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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the Love of Money and Status 03 21 2011

For the Love of Money and Status 03 21 2011

For the love of money and social status they drive people crazy. What would God say to them?

1. You ought to be ashamed for living!

2. You ought to be ashamed to call yourself a human being like the rest of us!

3. You should not be walking upright on two legs because you are an imposter to the human race.

To be fair not all of those who benefit from the minds of people who were driven crazy participated in the making of them being such. But they sure aren’t complaining as they look the other way from humanity with their briefcases full of silver.

And neither will you ever hear them give credit for their wealth and status to the people who truly deserve it- and it is not themselves. The trophies that they raise high in the air, the ones they attain in all professions are composes of living fragments for the souls of living human beings.

They know how they got where they are- mothers who participated in satanic chanting to drive someone from their minds. But never in your lifetime will you ever hear them admit to this. Speaking in tongues at your local Catholic Church, this is them too.

Character traits that drain humanity of good. As such the ones who point the ones who point their fingers and yell the loudest at others without providing solutions are indeed the source of all the worlds problems. What is pointing your fingers and verbally insulting really? A primate trait that defines a baboon.


Could our modern diets of refined sugar and chemicals teamed with a natural disaster such as happened in Japan create a new plague that could wipe out three quarters of humanity? It is not a matter of could it is a matter that is most likely to happen. Some of us know that the some of us who will not be wiped out are truly human. Human beings creating and living in the image of God, Jesus Christ our savior.


You can not be any be any sicker than if you climbed the ladder of success by displacing people from their own true souls.

Some that walk on two legs and are often seen in public are “little more” than the source of all the worlds problems in active denial or this, for the love of money and status.

For the love of money and status they are personified with the souls from their mothers victims. A mother would truly have to pity her child to do this.

They are personified to success through the theft and active displacement of living souls from human beings.

Some claim in defense for what they are by saying, “I can only do one thing in life as a trade,” are truly lying to themselves and us. They could also and more appropriately push a broom.

There is an insult that rings true to me regarding soul theft of skills, “More appropriately you could push a broom.”

Thomas Paul Murphy

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