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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Were Going to Make Us a God 01 31 2011

Were Going to Make Us a God 01 31 2011

“Were going to make us a God.” She said to her son Luigi after she passed through

Ellis Island and into the United States in 1928. Davinci was now blind and it was of no

coincidence that they were also afflicted with a disease that causes blindness, Trachoma.

Wearing tattered brown stained clothing she held her son’s hand and led him into the

United States. The land of the free.

“Where are we going?” He said in Italian.

“We will stay at Uncle Toni’s place.” She said in Italian.

She had very little and rationalized that those who had attained the wealth they had, had

accumulated it by doing something wrong. Somewhere they had to have cheated.

“They cheated, so we can cheated too.” She said as she pointed to a well dressed couple.

Uncle Tony had a neighbor named William.

“Why are we doing this?” Luigi asked his mother.

“Because we love him.”

Luigi would learn how to do all the fun things in life by screeching at William as he tried

to live a normal life. And his mother Madera encouraged him to.

His mother could not afford toys like some others but he would have William.

And so he learned to get ahead of William in every aspect of his thoughts and life like a

personified tripping foot.

“It feels good to do what we do to him doesn’t it.” She told her fatherless son.

One day Luigi said to his mother, “I learned William thinking today. He had an idea he

is really excited about.”

“That is not his idea that is our’s Luigi. Everything he thinks belongs to us. I know

someone who has money knows someone at the patent office.”

“Willy was fighting with me. He knows I am real. He say’s leave me alone.” Said Luigi

now grown a little more.

“That’s our idea we had to listen to that. That’s ours. It’s okay you won’t hear from him



Then all the Strega's joined together. William was robbed of his strength and weak

legged. He was seen tripping and falling, looking as if he was drunk. Walking down the street

he met another neighbor Scott with his son.

“How are you doing?” Scott asked as if very concerned.

“I am good.” His Irish eye’s managed to smile through the sorrow.

Scott then looked at William as if he had stolen something. As Scott and his son walked

on William herd Scott say to his son, “I can tell he has more hoosegowing to go.”


“Isn’t it wrong what we do to him?” Luigi asked Madura.

“Grandma show’s me how to. Nobody is going to prove it. Everything we do is good for


Madura brought many children to come and play with her son and Luigi to learn of


“I tell you what funny he did. I waited and watched while he was cooking at the stove. I

waited and at the right time I made him think that the stove was cold and there was a mess

needed a wipings. He wiped it and he burned his hand.”

“Very good Luigi.”

“Yesterday he looked at me, he told me to go to hell. He spit at me.” Luigi said.

“From what I hears him think he not like us? He different. You no longer hear any of

that anymore. He’s no going to have children. He’s no going to have wife. Giuseppe make him

not to say you again.” Madura said

Luigi was reassured by his mother.

“I hear him crying now.” Said Luigi.

“We’s bees quiet now, here’s him read.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

“I see him say to her with him now. I think what she say to him and she say to him.

Then now I hear fight. You walk like he did when we first see him now, stand up straight like

you first see him.”


This was Williams’s story. He wrote all this and then looked at the television set. There

was a young Italian reporting a live news cast about the upcoming Super bowl. His face winced

when and he turned away from the camera as William looked at him. Vincent the reporter

looked like he had been crying as if he had thought, “I didn’t really do that.”

The face William saw was a face he didn’t often see as it was never an intention of his to

make others feel this way. He saw the face and became hopeful as he saw such people did

indeed feel emotion or and some sense of guilt, “When the news was discussed.”

William thought to Vincent, “You might have just been the salvation for your race.”

William would be tormented by them all throughout his adult life. Adults with the sick

immaturity of hateful children. Odd nasally voices scarring his auditory cortex to hear and think

what they willed him to.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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