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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who funded this technology 11 24 2010

Who Funded this Technology.

November 24, 2010

A,T&T gave an investment firm I worked with First Analysis Corporation from what I and understand around $250 million to manage. First Analysis was paid, what I remember to be a 2% management fee to run this money. There were only 30 employees at this firm. The money sat in short-term treasury type instruments earning interest from the United States Government.

Some people at this firm did not have to work too hard to make a living, they had A,T&T and the United States Government to fall back on.

The firm was located on the 96th floor the Sears Tower in Chicago and that is where I worked for part of the year in 1992.

They sat me next to this transformer type telecommunications machine that was the size of a refrigerator. You could not think when you sat there. It put out some kind of magnetic or ion field. While working there I made numerous requests to be moved away from this device. There were plenty of empty desks on the other side of the building, but they would not let me go there.

The firm was founded by Oliver Nicklin. His accountant started with him her name was Janet LLoyd. There were both English. When they tell you stories of the English abusing the Irish in historical books they were not kidding. The English forbid the Irish to read books or even, have a rosary. Why? Because the English could hear some of the Irish thinking.

I have a long negative history with the company A,T&T, American Telephone and Telegraph. If you have read my story entitled, "My most prominent memory of Catholic grade school" the father of the boy that caused all the trouble in our class worked for American Telephone and Telegraph, his last name was Haliday.

We had Internet service from A,T&T in our home and it never worked right. And I have never dealt with customer service representative that was more rude than the one from A,T&T. And I mean intentionally rude. I mean the kind of rudeness people use to be mean and harass others with when such individuals want to. And for some odd reason I always got the same customer service representative on the phone.

After I refused to live my life as a zombie, a strange woman Mary Beth Sommers, appeared at my door one early morning, around 5 am, as I was reading my morning Investors Business Daily newspaper. As I'm writing this November 24, 2010 some 18 years later I realize that Oliver Nicklin couldn't stand me reading either. When I got to work before I was supposed to be there and tried to read the paper he would come and take it. One time he grabbed me by the arm in what is known in the martial arts as the dim maug. That is where they get a pressure point on the underside of your upper arm and can kill you. I didn't know this at the time but it just about took the life out of me. This very rude man one day was working on my desk and he took off his shoe and put his sweated foot with sock on the arm of my chair. As if to say you're important at all. I'm a good person. One day his secretary Grace Eger hit me on the top of my head while I wasn't looking with a large coil of fax paper about a foot long and 4 inches in diameter. I complained to Janet Lloyd who was responsible for personnel and she told me she no longer was responsible. There had been an immediate switch to Brian Hand and he was responsible for personnel now. He gave me the run around also. Needless to say this rude woman was never reprimanded in any way. Paul Klieneitis, and the correct spelling of name is just as sick as he is, was always in Oliver Nicklins office. Oliver’s favorite thing to do was to say to Paul, "I want you to ruin his day." Paul had the permanent expression of a psychotic spoiled brat or better yet a Jackal Lantern pumped up full with red hot tamale sauce. Needless to say he did his job very well by being very good at ruining my day.

Chicago was the most hellish city I've ever lived in. That is where they first were able to break me down with nonlethal weapons in 1992. Col. John Alexander of the United States Army has indeed said that the government has developed synthetic telepathy. They tortured me with this daily. But it is not just telepathy it is waves that prevent you from thinking and remembering. Just as they didn't want the Irish to read throughout history or me to read the newspaper then they don't want me to be able to read and think today.

Anyway Mary Beth Sommers seemed nice enough but there is something different about her. She made other stops too. And even somehow found me one day when I first started to go out to dinner. I was sitting in the basement pizza restaurant on Farwell looking out of pillbox window, while eating. This is four miles from my house. For some reason she drove by and saw I was in that pillbox window and waved at me down in there and came in and said hello. When I say there is something odd I mean she had a false fa├žade as if she is thinking something different than what her face is trying to show. I asked her what she did for a living once and she told me she work for American Telephone and Telegraph.

The same technology that was used to harass me in Chicago is being used to harass me in my home and Whitefish Bay Wisconsin. And there are many different varieties to the directed energy weapons they use. Needless to say American telephone and telegraph should not be allowed to have any association with the name America, at all today. Because it has facilitated the greatest crime against Americans there's ever been.

The people that worked at this firm did very little to earn their money. And indeed some of them did not have the qualifications in terms of skills to be there. Some were just there because their fathers worked for companies that gave multimillions for them to invest.

To digress, I can remember the late 80s the president of A,T&T would be seen on that business channel show. We called that channel forty seven. He was slouched over at the neck and had a slow intellect what seemed to be somewhat of a hangover. Aside from that I thought he possessed more intelligence than any of the other guests on that channel.

