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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is Russian Technology

This is Russian Technology

What am I speaking of? Low level microwaves beamed at individuals in the United States. When they are there on my field meter confusion and anger results in our household when they are gone there is tranquility. The Russians first used this weapon on the United States in the early nineteen seventies at the time of Watergate. What can these waves do to a person? They can use them to brainwash people to kill, they can use them to incapacitate people who are then labeled mentally ill. But what they really use them for is to steal the souls of good men. They then teach their children to be miserable soulless Satan’s who live off of others like parasites.

Is it a coincidence that this country has gone hill in the last fifty years after this technology was first utilized on United States citizens?

Anyone who has an electrical engineering background can make one of these from the coil of a discarded microwave oven. They are used to torment, create pain and when pulsed at the opportune time they erase memory.

They have made these to fit in the size of a backpack. They can be set down next to you and aimed at you and most people would not know it. Messengers from the race of low grade imbeciles then are often seen exchanging backpacks when the batteries are discharged.

Who are these people? They are witch boys who were indoctrinated into the evil satanic race at an early age. They are not men as you would know them in the traditional sense. They drive people from their minds to live off their souls. Women are better at this howling. This is also how male’s souls are displaced from male bodies with those of females in the womb and a homosexual is created. It is also how lesbians are created, that is “men” driving a man out of his soul in the presence of a woman who is pregnant with a baby with the anatomy of a female. This is also how babies are stripped of their souls in the womb and as infants and are labeled autistic. What is there cure for this? To further drive someone out of their minds in the presence of the autistic children. I was raised that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Anytime there are Jewish immigrants into the United States I would suspect that they are given access to what the Blacks used to call a spook house. And that is a house next to someone they are demonizing and victimizing, someone who’s soul they have stolen and whose skills they are distributing among their brethren.

The Bible tells us that we are all Jews; I didn’t get any of Bernie Madeoffs Judas type distribution did you. I as a Bible Jew do not have a coffer or network of Federation money to fall back on. Thus I played by the rules of fairness and integrity in the business world and had my soul stolen by a Satanic Klan. I am not saying all Jews are of this Klan and all members of this Satanic Klan are Jews, but quite a few of them are, so it is a true statement.

Where does the satanic race gain all of their strength and intellect from? From driving someone out of their minds, by torturing and causing pain that they live off of. They suck the life out of people in this way.

Is there easy money worth it for a country? To have children that are born evil freaks and not in the image of God? For some to profit and also be idolized by causing illness in the rest of us?

What could we do to get them to stop doing this? To stop victimizing others in this manner?

We could boycott all television, radio and professional sports, until they redistribute their wealth to the rest of us. And we can arrest those who are found guilty of this crime to serve as an example to others that their time is up.

Basically we need to address every element of their crimes and find appropriate remedies. One remedy might be to indeed give credit where credit is due. What does this mean? That they publicly admit what they have done to profit in life and apologize to their victims. And the whole of the United States is indeed a victim of them today. But these are not the victims I am speaking of, I am speaking of the one percent that were labeled with a label worse than that that hung over Jesus Christ’s cross, I am talking about a label worse than that of a tattoo on the wrist in Nazi Germany, I am talking about the label of SCHIZOPHRENIA.

A more appropriate and useful label would be MASTER OF A SCHOOL OF THOUGHT, and there are other good labels that more accurately depict this perhaps in another essay I will write of them. But the bottom line is that once they have learned from and benefitted from your school of thought they try and destroy you.

God Bless Those Who are Not Afraid to Speak the Truth


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