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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lost Ganzfeld of Good Immigrants Souls 12 03 2010

The Lost Ganzfeld of Good Immigrants Souls 12 03 2010

The Ganzfeld Effect with pain, this technology is wielded by Isreali’s and Asians. Does this name sound German? That is because it is and it is the spawn of Nazi Germany.

Today the soul stealers from the Kingdom of Judea have portable acoustic equipment that can project a Ganzefield. But this isn’t just any Ganzfield, this is a Ganzfield that causes pain and can make your ears bleed.

For those of you who do not know what the Ganzfield effect is. It is a white noise generator. When people are exposed to the white noise generator various interesting effects happen. If two are in a group together their minds tend to try and synchronize. What happens when you would put one person who is a genius in a room with a mentally retarded person? The genius would be driven to the brink of insanity while the retarded person would get smarter. Anybody want to volunteer for this? No. And you wouldn’t want to, because no one would want the cognition of a mentally retarded person superimposed on their own.

This is another way those of the Kingdom of Judea steal souls and discredit those they have stolen the souls from. When you go to complain you have a mental retard superimposed in your mind. You have no credibility when this happens and will not be able to express yourself coherently. This technology is used on innocent United States Citizens against their will. And it is a form of torture.

Where did we, the United States of America get the idea that we could torture people? Israel and water boarding. Got it!

Because they make this field painful they in effect can train people to be what they want them to be by using this field. They had this portable technology in 1991. Did they have it before this? It is not the most difficult technology to figure out as it is waveform based. Was Lee Harvey Oswald brainwashed remotely with this to assassinate President Kennedy? President Kennedy that is an Irish name.

When I say they train people I say this because it is like putting a shocking collar around a dog. You have to ask yourself what kind of a person would treat an innocent person like this? What kind of a monster?

After they subject you to the Ganzfield they flip a switch so that it no longer is a constant field but a field that is moderated by the strength of their voice.

The closest term we can use to describe what they use this field for is to “Demonically Possess” people. At least they try to. Some of us study those who are torturing us.

What else do they use it for? They also use it to fragment the skills, intellect and knowledge of those whom they victimize. This is one of the most acts a “person” can commit against another. Those who receive the skills are indeed very pretentious in a fatuous sense. In other words they don’t truly have the skills they just feel they do. Isn’t this wonderful, to fill the world with this incompetence. You wonder why the United States is in the mess it is in today? This is part of it.

What else do they use this technology for? They also use it to control those who know about them. If you have ever been a psychiatric patient they most likely had stolen your soul. They will use this technology against you.

This technology was refined and utilized by the idle minds at college universities in the United States.

Children’s minds are imprinted with this technology. If a child is being home schooled look out, someone that lives near them might be having their soul stolen from them with this. Oh and this bears no cost to our country whatsoever does it!

Milwaukee was formed on the basis of German immigrants. This is where the evil occult who use this originated from.

There was a Milwaukee Police officer on the television that had committed a crime and was put on trial in the courtroom. The television showed a clip of him. He was barely able to speak as he testified. What did he say? “I had some trouble with mafia.” In an incoherent voice. This is the voice of someone who is unknowingly tortured by this technology.

A black man was arrested in Milwaukee for using a Radio Transmitter to harass his Jewish neighbors. He got ten years in prison. Is he serving it? What happened to his transmitter? A simple device like this can be used to drive people crazy. This is the United States of America and the year is 2010. Who is it that would drive someone insane?

Once a person is subjected to this for too long their cell wall structure starts to break down and they are then more prone to infection. Bacterial and viral infections set in and a person is put in degraded stupor. Is it no wonder that our country seems to be in one also?

“Forgotten Ellis Island”

I ask myself, who would do such a thing and why? It finally came together in terms of my understanding when I saw a documentary on the Public Broadcasting station entitled, “Forgotten Ellis Island” Ellis Island is the Island of the East coast near the Statue of Liberty where immigrants were processed before they were allowed into the United States, including my ancestors.

In the 1920’s there was a flood of immigrants to the United States. Many of them were sick with Tricoma (sp?) a disease that can cause blindness. I do not know the history of Europe enough to know the real reason as to why there was an influx at this time or how many of the immigrants that tried to come to the United States were immediately deported. Or where those who were deported were sent to. But I have a strong inclination that a lot of them found their way to Germany. They came to America because it was better than where they were coming from.

