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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Greatest Lie the Catholic Church Ever told. 06 08 2011

The Greatest Lie the Catholic Church Ever told. 06 08 2011

The Greatest Lie the Catholic Church Ever told is this- that the Holy Spirit that the Fathers hear and that guides them is from a supernatural God in Heaven. This is not the case. The “voice of the Holy Spirit” that the priests hear are from those in society who have been demonized and lost their minds. The voices they hear are from those labeled schizophrenic who hear voices themselves. And the mental voice of the Schizophrenic are heard because their soul has been tortured from them and lost to Satan. It is like when someone goes into shock and their spirit starts to leave them, where does it go? In this case that spirit is caught and held onto by those who use it in manner of wealth creation and to raise their children with. How is it caught and held onto? They never stop talking telepathically to the one whose soul they have stolen and this deprives them of their own thoughts- they have been harvested. There can be no greater irresponsibility in our society than this. This is a race that is hidden from the eyes of society and it can only be known as the Satanic race because they are the equivalent of Satan.

The Catholic Church has strayed from observing the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible for the reasons of money, self pity and made subverted interpretations made under duress. At the heart of all religions is indeed this demonization and stealing of soul. How can religions based on this be for the good of mankind? They have not and the blind have followed the blind into a polluted abyss.

God Creates and gives.

Satan steals, takes and lives.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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