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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dinner Table Soul Theft 03 26 2011

Dinner Table Soul Theft 03 26 2011

A pair of Lawyers takes their dates out to dinner.

All throughout the course of dinner they talk fast and at a level that excludes the women from the conversation. The women feel belittled, worthless and stupid. In effect they come to life up to this negative vision of themselves.

Meanwhile a good man of heart and intelligence is seated at a table next to them and thinks, “By the way the women are treated, I bet there husbands get many sexual favors that a lady wouldn’t provide.” The man goes home and alone at night he starts to fantasize about the woman. After all what good man wouldn’t feel sorry for a beautiful looking woman who was mistreated like this? How could he not think of her and how he would treat her better. The good man would not know of the danger that they represented. He was drawn into a soul trap without ever knowing it.

In this chess game of the Satanic race if the gentleman is tempted to masterbate because of thinking and fantasizing about the lawyers date or wife he will lose his soul to both of them. The women and men of this satanic coven know how to schedule round the clock howler monkey like people to chant telepathically to the gentleman from some nearby location. This is one of the ways they steal your soul and all that you have learned. You will then be put on zombifying medication and labeled schizophrenic.

They can read your life story past, present and future from the life’s energy you “give away” to them. When highly capable Lot left the ancient city of Sodom the Bible said his seed was wasted on the ground, this is what that passage from the Bible means. Because they are blank slate soulless they can never truly be themselves. How could you ever truly be anything if you were raised by a Satanic family. You would have too much pain to be your true self- too many painful memories to think for yourself.

If they start howling telepathically at you late at night try thinking this in response, “I pray that your husband could do an honest day’s work sometime.”

The very culture that enriches them is the same one that makes them miserable.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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