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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Satan Gives us Dreams 03 20 2011 and Dorothy would be Labeled 03 20 2011

Satan Gives us Dreams 03 20 2011

Satan Gives us Dreams???

Dreams are Satan’s way to influence. Satan knows when we sleep and waits to think in parallel with us then.

When we dream these are something the thoughts that Satan gives us. But I also think sometimes they are ours.

If Satan does give them to us, maybe he is not so bad. If we can catch those dreams in the liminality and write them down what do they tell us?

Why is Satan not so bad? Because if he knows when you are dreaming and is ahead of you he/she could have plotted and killed you at some time in your life, but didn’t.

So Satan knows when you dream is he/she therefore using you as a mind that synchronizes his/theirs like a clock to time off of? Maybe so. Then it would seem that Satan would not want you to leave. Test this theory once to see how much Satan needs you. Take a random impromptu vacation; do no plan it at all. And do not let it be impromptu planned by Satan. Then just observe what happens. After you see the same thing I do you will ask yourself, “If Satan needs me, why is he/she so mean to me?”

As a matter of fact if everyone labeled as Schizophrenia was given a vacation to another country where they were to be treated like very nice and with hospitality and no harassment the world would change overnight. Do you know what would happen there would be people frothing at the mouth where they left from. As the Bible said regarding the rapture, “And those who were left behind were weeping and gritting their teeth.” (The women weep and the men grit their teeth in hatred and jealousy. Believe me I see it every day.)

The world would change overnight. And the ones given the vacation should not return home until everyone who “hears” them signs a petition that they need them back at their homes. And that they are sorry for what they have done and will not do it anymore. The world would change rather quickly. There would indeed be peace on earth. And you are not allowed to get there ahead of time to where they are sent on vacation, and no funny business either.

So there you have it a very simple plan that would bring peace on earth forever.

Okay back from their denial land and how it could be cured. If you chant this in your head, “Why are you so mean to me Satan, when I know that you need me?” The answer will be “If you were subject to the timing of someone else’s brain 24/7 /365 eternity you might get a little evil too. It would seemingly be unavoidable.

By the way if you can’t sleep because of your affliction take an OTC remedy (maybe one commercial herb capsule of Hawthorn Herb from a health food store) and just lie back and say, “What the heck God, if you want me to die in my sleep just do so! I don’t really care anymore.” And then fall asleep. Just think that if God wants you to die in your sleep you will. But if you are like me you will find it gives you a good night’s sleep.

This will not work for you if you do not believe in God. What does it mean to believe in God? It means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in your daily life. This means to stand up to evil like Jesus Christ did. Jesus could tell when people were possessed by Satan and what we are told to say in Christianity when confronted with Satan is to look him straight in the eye and say, “In the name of Jesus Christ devil be gone.” And Satan must flee your presence. Other harsh and righteous words of truth work also. There is also a part that say’s our bodies will be restored and something about no real lasting harm coming to you if you believe in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes in the Bible there were similarities between Satan and God. After all Satan was said to come from Heaven. Maybe this is why Jesus Christ said, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” (You should also fear God because your Salvation is affected by what you do here on earth.)

Also try asking forgiveness to those who were mean to you. Why? Because they were extremely sensitive and jealous people regarding you at some point in your life. It might be that how you viewed them was the opposite of what they but either you or them didn’t know how your actions were perceived.

Satan forgive me that you heard my thoughts. I did not intend to be this way and I too suffer greatly because of this.

Try asking forgiveness, especially from members of the opposite sex. For they might be part of your problem. I can say personally that my feelings are hurt more by members of the opposite sex and close friends who have betrayed me.

I think that it hurts when the opposite sex insults because it would seem to be something considered to prevent us from procreating, that is if we have not married yet.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Dorothy would be Labeled 03 20 2011

If you have schizophrenia have you indeed caught the Satan’s who are with you? Yes you have. Say to them or think, forgive me Satan because you are with me. I did not intend for you to be so.

Also know this, Satan does not have to be with you but it chooses to. Ask yourself why Satan chooses to be with you? And then think something similar to what Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, Satan you had courage all along you don’t need me. Satan you were smart all along, you don’t need me. The Wizard of Oz is indeed an Analogy to a person who has the spirits of those who consider themselves to be lesser or animals with her. The Character of Dorothy is the archetype of a Schizophrenic and the Tin Man, The Lion and Scare Crow could all be said to, believe it or not, fit the archetype of Satan. Is that not indeed the nature of schizophrenia, one is said to have multiple personalities? The Wizard of Oz tells us these are really tangible characters that live in our world. Remember this; imagination is where the characters lived in the world of Oz. A little too much detail and length to be a dream, and the plot, theme and moral were written for a reason. If you think of Schizophrenia in terms of a Schizophrenic really being the archetype of Dorothy and having real satellites of people that are with him/her you get a true picture of what they would call a disease. In this case it is really a dependency of characters on the one. When Dorothy defeated evil in this movie everyone got better, the dependent characters and she was free from the nightmare. So indeed if you have Schizophrenia can it be said that you are called to something greater? Can it be said that there is evil in this world that can only be defeated by you (and I am not promoting violence.) Are there people that you need to stand up to defeat this disease? What I am getting at is success the cure for Schizophrenia, as the Wizard of Oz would seem to suggest? I have not achieved great success so I cannot say for certain.

What if those characters that you have that are similar to Dorothy are so insecure about themselves that they do not want you to be successful for fear that they might lose you as their guide down the yellow brick path? I don’t remember Dorothy having to order them around too much to have to correct them; she more or less played a saving role. But you might think to yourself, “Those who are dependent on me you have learned great things in this world, do not stand in my of success because it does not bode well for you who are of me!” This is similar to what Jesus Christ told Satan, “Get behind me Satan.” He meant do not stand in my way for it only lessens yourself. Jesus Christ also fits this same archetype of having those who are of dependent mind with him, i.e. The Pharisees. The Pharisees have suffered for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the denial of what they truly were for well over two thousand years.

It is a very interesting revelation that the author tells us that Satan has the faults that these characters do in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Think hard, faults like these they try and hide? Think in your head those whose faults you have seen and those who have faults that might be with you but you don’t know what the faults would be.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Ps. I can give you great insight into every great movie ever in these same terms.

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