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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quadrophenia the movie by The Who

This one is also telling us of the story from the Bible of those who sleep with the same woman are one of the mind.

In this movie it is almost fatal for the main character.

The suffix phenia is very similiar to the phrenia in Schizophrenia.  This is not a coincidence of choice.  What are they trying to tell us?

The good kid must beware when amongst losers who have no skills in life as he is likely to loose his soul to them.

Was Pete Townsend telling us that the band The Who was all of one mind, his?  Can't say for sure.

But Pete was molested as a boy and probably suffered soul loss from it. That is how they steals souls.  Quadrophenia meaning- he knew of four people that were of a soul.  The four members of The Who?

Once a wiccan gets a trace of your soul she is going to chant to you  in order to keep you from having it yourself.  When you are made to not be able to hear yourself think because of the chanting which transforms into you hearing voices, your soul has been stolen.

Why do they do it.  They were not raised to be independent people and this is all they know how to do to get ahead in life.  It is not stepping on people to get ahead it is worse it is destroying them.  They become their living sacrifices.  Their victims are also called living Gods in many references of the one and only Bible.

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