The labeling and creation of "Schizophrenics" is really a Crime Against Humanity that is the theme of this blog.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This should not be happening in the United States of America

I emailed this to the President of the United States and the incoming and outgoing Governors of Wisconsin

Scott if you are like me you think that everyone should have to earn their own money and not steal it. I want to know what you think of my letter. I want to know if this is the United States of America that you believe in.

President Obama I have one issue that I need you to address during your presidency. The use of nonlethal weaponry on United States Citizens to drive them incapacitate them into believing they are mentally ill.

A have a website that I have dedicated to this.

This is a very real phenomenon. If you look at my other websites you can indeed see that I am a highly intelligent person. This is just the kind of person they target to steal the soul from.

I am being harassed by the use of nonlethal weapons. This is a fact. I have documented this on a magnetometer that takes these readings. I had the police file a report on this too.

President Obama you cannot tell me this sick behavior is part of our National interest in any way. You cannot tell me any valid reason as to how this form of torture benefits our country in any way. This goes against everything that is written in the constitution about our freedom in this country. It is a sickness that drains the lives and souls of the few to the monetary gain of quite a few.

The voices someone labeled schizophrenic hears are from the same people from the realm of the Bible, today's Italians and Jews, though not all.

This is a major cost to our economy and violates every human right in the world.

I have written of all aspects of this in this blog and I intend to publish a rather convincing book that will make this known to the whole world.

The reason I am telling you a Democrat is because these people go against everything the Democratic Party stands for. They are the reason the Democratic Party has been unsuccessful over the last forty years.

Here is a great clue for you, I am not Mentally Ill, but I am disabled by them and the use of this technology. Every one that has been labeled the same as I have been most likely has been a victim of them. This is a major cost to the country and the world. Because of the use of this technology my voice sometimes sounds as if I have had a stroke.

I can go on and on and articulate in great detail about this. But I just want to say that this should not be happening in the United States of America.

Please read my blog and tell me what you can do regarding this.


Thomas Paul Murphy

Scott if you want to eliminate entitlements I am with you but only if you eliminate the use of nonlethal weaponry by those who have entitled themselves to steal the souls of others. It is just that plain and simple. If you want to know the truth you won’t be able to because those who have entitled themselves to steal the souls of others cause more damage than could ever heal. What you would end up with is streets lined with those made sick at the will of goons who wouldn’t listen in school and distracted others from learning to.

Scott I want to know if you condone the detrimental behavior to society, our country and the world that I am describing?

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