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Thursday, June 9, 2011

DSM 3 and Personality Change as a Risk 06 09 2011

DSM 3 and Personality Change as a Risk 06 09 2011

I could never figure out why the DSM3 said that personality change was a risk for suicide for ones that are us.

It is very simple- your soul was stolen and when you became something better you are actually nudging someone of one of your own better soul patterns. This is hard to believe but it is true. Here is why you will know it is true also- you will readily recognize that they will not like it when you are doing better. (Plays into the overused “Living well is the best defense,” theme) They don’t like it because many of them have lived off of your stolen soul and therefore have had it easy all their lives- and now they actually have to think and work to develop their own self esteem. They cannot do this. They cannot compete like that. What they can do is use all manner of insult to make you feel less of yourself and therefore worse. And I mean all manner of insult.

So when you start to make yourself better, watch out for them not yourself. They will use a million insults regarding your actions or behavior. Think about your behavior, is it in acceptable rational terms with regard to time, place, mode and object (You can read more about time, place, mode and object elsewhere). If your behavior is you are okay. Have you seen others do your same behavior and it seemed okay to from your perspective? – If so write off the insult or imposed self insult, upon reflection of rational thought.

And the female of the species indeed more deadly than the male. Their mothers picked you to have a child just like they do groceries at the store. They are like a different species in the way the have and raise children. I.e. They like to think that if they steal a soul of someone who has lived and has had great experience that it is the same as raising a child for themselves. You want to know how screwed up they are, “Unknowingly they make homosexuals out of their own “family” members.” TPM

To steal a soul is the exact same as watching a Haitian zombie roaming the earth- someone buries them alive and then digs them up. If they do it in Haiti they do it in the U.S. too. It has been legitimized in the U.S. and is called psychiatry here. God did not wipe out half of Haiti with a hurricane for no reason! - Believe it!

These people couldn’t care less and broke the law and added unnatural ingredients to your food, food doping or poisoning is a felony crime. It is a felony but they do not believe they will ever be caught. And believe me the stuff that they add can make you very sick to the point of soul loss.

Common remedies for food doping.

1. Do you have a fire in the head feeling? Suspect Mercury or heavy metal poisoning. Use an over the counter product called heavy metal chelate.

2. Did something you ate five you a stomach ache followed by a stupor- when this comes on use activated charcoal right away.

3. Do you sense a germ overpowering you? L-Lysine is very good at cracking up viruses.

4. Four grams of powdered Vitamin C diluted in a cup of purified water is a useful adjunct in any case.

5. Do you have what you would think would be symptoms of LSD doping? Flights of personality and or mood followed by dullness of spirit to follow? LSD is an engineered fungus. The over the counter product Caprylic Acid is a natural coconut extract treat the symptoms with this and other otc antifungals or anti Candida type pills. The average American eats 150 pound bags of sugar every year, fungus, disease, bacteria and germs love it. If you think it is good to eat a whole one pound bag of sugar every 2 to 3 days I need you to leave the planet.

And another thing- DON’T JERK OFF. Because they can follow that trail of energy creation like a hound dog does a blood scent and when they follow it they can use it to key their way into you. And once they are in you are demonically possessed and they can destroy you by using you. They will use all manner of the occult to do it.

If those temptress women really like you as much as they appear to let them ask you out, otherwise just ignore them because they are soul stealers- cowardly soul stealers, mistresses of the dark, etc. You weren’t put here on earth to make their boyfriends, husbands and son’s into men while you become and fade to something less.

The occult is real and that is why they do it. It is the most destructive force a society will ever face. And if you want to know who would use the occult against you. Just add the lineage of the COMMUNITY of JUDEA to NAZI GERMANS plus anyone else you have known not to like you and that will be a good picture of what the occult is like. (Also add the Howlers and Yelpers form the Dead Sea Scrolls. No explanation needed as to what a howler or yelper is.)

And remember this, “To win while they are booing you (voices, insults, jeers, chants, howls and yelps) is a much stronger win.”TPM

Also remember this, “No-one can compete better at being you than you.”TPM

“And if you find someone trying to rip your smile off of your face, that is them too.”TPM

“They will use your strengths against you so make strengths out of your weaknesses.”TPM

“Satan is plural and has been around for a long time.”TPM

They will hate someone whose soul their mothers stole for them more than the Devil hated Jesus Christ (They really hate themselves because they know they had it easy in life by comparison- they had your stolen soul- they never had to forge a path in their lives.) How bad are they? Ask yourself why would a whole COMMUNITY at a good man while he is be tortured and put to death, i.e. Jesus Christ? (Women jeering too.) To know the secret of this read the Dead Sea Scrolls the chapter that translates the COVENANT. It was common practice then as it is today for a whole village to curse one person and send them on a straight path out into the desert for what amounted to questioning “Authority.” If you have women jeering at a good man being tortured what does it really mean? It means that whatever it was that is being done was the women’s idea to do so. What is the COVENANT in the Dead Sea Scrolls really the equivalent of? “COVEN.” Same bad root word like the bad root of a tooth.

When people are ostracized for exerting their freedom of speech to question authority a structure of genocide has been put in place. It does not matter if it is one that culls one person out of every one hundred in very subtle ways so no one gets wise to it- it is the exact same thing as genocide.

Concerning your condition- you didn’t do this to yourself- they did and you have every right to be happy absent the influence of their occult religion on you. It is your right to be free from this sick occult, so assert yourself.

One final point, I am going to look like a racist or Nazi for saying this but nonlethal weapons used against United States citizens are sourced from Israel. I am not a racist. I’ll put it this way- if you ever had a child that hung around a bad kid you know how this analogy “Works”. Israel is the country that influenced the United States to torture during war time. “Oh that man gasping for his breath while we are simulating drowning him over and over again is not being tortured.”

Dear Israel, your covenant says that without heart you cannot be saved. (More on the horrors revealed in the Dead Sea Scrolls later on- if I am alive to tell.) It is the stronger people in this world who have heart- because it is often manipulated as a weakness.

“A very dangerous religion or group is based on- A pyramid level of knowledge where you don’t find out what’s bad about it until you have strived and suffered to reach the top and have done so.” These structures have the same modus operendi, “If I don’t shut that one out I am gone too,” dissolve them yourself.

God Bless Those Who have Suffered and Recovered- may you always be recovered.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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