved

The United States will come under penal law like England did to Ireland and Hitler did to Germany.

A non-leathel means of subliminal control has been instituted. Reading levels have already declined placing the United States so low on the list of countries on the percentile scale that you would swear it was a third world country that you never heard of. We are also low on other academic levels.

Just as pre World War II the structure has been put in place whereby block leaders can sell out whole blocks. And just as in Nazi Germany the “Confidents” or “traitors” will not escape the vortex of evil they helped support and create.

The ability to limit your ability to read is the first means of control. It is how England committed genocide on the Irish population. Why do they seek to do this? Because these hollow heads full of buzzing flies cannot stand that they are souless satans. Dependent minds that hear others. They will do anything to try and make reality into something it is not. And that includes Genocide.

Why do they not want you to be able to read? Because they do not want you to have the intellect to describe the subtle ways you will be wronged. They are going to want you to use terms of witchcraft to describe your plight that no one will believe. They will want you to refer to Harry Potter movie and describe things in terms of black magic. It is evil they have created but it is not black magic, it is technology based.

Why do they not want you to read? Because these souless low grade imbeciles learned everything they ever knew from “listening” to the mind of someone thinking. And once they have learned they cannot stand to listen ever again. They never want to believe that is indeed how they were raised and would rather live in their world of mediocrity and delusion. These Lazarus syndrome types will go to great lengths to silence those who are teachers of schools of thought.

Those who have Lazarus syndrome indeed fit the exact description of Satan in the Bible.

(Consider this the start of a new article?”

Satan who can “Read” mens minds has developed nonlethal directed energy weapons that have lethal settings. Symptoms will include high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. There are directed energy weapons that they can utilize to give you any disease of theirs and also keep you from becoming well and healthy. This is highly analogous to the structure that England put in forth with its penal laws over Ireland before it committed what amounts to genocide.

They will not want you to have the intellect to describe this for the horror it truly is and will commit a genocide of American Citezens. What will be left will be Castles built across the United States that will “trump” anything that there is in Europe.

One faction of them believes it has created a reserve for themselves with the money Bernie Madeoff stashed away. Once the evil vortex starts churning it will consume them to however.

A dictator of crime will always pit criminal against criminal and then kill the victors of the two, it is just their nature. Because in reality a dictator of crime can not stand that he is associated with either. Because he has money and has been treated well he spends it. The mind of a dictator of crime was raised on false idolatry and therefore wants to consider themselves more righteous in the end and such a person will never get this from his peer group. He/she wants to then believe in delusions that he is a better class than a criminal. And that is why the tree of the evil structure of genocide reaches branch to branch and those below are succesivley destroyed. In effect what you have is analogous to the reverse of a ponzi scheme whereby those who believe they would be granted status for participating and committed horrors to humanity are also cleaned off the kings playing board. And they NEVER believe it when it happens.

Chant this prayer it helps, “God protect my family and I from Satan, God protect my family and I from Satan, God protect my family and I from Satan.” It is truthful and it works.

To be continued…

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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