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Sunday, June 26, 2011

DSM II Drawed and Quartered Again 06 26 2011

DSM II Drawed and Quartered Again 06 26 2011

DSM III, drawed and quartered again, does it really mean Demonic Schizoid Miserable Maker Manual, in other words a manual that is legally written by a German drug company in order to trap and label those they personally don’t like or whom they will use in wealth creation? You bet it does.

1. Sudden personality change- When does this happen? When they demonically possess you. They tell you this is something to watch out for and it is. But they do not tell you the real reason it occurs- you have been demonically possessed by someone. And often this is done by those who would then make you buy their medicine. Read my article, “What is a Griffin.”

2. Thoughts of Suicide. You better watch out for this one too, they'll take away your life with this one, institution and zomby medicine all your life if you say yes. But here is what they won’t tell you about this one either, those are not your thoughts they are theirs- of the one who demonically possessed you. You have to ask yourself, who has tried to influence me? It is likely their thoughts not yours. Ask yourself is that consistent with me? No, you are likely to be someone who has a great skill level. If you are a person that has been a victim of attrition and made weak those are likely their thoughts not yours. And do not worry about it, just have a little humility and realize it is not you. What then happens is the humility you experience will likely help you synchronize up to a skill level that those who are trying to demonically possess you want to prevent you from having or getting back. What you are experiencing is a depressed person who has lost their soul trying to regain strength from you.

The demonic race has had enough time to integrate and become good persons in this country. We have had enough of your waste and carnage, enough is enough.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally posted on 06 26 2011:

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