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Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Much Hatred 01 29 2011

“So much hatred.” He said and then watched his tormentors cry.

Why is Egypt in turmoil? Because the government that rigged the elections to put itself in power also tortured people. The government also tortured on behalf of the United States. Egypt tortured on the behalf of our Republican Party.

If Egypt rigged the elections and was in close contact with the Bush administration, they had to be to torture for the Republicans, does this imply that the Republican Party of the United States also rigged elections in the United States? Did they go so far as to instruct the Mubarak on how to rig elections? The Republican mindset can clearly be defined from this as, “If they thought they could get away with it they would.” What else have they gotten away with that we do not publicly know about? Bush, Cheney and Rove all need to be prosecuted for torture before we see the same hell swarm of pandemonium that is occurring in Egypt happen in the United States. Is there no lawyer in our thinned out government honest enough to have the courage to see them for what they are and bring them to justice?

Obama will not support Mubarak because Obama does not support torture. We can consider Obama to be cleaning up the world image of the United States because of this.

And another relevant fact to consider is that we gave Egypt a billion dollars a year. Keep the dollar amount of this in mind as a relevant fact when I speak about education later in this series, because it is the exact same amount as the budget shortfall in New York City that will cause them to lay off 15,000 of the 75,000 teachers in the state.

If we give a country money- a billion dollars a year to torture for us when asked, we should never give country money again. Why? Because we cannot be assured a political administration would not arise in this country again who would then ask the country we gave money to torture for us.

Let the turmoil in Egypt take its course. To back Mubarak would be a crime. It would be the exact opposite of the only valid reason why I thought we should go to war in IRAQ in the first place. To back the revolting population of Egypt would be considered by them to be an act of opportunistic hypocrisy.

The turmoil in Egypt should serve as a lesson to the rest of the world what human beings are never to do.


Why did the Jewish leader want the plack above Jesus Christ to read, “He says he’s the King of the Jews and not us?” What belief are they trying to censor? What are they doth protesting too much?

If Jesus Christ ever said that the Jews told him he was the King of the Jews what did he mean? If we agree that no Jew would have actually said that to him, why was it relevant? The Jews did indeed beat him before they handed him over to the Romans for crucifixion.

The Jews were said to say that he committed the crime of making himself son of God. Does this not really sound like the statement of a vilely jealous sort?

So what did Jesus mean if he said, “It is you who have said I am the King of the Jews?” Wiccans and witches throughout history have used chants such as, “You are the King of the Jews.” To drive people crazy and steal their souls. Through attrition and chanting they break people down and then subject them to telepathy, soul loss and demonic possession, and then death.

The catch phrase they used on a woman who lived down five houses down the block was, “I am the Queen.” They also used this phrase on my Grandmother. Like you to then repeat this as saying such things makes you look crazy and you are then discredited.

The Bible also tells us that the Jews also talked to a living God, are you starting to get the picture.

They have tried to use more of these catch phrases on me throughout the years than one can imagine. Their favorite catch phrase of the satanic race for me is, “Get used to it.”

Who does this to people? None other than the living satanic brethren and their numbers are many and span many races today.

If you seen them in public gritting their teeth at you, say to them as I did yesterday, “So much hatred.” And then stare them down until they cry, and they will. If you do this and stand up to them you will be changing the world for the better, because that is indeed what it is, hatred.

The wording to the next section may seem a little odd, but it still reflects the truth, “The satanic race is the most racist group on the planet earth and it is composed from members from many more than one race or religion.”

Here are a few questions to members of the satanic race, “Would you really trust other members of your satanic race to raise your children if you suddenly got in an accident and died? Would you really trust them, knowing what they are capable of? Could your children or forward lineage then fall victim to the satanic race in the same manner that you victimize? If you are raising your children to be Satanic can you really trust them with each other when you are away?”


Jesus Christ crucified, Does anyone read it that when the Roman soldiers made him wear the purple halter that they also raped him? Our Roman Catholic Church has never said this. But has it been established today that priests rape boy’s? Yes is has. I know for a fact that they also like to set boys up to be raped by other boys. Does this satanic mind seek to rape those whom they idolize? Is that how a sicko Roman/Grecko/Jew would read into this; that that is what we are to do to whom we idolize or when other people think they are better? Who of you that isn’t one of these doesn’t also know that it is true?

The Jews beat and weakened him and then delivered him to the Romans. The Romans took off his clothes and divided them amongst themselves, they mocked him, they spat on him. They made him then wear a purple tunic. If this doesn’t read like a sick homosexual gang bang rape perpetrated by Romans (Italians) and Jews I don’t know what does?

Keep in mind that organized crime was founded by the handshake of an Italian and a Jew in the United States.

Again, what was the Jews reason for what we can only call hatred? “We have a law that says no one can make themselves the son of God. Why didn’t the Jews protest the Romans who thought themselves to be so Godlike in delusion that they believed God would crucify people? Remember from our Bible that the Jews were said to “speak” to a living God. Here is a clue to this, Romans or today’s Italians form and create our popular movie culture of today.

God wouldn’t enjoy human beings created in his image guilty of no crime being painfully tortured to death on the cross by others “created” in his “image” who would enjoy doing so. It is not God’s image who would torture and crucify.

What was Gods punishment for this crime against humanity? The plague, the dark ages, war, etc, etc, etc.

What would God do to the world today if he knew that human beings were being tortured by feeble minded Romans and Jews? What would he do if he knew that they have also now promoted this crime against humanity throughout the rest of the world and indeed created a satanic race that encompassed many races and religions? What would he do if he knew the practice of soul stealing or fragmenting and victimizing of the minds of human beings was facilitated through the practice of psychiatry? What would God do if he knew this method of wealth creation had been promoted throughout the rest of the world by those who benefitted from it in the United States?