The story gets better. I started go to the YMCA in downtown Milwaukee and was also approached by a man named Sommers, I'm not sure if the spelling is the same. He seemed nice enough to but some people just seem to like to appear when you're feeling good that you talk to them and then you no longer feel good. This was him. He said he was divorced. Was Mary Beth his wife? I don't know.

But the YMCA is located on the 4th floor of the Plankington Mall, Law Offices are said to be located on the 5th floor, and the UW Milwaukee extension campus is located on the 6th and 7th floors. This is the common logistics of the modus operandi that soul stealers use to steal souls. Whether they live in the apartment above you or below, it is an easy way to aim directed energy weapons at you. This place seems tainted with this technology. And these people do not shoot fish in a barrel but rather humans just like Jeffrey Dahmer did.

I went to college at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Accounting in 1991 that same year I passed the CPA exam the first time I took it. At the time three of my professors made subtle threats to the use of nonlethal weaponry, one Bill Taylor made the comment, "Flip the switch and they will all be gone." Another Darrel Craig told of how he was in intelligence during the Vietnam War and manned a large truck full of secretive electronic warfare equipment he implied that he could determine the fate of the life of a solder with the equipment, another a woman teacher boasted oddly during class about how every electric motor puts out an electromagnetic field while sneering at me. You get the idea subtle crap from evil people. Another accounting professor Paul Fischer brought in a speaker from one of the accounting firms who also singled me out to look at in a crowded lecture hall and told of how they had one guy working for them at the accounting firm, "But his head was all screwed up, his head wall all screwed up, his head was all screwed up." You know how an evil pig leers. And I could go on but why bother.

What do they do with the intellectual property they steal from you? It is disseminated to members of their clan from local universities.

One late fall day I went outside and to rake leaves. I worked up a good sweat and was just about finished when two A,T&T salesman showed up and talk to me for more than an hour. They tried to sell me their cable television, Internet and phone service. I told them I would never use their services again. By the time they were done I had a respiratory infection that resembled ammonia and was sick for two weeks.

We use Time Warner today. My point is they wanted us to use AT&T so that they could monitor our cable and Internet and screw with it like they used to. They like to take away books from the Irish. They also like to take away their Internet and television.

Today they have found a means to splice into our cable signal and broadcast a layer of what I know to be voice over’s. A voiceover is a customized broadcasting whereby the people speaking are not saying what you're hearing them say. They use this to drive people crazy. When you go to use the HD signal on the radio or television in your house they have also found ways to jam this so it doesn't come in or is full of static. So you are coerced to use the pay for service with the obnoxious voice over’s.

They use all this technology and more to steal your soul. I'm an inventor. They have stolen more things for me than you could ever imagine.

When I went to get a patent lawyer I was referred to a gentleman named Sebastian Pugleisi. He had worked for Kimberly Clark in the Specialty Chemicals area. Until he founded a patent law firm, allegedly to help the common inventor patent their inventions. I worked with him to develop patent applications for two of my inventions. He dragged his feet six months and then dissolved his firm, as another and hired him for their staff. A patent attorney probably could have done this work in two weeks.

I feel the main purpose of his subterfuge was to sway me from trying to get my inventions patented via attrition with regards to the application process. Why? Because all my intellectual property has been turned into money by others, sometimes through "alchemy". These are the kind of people that would burn everyone else’s books so that they could think they were smarter than everyone else.

The man I worked for at First Analysis was a Jew; his name was Dr. Alan Harvey Cohen. His doctorate was in specialty chemicals just like my failed patent lawyer Sebastian Puglisi. Do the two know each other? Kimberly-Clark made the absorbent material for diapers. Dr. Cohen and I researched many companies that did the same thing. And this was indeed Specialty Chemicals technology. Dr. Cohen lived in Wisconsin when I went to work for him initially at Kemper Securities. And indeed Sebastian Pugleisi also lives in Wisconsin. Do the two know each other? Every fiber of my being tells me they do. Every fiber of my being tells me that I was referred to Sebastian Pugleisi so that my interest in having my inventions patented would be thwarted. And again I cannot really say anything negative about Sebastian other than he might have tried to think he was more intelligent by trying to out talk me and failed. But I view all this as the detriment of not only me but the United States of America.

Anyhow Alan was the meanest person that I have ever met in my life. And he took every opportunity he could find to insult and haze me. All those who worked for this company acted in much the same way even though there was no reason to. Were they the ones that operated nonlethal weapons used to harass me so that I could not sleep for a year when I worked in Chicago? I have no a doubt in my mind that they are. In Chicago if you have a problem with your neighbors or anyone else and you knock on their door they just will not answer. Any complaint you have in Chicago is attended to with the expression of apathetic hatred. No wonder Mrs. O’Leary’s cow burnt the place to the ground.