Adolph Hitler sent a boat of Jews to United States and it was not allowed to stay here. He took that as the rationale that he could then do whatever he wanted to do to them. And he did. And then the United States got drawn in the war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. And we went and saved the Jews. I like saving lives more than the next person and have saved a few people’s lives in my day. If you look at my Inventions Needed blog you will see this is the way that I think and have always thought. But what is one like me to do when I am harassed by these people daily? I am not a racist. But what is one to do when he knows who is doing this? Should this ever be occurring in the United States of America in the year 2010?

The Public Health inspectors were also doctors. They turned away those who looked the most sick. They went to great lengths to help the immigrants. They even built an Autoclave to sterilize whole mattresses in to keep from preventing infection. An Autoclave is a large metal chamber that uses heat and I believe pressure to sterilize. It is built somewhat of the same construction characteristics as that of an Iron lung or large metal safe. The one on the television program was a large reinforced metal barrel large enough to put a whole mattress in a shut the safe like door. Now just to show you how I think. Every hospital in the United States of America should have one of these today. I have never sat on a hospital bed yet without getting an itchy fungal rash. This is the same rash that causes sutures and surgery victims to become infected after an operation. This would decrease the cost of healthcare that results from these infections. But it would also increase the costs as it takes labor costs to move and clean the mattresses. Maybe hospitals need to be designed with wider hallways in the future to accommodate such safeguarding procedures.

The man who was and I have to phonetically try and respell his name from memory. William Williams.

The Public Health Inspectors at Ellis Island had to turn away the ones who looked the most sick and mentally feeble, or emotionally weak. They found these to be Jews and Italians from Eastern Europe as well as Russians. The Asians were the first to be barred completely. I was skinny and emotional as a child it was like there was a fire-ous heat that was always dehydrating me. This is a symptom of being demonized.

What I have found to be true of those who victimize others and try and steal their soul is that they learn best through distraction (read my article on distraction learning).

The Jews and Italians are from the Kingdom of Judea and they could only survive by crucifying someone to live off their souls. How can I draw this conclusion? Because Jesus Christ put a stop to it through Martyrdom. Judea and all of Europe then descended into the Dark ages.

As I watched the program “Forgotten Ellis Island” some of the people in the old sepia or black and white photographs looked more beautiful than any people you see today. They seem to have an innocence that was beautiful. Smooth lines to their faces etc. And some of the people in the pictures did indeed look like they were “feeble minded” or “low grade imbeciles”. Many of these had low hanging jaws and eyes they squinted out of. The ones who were sick with Trachoma (sp?) had red bloody fibrous tumors growing under their eyes. The treatment they got at Ellis Island was the best in the world although it was horrific. Copper sulphate was used to strip these fibrous legions away. It stripped the flesh right off and it fell away.

The Public Health Inspectors did not want anyone in this country that were Anarchists. Why? Because they knew that anarchists demonized people to get ahead in life. Today the United States has a broad cultural diversity. I initially thought this would be the greatest idea in the world. And on the surface it is. But here is why it isn’t. The anarchists of this evil Wiccan like occult that I described earlier steal the souls of United States citizens in order to get ahead. Why because immigrants will do anything for money including participating in demonizing someone. Why else because these immigrants get acclimated into the United States by living off the soul of someone who lost it from demonization. Demonization that sounds an awful lot like denomination as in what denomination is your currency in, is it that of someone’s soul?

Now I know what you are saying to me, “You can’t prove any of this and we’ll lock you up!” Wait a minute, the Bible the holiest book ever written the most widely book ever written, was not a work of fiction. It tells of Satan and how he could read men’s minds. This is no joke! This is a reality that all the Kings Horses And All The Kings Men don’t want us to know about.

An anarchist was their way of asking if you believed in the Bible. In effect someone who does not believe in God will go to great lengths to steal money from others. Including stealing others souls. They did not want this to be The United States of America. They wanted the United State to stand for something, to be better. Because of this crime today it longer does.

Because of their evil management nature the United States has become a wasteland. Like a minefield of lost souls. Not a minefield, but a Ganz field of lost souls. Even a dog knows when it is being kicked and not nudged. They do not care where the money flows as long as it is part of their evil occult or clan. Technology from the United States has flowed to Israel and China via this soul drain for money.

I am not a racist and I will not be made into one! And nor should members of this occult seek to present me as one to the rest of the world. To stand against the evil of the occult is the most patriotic thing a person can do.

We have made many discoveries that were previously believed to have a different cause. This is the big one alluded to in the Revealation in the Bible.

Continued in Next Article Titled Reverse Eugenics

Thomas Paul Murphy

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