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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Satanic Race 01 21 2011

The Satanic Race 01 21 2011

If you think I am being a racist in my comments, it is because you have never been victimized by Jews and I have. To be fair it is not all Jews as some are also victims. What I will be speaking more of then is what can only be termed as a satanic race.

The founding fathers of this country came here and established the United States to escape from them.

They are like fatherless brats that were never able to grow up. They have a gypsy sharing entitlement system within their religions whereby those who steal at the top level such as Bernie Madeoff support the rest of them. But this is not what makes them bad. What makes them bad is that they are of dependent mind and steal souls.


How do they do this? They wait until they can isolate someone like such as when they first leave home to go to college or leave home to find work. They then drive them from their minds and label them as mentally ill. Gypsies of today still believe that no one will be able to tell who killed the Good Samaritan with the slit throat. They are not raised to develop their own intelligence through personal experience.


They have also created a system in this country whereby they steal intellectual property and have it patented by what can only be termed a “Patent Fence Attorney”. This is how the feeble animal mind of organized crime was able to appear to go straight and legitimate. The other day we saw 150 mafia criminals arrested on the east coast. I ask myself why didn’t the FBI target Chicago and Milwaukee also? Don’t they know what is going on here? Or would Obama be stepping on the toes that put him in office. There is also a Russian, Slavic Mafia and Chinese faction that are also terrible. The common denominator of the criminal mind is that it is undeveloped and dependent minded.


Their wealth creation system also includes a weapon that uses an oscillating magnetic pulse field to disrupt the thought patterns of their victims. It is also used to taunt them. When a person retires with years of service to a company or other organization that is managed by evil ones they increase the strength of this oscillating magnetic field. What happens next is that it work with the iron in you bodies cell. In effect it creates an internal pinball effect whereby the cells are ruptured by their own iron content. The result is stroke and death. After all why should they pay that pension to someone else when they can keep it? They have budgets they need to cut and this is a clean and easy way to eliminate those costs. Very humane way for the gypsies to kill someone so that no one knows isn’t it?


What do they really amount to when they have been caught in the crime of soul theft and can no longer get away with it? Low Grade Imbeciles. I am begging you to accuse me of being a racist! Because I am not. And these are not racist thoughts. Those that will accuse me of being a racist are indeed members of the Satanic Race of low grade dependent minded imbeciles. They would hide their true identity because they have created a mechanism of wealth creation.



This is not true; the satanic race is the most criminal race on the planet and from what I see all most of our political leaders are part of it. How can the United States be assured it is the country our founding fathers created and believe in? It will only happen when the Satanic Race is exposed for what it is and its victims are freed.

The wealth creation mechanism of the Satanic Race amounts to racketeering and a lessoning of the human race. It is indeed a crime against humanity.

The Satanic Race shuts its victim’s mouths through psychiatry. In prejudice they also serve victims germy food in restaurants that makes them sick.

Do not think of me as a racist when I tell you of this hidden race. I am the farthest thing from being a racist. There would be absolutely no human race or a country as great as ours was when it was formed if psychiatry were around that the beginning of history. Psychiatry is the main force of wealth creation for the satanic race. If psychiatry were around at the beginning of human history there would be no innovation whatsoever. There would have never been any progress. Oddly enough the satanic race fuels progress in this country by stealing and profiting from those they victimize through their wealth creation mechanism. In other words the Satanic Race does not even have its own ideas.

If psychiatry were around throughout world history at any point when someone spoke up against evil or voiced a contrary opinion to the force of wealth creation they would have been rendered mentally ill and silenced. They would have been discredited and disenfranchised.

What we would have would be a king and slave society. And because of psychiatry that is what the United States is today.

What those victims of mental illness are telling you is true in most cases. What they say that is not true and sounds odd is indeed put in their minds by the Satanic Race. The Satanic Race destroys human beings through hazing and attrition. They have also ruined the United States.

If you want to know why the Jews were expelled from more than 70 countries throughout history it is because their leaders are members of the satanic race of wealth creation as was Judas. The Satanic Race includes all different “Colors” of people.

Who are they? They are children that were the distraction in the class so that no one else could learn. They then grew up never having to learn for themselves. As leaders of the Republican Party they have no relevant understanding of our education system. How can someone that did not benefit from learning for themselves value the education of others? They do not. More money is wasted trying to educate them than anything else in this country. What happens to a country that does not value education? In a word pandemonium and the creation of more people with minds that are the equivalent of an animals.


The Satanic Race also included the priests who molest in our Catholic Church and a great many Lutherans also. Do you want to know who does all the molesting of children in our country today? It is members of the Satanic Race who live off their victims souls.

The Satanic Race could never make plans in our government they don’t have the slightest comprehension of this. In Government they only serve as place holders whereby members of their Satanic Race are then free again to commit crimes against humanity.

The Catholic Church does not believe in Jesus Christ they loathe him. The members of the Roman Catholic Church believe in what was symbolized by Pontius Pilot and Judas. The priests who were responsible or overseers to the ones who molested children should be charged with a crime against humanity or racketeering. Racketeering is indeed a correct term for the crime against humanity they have perpetrated.


Where do other criminals in our society come from? Any one of them who learned of the satanic races crimes when they were young would then justify that crime is okay because they see that such leaders do commit crimes.


IF you have ever worked for one you know they aren’t concerned with work they are more concerned with insult and soul theft.


That dumb bully in class that was held back for two grades, he is one. As we saw symbolized in the movie Rambo, he often sits around in a squad car.


Where do satanic daughters come from? Weak fathers who couldn’t raise them and couldn’t stand them. They let them get away with murder and actually promote them doing so as it provides a catharsis away from them in their own twisted minds, “They could only stand her if she was bothering someone else!”


They do not marry the good men they want to. They marry weak men and pattern their children off of their victims instead. They have no responsibility for raising their children. Don’t take any crap from them if they try and blame you for who they are. Their mothers made them this way.


Why does the United States Government not regulate internet pornography? Because it is fuel for the Satanic Race. It fuels their wealth creation in many ways and is also an insult to the human race. And I implying that there is a human race and a lesser Satanic Race? Yes. The Satanic race can be thought of as ones who follow but do not admit it. The members of the Satanic race would say that they are human beings and those they follow are Gods. What is more likely and true is that those they victimize are human beings and they are low grade imbeciles with mean and hateful intent. The Satanic Race is the most hateful and weak beings that you will ever meet. And they are jealous of great human accomplishments and those that have the ability to do so.

Could I write beautiful stories that would win awards? I would love nothing more than to do that. Why don’t I then? The Satanic Race harasses me so that I cannot. They are jealous of such works and they do not taunt me as much when I write about them because they know no one will ever believe it. Do they believe that someday they will be able to use what I have written against me? That is also how the Satanic Race censors and unjustly imprisons their enemy’s. They create great torment in people in our culture, they harass, deprive of sleep, poison, compete unfairly, they collude etc, etc; the newscasters hold their hands up every time there is a mass shooting. I have just told you who is the real cause of this.


There are many things that could cause a person to develop into becoming something of dependent minded character. Environmental insult ie toxins that compromise the human metabolism and lead to defects and disease.; they were raised that way; they were made that way by those who were raised that way, I could go on but that was not the purpose of this article. The purpose was to inform about a hidden evil or an evil that hides itself. Why? Because we do not need smaller government we need larger government that is capable of accurately addressing our needs in education, nutrition, exercise, business oversight, the environment and human health. Without this we will become nothing.

I am not a racist I treat EVERYONE that I meet with respect and kindness because it sets a good example. And I am then hopeful to receive such respect and kindness.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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