This company First Analysis stole my soul and profited from it handsomely.

I have a very pragmatic intellect and they used that to train many other analysts’ as I tried to think through the hazing field of their guised directed energy weapon. I have never been back to Chicago since this. And if these people left the country and I never heard or saw from them again or so their names anywhere ever again, the United States of America be a much better place.

Here's what you need to know that they do not want you to know. When you can get away from them far away and they do not know where you are. You will find out you are indeed completely normal and there are no signs of illness at all.

They know this is true and have created nonlethal handheld directed energy weapons that can make you bleed from your root canals, gum lines, etc. Your dentist is also likely to be his soul stealer. If you look closely you can actually see the particle wave that is flowing through the air in your direction from one of these devices that is a little larger than a cell phone. When it hits you who feel like your flesh is burning and you are going to pass out. This device can incapacitate you and make you lose your balance and fall over in less than a second. I wrote a poem about this you will find on my poetry website.

When I worked for First Analysis I companies with new technologies were always bringing them to the office on the 96th floor of the Sears tower for review in top-secret meetings. No doubt this is where much of this spawned from. We indeed had access to the first commercial pair of noise cancellation headphones. They wanted me to try them on. Why? Because they wanted to make sure that the frequencies they use to drive people crazy would not be blocked out by the headphones. They weren't.

After I came home to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, we had what I would call and a group of neighbors move in next door on the corner. What seems like just after I moved home from Chicago a lawyer named Steven Weber and his wife and three children moved in. I wasn't the only one to notice what a mean person he was. But I indeed got the brunt of his harassment. He would also like to find an opportunity to talk to me at odd times like when I was just done shoveling snow for an hour and a half and had a good sweat worked up that needed to dissipate in the freezing cold air so person doesn't overheat in the cold winter air.

He once told me that he knew of a group of lawyers that had a surefire way to make money on investments. It was called a black box and it is right 80% of the time. Dr. Alan Harvey Cohen also told me of the black box. I have never seen the black box. But I have no doubt from my experience in life that it is not technology-based at all. It is a psychic woman who can read your mind after you fantasize about her and ejaculate. I have written about this and published articles on it also. But from what I understand of this Wiccanry they can read the energy signature from this like a witch doctor does entrails. I've written about this also in more detail too. This is essentially the same thing as stem cells though. You know the cells they derive from aborted babies but they use them differently these Wiccans do. They use them to transfer your soul into that of their children by manning nonlethal weapons after you have ejaculated, whether you purposefully ejaculated or not. In effect they are tearing the information from the soul of that energy body and you away at the same time. It is little known fact that the true nature of reproduction type stem cells is that the energy body within them contains a vast amount of information. In effect it contains future information that helps new offspring adapt and survive in the world. What I'm talking about is I believe that when a child is born that its soul is somehow a combination from its mother and its father. As a soul it exists in its own energy state of being. This idea is kind of like when you're playing with toys as a child and you seem to know things intuitively that you forget as you age. As you are being of creation you might even be seeing or remembering things from your own future or have a separate and inherent intelligence from creation that parallels that of your father for awhile in life, before you become more conscious of who you are and what you do. I believe that there are some people, a great many that really never figured out what they do or why they do it. If you have ever seen the look on the faces of the Three Stooges while they are trying to think and figure something new out, you know what I mean.

If what I am describing to you sounds like ancient sacrifices to you it does to me too. Do they sacrifice people because they think when the die they will become more like them. The Bible alludes to them as believing this. Is why they crucified people? The Bible also tells us that nobody believed in those who sacrificed others and then believed themselves to be just like the sacrificed. In other words the Bible tells us that the soul stealers are Satan, and jealous, evil, criminal, hateful etc. In the world today the soul stealers are the psychotic ones and not those who they would seek to become and then label their victims as being what they were, in perfect defense of a crime against humanity.

Back to my story. One late night I was being hazed by this technology and went over to the neighbor’s house to confront him. I had seen a device that was 3 feet long and a foot wide by another foot and was mounted to the angled rafters of his garage. It was oddly shaped and was pointed at my house. This neighbor’s house is on the south east corner of Fairmount Avenue and Marlborough Dr. in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.

He invited me in to his home and said he didn't have any of this technology. Same apathetic and hateful type of facial expression. He said I could search around his house if I wanted to, but he seemed nice enough at the time and I figured if he invited me and I sat and talked with him a while the technology wouldn’t be pointed at me while I was there. I was right. We sat for a while in his den and acted a bit like a homosexual and he gave me a piece of chocolate. I went home and forgave them and made a list of good things I liked about them.