Homosexuality is Part of this Mind Imprinting through Idolatry.

Obama and the United States have gotten the issue of homosexuality wrong. In effect they have torn off the clothes of Jesus Christ or the image of the American MAN and made him wear a purple halter, beat him, delivered him to another group who then physically overpowered him and raped him. Anyone else who would speak against what a homosexual really is, is then labeled for a hate crime in the U.S. . . . Why is this behavior allowed to foster? Because women of power (i.e. Herod) marry weak sick minded men and raise weak minded sons. It was Herod wife of Pontius who in the end determined the fate of crucifixion for Jesus Christ. Why? Because she said she had a terrible dream of him? Does this not sound like a psychic witch to you. And what Man who is truly a man asks his wife if an innocent man should indeed be crucified or not. This is not a man who makes these decisions; this is a being that is very dependent on the will of a woman to make his decisions for him.

Some homosexuals are created through our false culture of idolatry that does not indeed promote the correct image of a man and that is why they are sympathetic to it. You can’t tell me the Romans gang bang, beat and raped Jesus Christ only to turn around and worship him right afterwards. What did Jesus Christ say to the woman who idolized him as they followed him and he carried his cross to mount Golgotha? It was to this effect, “The woman in this world who do not have children will be the lucky ones. Why did he say this? Because he knew the children were indeed of and governed by his good human spirit and he would no longer be around on earth to guide them.

They crucified him while his mother watched. He also wore a single piece undergarment with no seam. If his beautiful mother did not knit this for him I don’t know who did. And it is not too hard to determine what she was trying to prevent from happening to him. I’ll get into Herod and similar woman who jeered and mocked Jesus Christ in a moment. But more on homosexuality. I also believe some are created from similar situations as when Jesus Christ was taken into the courtyard by Roman Soldiers and then you read that paragraph above again. But here is the gist of what I am saying, the Romans were said to be fond of a naked form of molesting wrestling called Penalty. Is it no wonder Jesus Christ’s mother knit him a single piece undergarment? Such standard garments should be standard issue in every catholic school today.

So why did they then seek to worship Jesus Christ? Because they couldn’t stand a world without him any more after they murdered him. There was no a man on earth as strong as him with regards to speaking up for what was right.

If you believe what I said about the presence of Jesus Christ in the souls of people then you should also know that the satanic race creates its own weak men by driving people from their souls. Once a soul is lost such people are labeled schizophrenic. What happens to male babies when they psychically hear someone being psychically tortured and driven from their souls? They are imprinted with that soul. If they hear a woman doing the driving they are then born with a woman’s personality and labeled gay. There are quite a few gay Italian sons. Vice versa for those physically conceived as female.


How Homosexuals are Created

Now here is where I am going to seemingly contradict myself on the issue of homosexuality. If a male is emasculated by sick Roman men and women (they did creates unics said to be company for their woman) into believing that he is sexually inadequate or to believe upon repulsion form sick acts of evil women……. Well you get it, he then seeks the love of a man because of this, who am I to say he can’t. I think there are more than two types of homosexuals created in the world, those who would rape Jesus Christ to prove themselves better in hateful and mocking psychotic gay delusion that is really an expression of their own self hatred and those with male bodies that have the imprinted soul and resulting desire of a woman. It probably also does not help that woman further confuse the body of their soul through felatio. And indeed there is nothing wrong with a man having a hidden soul of a woman rather than that of one who would gang rape Jesus Christ.

And I do not believe that if you have a hidden soul of a woman or that element of human thereof that that indeed means you are a homosexual. Many men draw on their mother’s wisdom in favor of that from their fathers, and indeed that is how good men are formed, by being able to see an issue from many perspectives. I believe that all Homosexuals were really meant to be men but their soul was displaced by that of a woman in some way.

I will speak out against homosexuality because it is a great crime against humanity when souls of men are fragmented by the Satanic women the modern equivalency of Herod.

Jesus knew he was with people in soul that is what the Romans/Jews loathed; it is also alluded to in the Immaculate Conception.

What does it also mean to be with people in soul, it means to have respect for trades and crafts and enjoy silently watching and learning from someone as they speak and work. The Satanic race does not learn this way nor do they enjoy paying attention.

Have faith in God, because what we are seeing in Egypt is likely to spread throughout the world. The United States will likely also suffer as we have tortured through Egypt. I view the uprising in Egypt as God reestablishing humanity there.

Who thinks Jesus Christ would abuse power if everyone had worshipped him and no one every crucified him? I think he couldn’t have.

What else did Jesus Christ know? “When you torture a living God you torture the world.”

Is the quest to satisfy the hollow soul of a woman of “Herod” responsible for the decline of the United States? Just think of Bernie Madeoffs wife and you know this is true.

Do the sins of the satanic race create a military and societal structure that is the equivalent of “The Lord of the Rings?”

Now to wrap up this essay, let me be very clear about this. Two Italians from out east boasted on an automobile talk radio program that you don’t need to know anything more than what you learned past the eighth grade in school this morning. I then read in the Newspaper today that New York will have to lay off 15,000 of its 75,000 teachers because it values money the one billion dollars that it would cost to keep them more than education. Is it a coincidence that one billion dollars was the same amount the United States paid Egypt to use it as a base for torture in our war in the Middle East? This is simple math, put two and two together Americans. The Satanic race does not care about education because they were imprinted from someone’s mind who was psychically tortured. What further commentary does this make to the city where organized crime is prevalent and the same city that was targeted by terrorists?

“SO MUCH (self) HATRED” watch them cry.

God Bless Those Who Know the Difference

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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