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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Italians and Jews created and defined mental illness in the US. 03 24 2011

Italians and Jews created and defined Mental Illness in the US. 03 24 2011

Italians and Jews created and defined mental illness in the US. They did this because they could not compete by the standards of fairness and can only survive by soul theft and demonizing like they did in the Kingdom of Judea. Psychiatry is indeed the modern form of crucifixion. After the crucifixion ended witches and chemists from this lineage used herbs and poisons to mentally incapacitate a person in order to steal their soul.

Many Italians who left for the United States during the immigration periods of the early to mid 1900’s were of the satanic race.

Once in the United States they teamed up with Jewish criminals to create organized crime. Why did they do this? Because they could not compete with human beings on the competitive standards based on fairness.

They create a network of criminals that includes blacks, Indians, Lutherans, Catholics of course and etc… Anyone who cannot keep up in our educational systems is recruited by them. They make drug dealers out of school bullies. And they are taught to be of dependent mind.

They use psychotropic weapons to harass innocent human beings. They are insanely jealous of human beings, just like Satan loathed Jesus Christ and nailed him to the cross, they have found subtle ways that are very hard to prove to harass, torment and abuse men. They do this in the name of wealth creation because they could not do the work of men in our society.

There is nothing they like better than molesting the children of men. They have devised portable psychotropic weapons that disturb the magnetic fields present in people brains and bodies. They can create physical sicknesses where there was none. In doing so they destroy their true idols and worship the talentless like themselves. Eventually those they have made into idols self destruct and are also destroyed, and they in turn profit in the form of the legacy of wealth creation created. In effect tombstones are a source of an annuity of profit for them.

Handheld use of psychotropic weapons and “spook house” based psychotropic weapons are the new way they crucify men and women. They are sick jealous and vile and yet walk on two legs. At their core are Italians and Jews. But it is not all Italians and Jews because some are victims of them too. So therefore we can only label someone as being a member of the satanic race because of what they do and their dependent minded thinking. I do not label them this out of prejudice because I am not. They are the satanic race because they demonize and torture in manners today that are far worse than crucifixion.

They have a stronghold in the United States and they create a negative image of the United States for other countries. They also create and foster a negative image and stereotype for all Italians, Jews, Blacks, etc..

You might see someone stocking grocery store shelves and ask yourself how does he earn a living wage doing this. They are not content to just stock grocery shelves they also participate in the theft of souls for wealth creation. Theft of soul means theft of skills, ideas, knowledge, health, etc.. from human beings~ men, women, children and babies.

They steal souls because they so desire to be something they are not. They cannot be what they are not for the very fact that they were raised as Satan to steal souls. They are the source of every problem in the world. Why? They way they learn is not based on experience. It is based on theft of soul; as such it only leads to widespread mediocrity.

Satan does not live in the image of God, Satan loathes men. The satanic race of wealth creation will eventually destroy the United States, and then it will try and spread back to its countries of origins. I would not be surprised if other countries are preparing for United States citizens trying to flee from the United States by putting up all kinds of borders to prevent the influx.

The United States was not founded on the feeble minds of the satanic race that control the United States today.

I wonder how many fore fathers of this country were demonized by the Satanic and came to this country believing if I could only live somewhere where I could do an honest day’s work? Somewhere I could be treated fairly and with equality? How great it would be to create a Nation like that for people, to form a constitution and grant them rights. Somewhere free from corruption?

Under the guise of false righteousness Italian and Jews crucified people. Under the guise of false righteousness America strikes out at other countries to feed the soulless.

What the Bible never told is that as a child Satan was taught and then raised to read minds. That is what makes them of a different race. What it did say was that Satan can read men’s minds; this implies that Satan is not a man. It could be said that Satan could be anything other than a man. Which means that he can be a woman, a child or a man that is not a man because he himself reads men’s minds.

Who teaches Satan this? His miserable mother whose genes have been modified to the point she is many people in one. Medusa is said to have snakes coming out of her head. Those snakes are symbolic of the semen that coursed through her bloodstream and then modified her genes and sol to that of misery.

These people use their children, who have limitless energy to drive wealth from the souls of those they victimize in the evil spirit of wealth creation. The children indeed do the “work” to support the parents in this race.

They are raised to never be happy and they release all their frustrations on those they have labeled and victimized.

Jesus Christ said to pray for them. Why did he say this? Because he knew that the Pharisees where of dependent mind to him. When you pray for them it breaks the delusion that they have in believing they are you. When you pray for them it forces them to think of someone else besides the fixation they have on you. When you pray for them, those with fur ears, it is like an instant dose of reality for them. When you pray for them it is the best way of telling them what they are not. When you pray for them you break their delusion of what they falsely believe themselves to be. When you pray for them you give them hope for improving themselves by letting them know how people truly see them.

You can think of the Pharisees as being like the Holden Caulfield character in “The Catcher in the Wry.” They just hang around and are then happy when something goes wrong for you. What is this really, the ultimate compliment in the form of envy?

“The Idol really can’t sing!” They have created this same level of mediocrity in every profession in the United States.

The last time that I went to church Jesus Christ was portrayed as a homeless wandering vagabond that was not good enough for Jewish women to marry. The reality is just the opposite of this concerning this archetype. The satanic race believes their happiness is derived from others by being of dependent minded orientation regarding them.

Everyone can not disagree that the Romans and Jews crucified and did horrible things to the innocent. The crucifixion of Christ is condemning evidence as well as the castrating of and making unics from boys. Why did they do this to them? To make their wives happy. So their wives who were driven mad and raised psychotic had a toy slave. A docile man to serve them and keep them company in their miserably mad minds. And you can not disagree that they were mad because who else with this evil? What other type of woman than mad, would put up with inhumane and criminal behavior. What type of women have these standards? They are not good mothers.

This is the most condemning thin about them- after all is said and done in their lives they can not stand to be themselves. They want to be someone else. They want the company, in their minds, of those other than who they marry. They do not want their children to be like their fathers, but someone else and the whole process starts anew. Their victims are many in this world including themselves.

The Eagle is Crying

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS: You might be led to believe that I am a bad man for writing this.  I know that it is true and would bad man if I did not.

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