I had not mentioned what I had seen in his garage mounted on the rafters at all to him. The next week his garage was dry walled on the inside including all the walls and the ceiling. The device I saw would now be hidden. I'm still harassed by this technology today. And from the scope of it they probably have numerous origins from where it is emitted.

This man moved away and became a teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools, he said he always wanted to do it and I told him he had the demeanor for it. What I see now today in terms of teaching in our schools is what I will call a hidden agenda. I have written an article about how they recruit people into this satanic or Wiccan like cult when they are young. Does this remind you of the horrors of World War II? It should because once again the occult and military industrial complexes have taken control of a country. That country is our once proud United States of America that stood as the icon of freedom to the rest of the world. Are there people who are victimized by what one would consider evil sects of the Jewish religion to a degree that is worse than the Jews who were ritually killed in the holocaust of WWII? I know this is true. And I will also go on the record as saying there is no humane way to torture someone.

I want to expound on what that last paragraph means little more. If you think United States America should never send our boys to fight on the soil will foreign country again because they torture their citizens as Saddam did in Iraq you are wrong. Here's why. If you think we don't do that in the United States of America today to innocent human beings you are dead wrong. The United States of America can never claim this excuse to take us to war again. Never! Unless our purportedly much smaller and what I believe to be broadly and widespread decentralized form our government, that has taken form today, admits that this form of torture is occurring and that they are going to put an end to it. If you think about it, how else could the Republicans facilitate a country with a smaller government unless a broadly and widespread decentralized form of government were allowed to subjectively wield nonlethal directed energy weapons. Here we have a multi dictatorship of adults who have the hateful and jealous minds of spoiled children.

My father worked Milwaukee public schools for 35 years as a reading teacher before he retired. He is also a victim of this technology. He now has congestive heart failure.
My mother was also a teacher. She was zapped with this technology while walking down the stairs one early morning and broke her hip. I found her lying on the cold slate floor almost dead.
Despite all my efforts in contacting government officials nothing has been done to take this away. Same cold apathetic hatred from everyone. Apparently they cannot stand my reading or thinking either. I listed all the symptoms and effects from this technology in an article I posted on my blog there are over 50 of them.

You want to know why the Arab world hates us? Why the World Trade Center was bombed? I think you probably just found out. Any foreigner subjected to this technology could not help but come to the same conclusion as I have that there is an evil sect behind this. Why? Satan and the soul stealers were documented in none less than that book, oh, what's its name.....The Bible. The Bible the most widely read and respected book on the planet Earth is about the only book you will ever read that tells of the reality of Satan and soul stealing. Satan exists and thrives on the souls of their victims today.

The amount they stole from me is astronomical. They are not changing and do not wish to change. That is why I am posting real names here. To let you know who Satan is. Satan is indeed all around us and everywhere today.

They care little for their victims. I would not request money from them. I hope this website stands for all eternity. Because in fact I have a goal that they are never able to victimize another person in the future history of the world. I hope my statements serve to make those I mentioned more accountable to humanity. The list of savage evil people that do not earn their own high standard of living in this country but, instead steal it from the souls of others is endless. And they are the main drain on the economy the United States of America.
Why do terrorists organize and work in what is called cell structures or units? Because effectively this is how they have seen that Satan works in the United States of America. This is also how they worked in Germany preceding World War II, no matter which side you are talking about.

The greatest enemy the United States has ever faced is the many faces of Satan from the Bible. And he or she is the black heart of America today.

What could cause them to torture another human being is beyond my comprehension. But all that I can think of is that they feel they are less than human. I think it is a result of their own activity- the reason they are miserable. Just maybe if they stopped this subliminal torture they might start to feel better about themselves. But first they must admit what they have done to the whole world because it will soon face destruction if they don't. Why? Evil of this nature and magnitude would never be able to contain itself in our modern day and age. Can they cease and desist from this behavior? It would be harder for them to do that than it would for the most filthy of narcotic junkie there ever was trying to kick a drug habit. They do not have the will to do it. Nor do they have the desire to stop; it is not the nature of Satan to stop. They are not about to give up their easy lives.

The only way you will ever be able to silence me is to hit me on the head with a hammer or kill me. And you do indeed hit me in the head with a nonlethal weapon the equivalent of a hammer every day. Why am I writing this today? Because I heard myself on tape recorder and realize that my voice is indeed slow as if I've had many strokes. I write this today therefore because I still can and I know it is a truth hidden from the general public.

When I see the financial crisis in Ireland today it is not hard for me to figure out who caused this.

Merry Christmas to God's Favorite Children in the Bodies of Adults
God Bless the United States of America and its Citizens
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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