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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Son’s of Light and Bullying 06 01 2011

The Son’s of Light and Bullying 06 01 2011

If you are picked on and bullied as a child you better get used to it because it is never going to stop all throughout your life. And there is not something wrong with you in your head and you are not weak either.

When you are older you are likely to be labeled schizophrenic. And no one, no one on this earth gets harassed more than those who are labeled schizophrenic. You will not believe the truth and those that perpetrate this crime against humanity will never want you to know. Why? Because there is great shame for what they truly are. There is shame and guilt that they do not want to realize.

In fact every time they start to feel guilty for their actions- they do not allow themselves to do so and harass more.

If you want to know why programs that are to the greater benefit of society are not started anymore it is because of “them.” Those who “hoard” because it is a great secret that they did not earn it themselves and likely cannot do so.

Through antagonism and harassment they “feed” their lives off of the hatred they have to their victims.

For those of you adults who are part of the livelihood of subtly harassing those whom you hear, you should try smiling extending your hand and talking to those you harass. You cannot do this because it breaks the delusion you have of yourself.

You might wonder why I am not afraid for what I say? The truth is many who speak against them have been martyred already. When I say them I always mean the same thing, those of all nationalities who know their minds are dependent on someone else’s. Why else am I not afraid to say what I say, because I know that I have a soul. Those who are of dependent mind have no soul. If you have no soul there is nothing to be resurrected when you die. There is no essence that was truly you. If you know that you have a soul you do indeed know that you are part of the spirit of creation. The spirit of creation is likely to be the start of the whole universe. The spirit of creation knew there would be imperfections at the inception of creation, but the spirit of creation was one of tolerance for the good of creation. The spirit of creation was tolerant of imperfections because they are part of new creation. And by all means the spirit of creation likes to create as that is how it is defined. The spirit of creation also fights for what is right in the name of creation and not destruction. I feel this is what is meant by the Dead Sea scrolls when it refers to the “son’s of light.”

It is said that many whites in the south could do nothing against racism because they were under the control of a political structure that was a proponent of slavery and once it fell they were quite relieved.

On Sunday I met a fellow writer and blogger and she told me how she spoke out against what she felt was wrong on her political blog. I went to her website and looked and there was a hit counter that read 27,000 hits. The articles I read were concerning election fraud. I told her the only way you eliminate election fraud was by creating one public record where everyone can see who everyone else that voted- voted for- individually. When I spoke wither her I noticed a subtle difference- maybe it had to do with how something she said seemed to distract me for a split second and the slice of avocado that was on the cheeseburger I eating fell off onto the ground. Maybe it was the way her son just stared at me and did not speak or seemed to be void of any human emotion. But I checked her out on the Internet and then I got to thinking- if she is what she claims to be- someone against corruption…If I were to do a search on her blog for the name Bernie Madoff, or any misspelled variation of it…I should find mention of the wrong that he did that almost sank this country into a bread line depression- I did not find any mention of the name.

This did not surprise me because I know how “they” operate. They operate in the same way as the white supremest did and do in the south- by creating a structure in our society that say’s what they do is legitimate, a structure that invalidates those who would complain against them. Money such as $50 billion dollars goes a long way to keep them fed and in the position of being able to express subtle forms of hatred and racism against those whose souls they have stolen. Abraham Lincoln gave the south an “out” by eliminating the legitimacy of slavery by destroying the political structure that kept it in place.

To those of the dependent minded race- I am giving you an out by speaking against you and exposing you for what you are- you should probably take it and use it for all it is worth and repost what I have written. The change needs to come peacefully from you and not wars or terrorism.

Why do I write this- to right a wrong.

You might wonder what my religious beliefs are- I believe in the spirit of creation. I believe the teachings of Jesus Christ, a Jew; best exemplify the spirit of creation. You can deny it all you want and you can try and keep trying to coerce me from speaking against you- but I will not until you change or I am dead. Your modus operand has been to mentally incapacitate those who speak against you. This is one case where when I speak “against” you I am speaking for you.

On Intellect 06 01 2011

Where does their intellect come from? I asked myself when I was young. And by intellect he meant strong verbal skills and not problem solving skills. I had problem solving skills and saw that they did not have as good problem solving skills as I did- so it lead me to ask myself where does their intellect or strong ability to talk come from?

“They must talk a lot together when they are in homes,” I thought.

When I was older I realized the truth for certain, “They developed that intellect by talking to poor souls like me in my head. But not talking at all, but more along the lines of psychically antagonizing and tormenting.”


To be fair some people who have strong intellects do not even know where they got them from, because it is consistent with whom they are already. “If one is an ocean of water does one notice a drop?” You can be demonically possessed and not even know it if it consistent with you are. Always be tactful concerning who you are and who you still want to be. Think before speaking- are you really contradicting yourself with what you say? Those who have true intellect can spot a self contradictor faster than a black sheep. Contradicting oneself is neither good for oneself or the world. Reflection, thinking and changing ingrained patterning and stubborn thought are good for oneself and the world. And the ability to think rather than act on impulse helps keep people out of trouble in life.

Do not confuse intellect with intelligence.

Subtly harassing someone until they lose their mind and hear voices (Howlers and yelpers, etc. per the dead sea scrolls) is the exact same method of wealth creation as slavery was in the south. They gave you a mouth full of spit in the Dead Sea scrolls and I am giving it to you here. Right here, right now I am.

The perfect crime is for someone who lives off the hatred of others to get others to hate them by doing wrong to them. And then when they are hated too much cry foul and make their victims a victim a second time from the action they incited in them.

Why again?

I am not trying to incite hatred against anyone- my goal is always the same- expose the “wrong” so they might change for themselves. Why? Because if I expose you- you no longer have anything to hide or any shame or guilt to deny to yourself. This is for the best interest of the world and humanity. All evil springs from the ego. And the ego is the seed of demonic possession or the doorway to demonic possession.

You can put me to the test any way you want by trying to find a way around what I know to be true and proclaim but you will not win, here is only one way “out” for you and that is to admit to the world what you do. There is only one way out for you because my words will stand the test of time.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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