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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Holy Shield of the Son’s of Light

The Holy Shield of the Son’s of Light

Out of self hatred and jealousy Satan would destroy the world.

He said to himself, “There is only one place this could come from. From the descendents of Judea that formed organized crime in the United States. From people that feel there is no other way to learn.”

“They had retarded children and what did they do? First they said it was no longer to call them retarded. And then they tortured someone and demonized them and cast that suffering unto them, just like they did it to Jesus Christ.”

“They all lived off of him anyway, so there rational was that must be how it was meant to be. And if that is how it is meant to be we are justified. So why not we take a little more from him.”

“We will give him all our misery, pain and suffering,” are the words transcribed from the Catholic Church, but it really meant they would sacrifice and torture, and in the modern age it meant the use of a little known type of weapon called a psychotronic weapon.

“Let me ask you!” He said to them, “What would happen to the world when a hidden race were allowed to accumulate wealth and thrive by torturing others in secret?.....By giving their retarded children a microphone that when they spoke into it- it sent out a voice attenuated microwave beam that ripped flesh from the bone?”

He pleaded with them, “Can anyone else see that people who would resort to such torture would not have the world’s best interest at hand? Can anyone else see that a people that destroy and torture others could inadvertently and readily destroy the world?”

He asked himself again and again, “Why do they do it? Do they feel having to work for a living is beneath them?” The irony of thought occurred to him, “Isn’t that odd? Work is beneath those who would rip flesh from the bones of others.” In hatred of them for what they did to people he then thought, “They ought to have all their money and assets confiscated.”

He pleaded, “The horror I speak of is reality. These are called psychotronic weapons. And the worst of them are the voice attenuated beams. Microwave cooking like beams that rip flesh from the bone.”

“What on earth do you mean by voice attenuated?” they would ask.

“I mean someone speaks into a microphone and the volume and voice is converted into a microwave beam, the cooking percussive beam is both heard and also causes bleeding, pain and mental stupor,” he said in defense.


“Israel was one of the first countries to develop nonlethal weaponry and these have had well documented use. They have even been seen being used on the channels like the Discovery Channel. The active denial weapons systems were designed to make people move out from their field of influence or experience great pain. Like the United States outsourced its torture to Egypt; Israel and Japan our high tech partners were also used to outsource and produce these psychotronic weapons.”

He then asked himself, “What nation has always had trouble with its neighbors and why?”

Then he reflected on his readings from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible,

“Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain.” “What does it mean? They are said not to believe in Jesus Christ but someone else.”

Then he thought, “The lost Hebrew texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls explain this very well, that is to those who have insights. To those who do not they explain it obliquely at best.”

He proclaimed, “It is just as I have said. The Dead Sea scrolls alluded to it. One in every ten members of a tribe had a mental voice that could be heard by others. That is where the phrase, “Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain comes from.” For those who were Lords of the Ten did not know it. They did not know that their mental voice could be heard. Just as priests hear the Holy Spirit of “others” today, so did they more than two thousand years ago.”

He prepared his defense further, “So you might ask, ‘What would a child do if he knew such things when he was young?’”

The answer was clear as day, “The ones who hear would torture and bully those who heard and never grow up. They would accumulate wealth and power.”

“But what of those who were heard?” his school of thought or consciousness asked.

“To answer that I must tell you, the ones who hear already know it at a young age. They are taught by Evil Masters just as the Dead Sea Scrolls mention. So there would be no change there.”

He continued, “I would like to offer a little background to my thesis. The Dead Sea scrolls also tells that children were raised on a duality of fatherly influence. The goal being first the evil master was to teach them by acting against the wishes of the Holy Priest who was forced to live in exile. Exile that sounds like a prison or keep like where they torture someone. But I cannot be sure of this. My school of thought will have to research this. But the Goal was that as someone aged they would become more holy like the exiled priest. The priest was said to be the TEACHER OF KNOWLEDGE OR WISDOM. Most likely he taught as a matter of humiliation.”

He continued, “I have not got to the part yet where the Son’s of Light, the good people do battle with evil ones. But light is a metaphor for knowledge and wisdom. So the Son’s of light are really those who learned to become like the Exiled priests who were teachers of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. But one of the things I find disturbing about the writers of the dead sea scrolls is this, that they had so little faith in humanity that they would resort to demonization to teach their young. Why could they find no other way to get their young to listen than by using real life archetypal examples of Good and Evil? And what happens to the GOOD or teacher or priest of knowledge and wisdom in order for this plan to come to fruition. In order for the young to believe in his word, he must be exiled. And the tribe of the Dead Sea Scrolls was said to, well it is described in odd and gapped terms but the meaning is the same, “Those who questioned the tribe were labeled as God and given a straight path to walk out into the desert. But to be a Son of Light would then mean to believe in Good rather than the evil master.”

