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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dissenting Spirit 06 24 2011

Dissenting Spirit

Those Hebrew texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls- the basis of the Jewish religion were written by a woman. And I believe that they were written by more than one woman because they looked to have been pier reviewed. This appears to be a religion based on the sexual reward of fellatio. As such it violates Gods Law, “Thou shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it!”

And what has happened to the women of this religion over the years? They have been strongly mal influenced by the hormones and soul of creation they consumed. Nothing influences human genes more strongly than human genes themselves, and the ones that have the most influence are those that are geared towards reproduction. Today common viruses are known to cause changes in our genes.

What has been the observable influence of this male soul consumption? It has led to females that are less like females and more aggressive. These females will often show the influence of male hormones as they have grown a mustache and have to shave.

This genetic influence has created females who are soulless! Why? All their soul became derived from what is termed in the Dead Sea Scrolls as, “The Fountain of Life.”

The same problem has also occurred with their offspring both male and female. They are born soulless. This would be fine if it did not involve others but it does, and there is no way that it cannot.

I have to ask myself as I read that passage, “Did she have to offer that to get a man to marry her?”

So with these women what you basically have is a constant state of soul loss like women experience during their menstrual cycle when their souls are split and part of their souls depart with the menses. This is indeed why it is so painful for women! It is similar to post partum depression but more constant and therefore worse.

And what has happened to the Jewish Soul? It has been consumed over time! That is what has caused the great soul theft of others in this country and those who are victims of this soul theft are labeled with Schizophrenia (nice isn’t it!).

Those children born without souls are labeled, attention deficit disorder, autistic, mentally retarded, etc. That is why they have resorted to using non-lethal weapons to jar the souls from those who were raised natural in the traditional manner by loving parents who did not partake in luxuria Those children have a greater and stronger soul- a normal soul.

God destroyed Gomorrah for luxuria!!!! Luxuria? Anyone care to guess what that means?

The women of this religion had the soulless disease a long time ago, that is why in the Dead Sea Scrolls it say’s and one of ten of you will study law both day and night- she liked to listen to those thoughts regarding the study of law. It leads me to ask, “What grievance did she have?” -The one wrote this passage of the Dead Sea Scrolls? And was it a grievance that caused her to seek power? Here is what she said, “I will not offer evil reward.” If that provides insight?

Further insight is provided when this same writer’s voice in the Dead Sea Scrolls tells of the pairing of men. How the two shall live together, eat together and basically do everything together.

What grievance did she have that would cause her to want to hear the thoughts of the study of law and religion?


I know how you steal souls of adults because I have experienced what you do not only as a victim as an adult but I knew of it when I was an infant. I experienced you driving someone from their soul when I was an infant. You were driving it from them for all infants and adults to see and learn from. And when I grew to become an adult I was then the one that you drove the soul from.

I saw it happen and revolted in horror at the sight of it. My mother could not understand what was getting me so upset and she said to me, “Settle, settle, settle,” as she cradled me in her arms.

It is my soul as an adult. I developed it with my father. He spent time with me and showed me how to use tools. And we thought together. When he saw that I needed help he thought of suggestions to help me. My adult soul belongs to me not you!

When I was an infant I dissented from learning from the theft of soul’s you were doing to others! I revolted in horror. Those who did not were born soulless and forever after were soulless. They did not revolt at the horror but hung onto those whom you drove from their minds all their lives. They live off of the minds of others. This is their great secret. We could say they made the wrong choice- that early on in life. We could say they were put to the test that early on in life. We could say that they are those who are complacent with evil in this world. We could say they feel themselves to be realists because they accept evil and come to be in complacence and humor to it. It would seem that things that are not funny and should not be considered funny because they are evil are enjoyed by them- as if their heart does not have the capacity to feel why something in wrong. And this is indeed why the two most popular late night comics are very crass! I would rather see a Jewish man with intellect and respect on late night comedy. Not one who lives of others. “For intelligent as you have misrepresented yourself as a race, is this the best you have to offer America?” I asked myself yesterday.

There is a difference between you and me, I was a dissenter! You might not have had a choice due to bad hormonal and other influences. But that is why you are the way you are the way you are. And it is not fair to those who were dissenters like me. We should not have to suffer in life because of your irresponsible actions. We should not have to be your secret victims of soul theft. We should not have to suffer from your evil appetite for soul consumption. Your evil hunger for soul consumption has left you soulless as a race and the world polluted in your drive for conquest- your drive to be something that you can never be.

John Nash, a victim of soul theft and the Noble Peace prize winner also stated the cause of soul theft without even knowing it- too many competitors for the same thing and no one gets it. And if you do not think that his soul was divided up you are wrong.

