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Friday, December 10, 2010

Laissez-faire Eugenics 12 10 2010

Laissez-faire Eugenics 12 10 2010

What happens when there is an influx of immigrants to a country who qualify and I hate to use the terminology, “Low grade imbeciles”, as was used by our immigration department in the 1920’s?

What happens when ravishes of poverty and, drugs both legal by prescription and illegal passed on to infants create a demographic layer of low grade imbeciles. What happens when drug money puts political candidates in office and we get a country of great mediocrity?

When it concerns those of their own evil families in this country the United States of America, they actually believe themselves to be genetically inferior to those whom they persecute. And therefore they seek to use nonlethal weapons to torture and learn from those whom they deem to be superior.

This is Nazi Germany and the occult all over again, but of a different origin. Sadistic idolatry by the feeble minded has been created. They do not believe in themselves, they believe in you to the exclusion of you and that if they feel they are you that they can then believe in themselves. This is the sickest form of idolatry the world has ever known.

They have the technology to create a Ganzfeld effect around our home and fill your home life with the minds of complete idiots or “low grade imbeciles”.

The term Eugenics means that a country of people is no better than the lowest of society. They believe that they are therefore justified in tearing a person’s energy body; we can consider that a soul, from their body in this form of modern day sacrifices. It creates a temporary imprint on them that allows them to feel pretentiously intelligent. It does not elevate our society by bringing the weak up to the level of the minds of the strong. Strong minds are only made by overcoming challenges by themselves. What these people are indeed is a hollow fa├žade of competency that does not like to be challenged because it exposes them.

The Laissez-faire, or let it be, means they believe the end justifies the means. But the only ones who benefit from this are them to the detriment of the societies of the world. They believe that they are competent because they are falsely they are imprinted with someone else’s confidence as it is painfully torn from their soul.

In summary what the evildoers do is educate those who could learn in no other way than what we can consider a modern form of ancient sacrifice.

Is it fair to say that those who have to resort to soul sacrificing others to raise their children are indeed genetically inferior?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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