“But the question was, what would happen if those who were heard knew they were heard at a young age?”

“Some already do know this at a young age. They are made to know by the actions of others. The problem is that society as a whole will not admit to this hidden truth. I’ll answer your question more specifically though. The ones who heard would likely be sad an miserable for a different reason the reality of- knowing they were heard. They would likely cry. The one’s who hear would then learn love, humility, respect, empathy and sympathy for those they had power over.”

“Wait what do you mean power over?” asked the advocate.

“Because they are heard and don’t know the ones who hear learn how to anticipate their every next move and plan acts of destruction for them.”

“Okay,” said the school of thought.

“But back to my point about what would happen to the ones who are heard that don’t know they are heard today. Because those who are heard are jealous and push and bully those who are heard. Those who are head in turn today often rebel and become cold and withdrawn, apathetic and hateful, psychotic themselves.” An epiphany hit him as he was thinking, “What if the ones who were heard were really heard because they were thinking the bad thoughts that others had against them. What if all the bad they thought was really of those who heard?”

He broke from his digression, “If those who heard knew they were heard they would cry and those who heard them then would not be able to stand themselves for what they had done. And they would experience guilt and empathy for the first time in their lives. This would lead to more responsible those who hear types. The world might be a better place for it.”

“Today those who are heard are tortured into being silent. They are made incoherent by the use of these weapons. Who are those who would wield such weapons of horror? They can then be said to be used the occult of wealth creation or in a word Satan.”

“Those are strong words occult, wealth creation and Satan,” said the advocate.

“Satan is defined by the Bible, means those who can read men’s minds, Satan is indeed “Those who hear.””

“So why does Satan use voice control microwave like beams to torture others?” he posed to himself.”

“Because Satan wants to be what it is not. What he/she cannot be. ‘A one who is heard.’ Satan is motivated in life therefore to be someone who is heard and seen.”

He knew he was onto something and started to needle to make his point more assuredly, “Let’s see where could we find such people that want to be seen and heard. Where could they be? I can’t think of anywhere they could be found. Wait…the radio and television! I just turn it on and there they are!”

HE continued, “Here is another thing you don’t want to hear, know or believe. All those craft like shows, the ideas on those shows, comedy shows, etc. are minded from the brains of those who are heard.”

“And the sick reality is once they get on television and radio they themselves get to broadcast and be like those who are heard- but once they finally make it to what they think is the top, they don’t know what to do there. They indeed do not know how to look good or smart like the ones who are heard. They do not have the talent to maintain there “Spot” (means the same thing as blight) there.”

“So what do they do- out of what they would justify as being for the good of the country (or the world) they man the flesh tearing microwave like weapons that cannot be seen and torture those who are heard for more material to show on television. THEY DESTROY THAT WHICH THEY SEEK TO IMPRESS.”

He continued, “The reality they cannot accept is- they can never be like those who are heard. “(He decided he would say more as how delusion has polluted the world to ruin in another article to come.)

Then he asked himself, “Today what happens to those who are heard as they age? They too are made to hear. And they are mentally incapacitated by, “THE COVEN.”

“I ought to win a Nobel peace prize for this. I will send this to Nobel,” he thought.

“What happens after the COVEN gets to them?” he rhetorically asked himself.

“You see them pushing shopping carts on the street. You see them sitting in prison- driven to acts of violence by the COVEN.” His ire grew, “The Holy Grail is no longer Holy. The Holy grail might have been Holy at one time, it used to be only organic life form based, but today it is enforced with subliminal invisible non-lethal energy weapons used effective from some distance so only the victims know are being used on them.”

“Does this sound like the Holy Grail from the Indiana Jones movie.” He offered as proof.

“The Holy Grail is simulated today with these psychotropic weapons and is therefore no longer Holy. If the Holy Grail were Holy it would not need to use these weapons. That is how we know that it is no longer Holy.”

“So what happened to the Holy Grail,” his school of thought asked.

“They ended up acting the same way as those who hear. They resorted to torturing and demonizing those who had the true power of the Holy Grail. In effect those of the COVEN became insanely jealous of those who had the true power given to them of the Holy Grail.”

“What do you mean given to them,” a female advocate protested.

He ignored her protest and continued, “It is an act of God who has this natural ability. The original Holy Grail destroyed itself when it was no longer Holy.”

“How do you know this?” the she advocate protested.

“Because I have found many a secret Holy Shield to use against it,” the one who considered himself a Son of Light concluded.


Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy


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