Here is my prescription for you in order to save the world from destruction.

1. You will no longer engage in luxuria.

2. You will no longer secretly victimize others for their souls.

3. You will make known the cause and become a proponent for those whose souls you have stolen.

4. If you make yourself a living God to rely on you better be prepared to love them all throughout your life and theirs. You will now show your victims respect and love.

5. The World knows! You have been caught! You better not deny the responsibility for the wrong you have caused as it will only lead to destruction. You better not seek to further denial and live to cover up the truth. We are not stupid. The women who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls passage emphasized the want to know the truth and now you have it.

6. You will become proponents of fairness in this world.

7. Women who like to listen to the law and religion for twenty four hours a day! - You are discouraged from doing so again. Instead in an effort of fairness you will read text books pertaining to your husband’s profession. This will foster and create a more loving bond with him. And therefore your children will become more well adjusted people.

8. In terms of the hollow and vacant feeling you experience, you will be abstain from soul theft and molesting the souls of others! You will thereby go through a period of soul theft withdrawal, you will gradually detoxify yourself from this over time and eventually you will become normal like the rest of us. And being normal you will also become happy, loving and well adjusted persons!

9. You will spend time with your own children and learn as you teach them, not demonize others to live off of their souls.

10. Did these women react and adapt to the loss or the soul theft from their menses by consuming men’s reproductive fluid? I believe this is what has made them soulless! It is the same principal as to how one develops immunity to disease through constant exposure. But instead you have developed and immunity from soul formation. This has caused your lives to be a mad quest for the soul of the innocent. You are a great horror to your victims! You torture, demonize, victimize, and label them as different when it is you who are different. You will not seek to steal the souls of others to replete your own soul. You will take iron supplements and eat iron rich foods around the time of your menses.

11. You are to study your husband’s profession. Whatever you husband does for a living you are to study that. You are not to bother me or those like me.

12. You are to develop many good goals in life rather than none!

Jesus a Jew thought this about your coven, “You women control the world and I cannot make a go of it here. What would you have me do?....Check into a crucifixion center?”

There was no answer from them and he did.

It is better to have many good goals than none.


You made the United States the creepville of the world! And you spread your indoctrinated horror to every nation that you could.

It is quite clear from the wording in the Dead Sea Scrolls that you formed the Catholic Church as a branch of the Judea religion. After all the leaders in Hebrew are called Rabbis not Priests that you refer to in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They became your molesting arm and you pitted this against Judaism yourself in a guise. This facilitated the hatred of Jews by the Gentiles (Catholics) who were part of you. This branch was taught on the surface to believe differently than you did. She that liked to hear 24 hours a day religion and law created a pool of of human beings to draw on and victimize. For she loved the hatred because she was soulless and liked to listen to it.

Was this your grievance: These were sodomites that you called priests? That you sent in pairs off to go and live with one another? And once they went off to live with one another you legitimized them and their actions and they self propagated the monsterness of themselves by molesting boys throughout history. And both you and the priests lived off of those souls. It was not fair to Catholics who were not aware of what those priests really were. Instead of dealing with the source of your grievance, your problem and one you indeed created you gave them a separate pool of people to become shepherds to, to collect money from, you taught your pooled sheep to never question their or your actions.

Eight ways homosexuals are created

1. They are dissenters that experience the abject horror of you driving men from their souls when their souls are being formed. And their souls are warped into becoming feminine at birth.

2. The mal hormonal influence that you ingest unbalances their souls at conception.

3. They are molested and then made fearful with daunting actions into becoming effeminate and gay.

4. They live with you and your driving men out of their minds and souls every day of their lives and revolt from falling in love with women and feel empathy for those you seek to destroy- men. At least some of you know right from wrong at that is them.

5. In life they search for the true father of their soul and cannot find him, he was likely a dissenter like I was. So they try male after male to try and become what was taken from them by you.

6. They are soul hungry because of that is how their mothers were and that is why they become like their mothers and also gay.

7. They seek to dominate men like just as their mothers drove men from their souls when they were young to learn from. This can only be considered evil occult practices.

8. Once they are molested they feel like they are not worthy of the love of women and all that there is for them are men like them. (Don’t believe all women are evil, there are some that have heart and are capable of true love.)

Admit what you have done to the world and repent SHE THAT HAS ALREADY THOUGHT TO MUCH!

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” You women were born and raised to be the Furor!

It is over for you soul stealers. You are not going to spread your soul stealing hatred around the world anymore. If just one of us stands for the rest your wealth creation is over. I was and still am that dissenting spirit. And you in turn get to raise your children by yourself in order to become good people.

And to be fair I like all people equally. It is your actions that I do not like.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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