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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is a Griffin

What is a Griffin?

There is a song you here on the radio that alludes to this the lyrics go, “They call them killer whales.”

A Griffin is the daughter of businessman. But this is not your normal type of person. A griffin was raised as a tool to create an urgent need for the businessman’s products. The Griffin was raised spoiled and therefore soulless. And they have the psychic power to drive people crazy or a more appropriate term would be out of their own minds. Griffins are the source of demonic possession throughout history. A Griffin is usually very attractive, seems interested and yet is unattainable.  A Griffin usually has a very odd voice, a woman Griffin will often sound like a little girl, be wary.

They often have a very high voice that sounds like a screech owl and can pierce a man’s concentration. They love to distract people from what they are doing. This is the first stage of demonic possession, when they are with you but you are not aware of it. They have distracted and influenced you. And the Satanic race does not just use Griffins to do this; they use all manners of distraction and meanness. Really anything they can to decrease your self esteem makes them feel better about themselves in delusion. The ultimate win for a Griffin is to put you on zombifying medicine and then when you are of no use to them anymore they demonically possess you and lead you to your death, just as the “Sirens” did in the story of Great Ulysses, as he passed through the strait of syberous and carribdous (and I don’t know the exact spelling of those and the Griffin hates it when I look things up to verify such).

Who are the Griffins in your everyday life? They are mostly like the ones who do very little work and yet are well off. If you have purchased things that you do not need you may have been the victim of a Griffin. Who employs Griffins?

The local branch of your CHAIN DRUGSTORE. This is a big win for them if they can put you on medicine. Why? Because this is very BIG BUSINESS. So your Chain Drugstore will often hire a very good looking Griffin who will know where you “roost” that means where your home is in terms of our human being language. The zombifying medicines they sell are a major source of profit in many ways. First in the profit margins they have and second they facilitate soul stealing. And secondly the Chain Drugstores facilitate our culture of laziness through false idolatry. What does this mean? It means when good men are censored from speaking the truth all the people have to turn to is the television set and the full cast of faces on it that promote their own delusions of self, intelligence and lesser standards for the country of the United States. At least Johnny Carson asked intelligent and thought provoking questions. Bottom line with the chain drugstores is that if they get you to sit in front of that television they can sell you more heart, diabetes, and cancer medicine because you are less active and therefore less healthy. Should television should be regulated to eliminated those who have little talent of or intelligence from influencing the rest of us? The best way to do this is to send guests to be on these shows who will expose them for what they truly are. Do you really trust a store that sells cancer causing cigerettes in the front and won’t even give you a glass of water to take your first antibiotic pill with, when you have a bacterial infection?

Second Griffin Example

Your local CHURCH is often another source for Griffins as if they get you to believe in the Priests unconditionally they have indeed influenced you and then can take control of you. The Roman Catholic Church is stocked full of Low Grade Imbecilles who thrive on the destruction of others souls. Griffins are a main part of maintaining this veil of deception. Why do I call this a deception? Because no Church that believed in Jesus Christ would ever allow as many boys to be molested as they did. Jesus Christ was perhaps best known for speaking out against evil ones; unfortunately there is no one in the Roman Catholic Church that has studied Jesus Christ enough to know that they should be speaking out against themselves and the satanic race of Low Grade Imbeciles they promote. I think the Catholic Church would do better if the priests had something to compete against one another on. Despite how many men each could sleep with before the Pope say’s its okay for gay men to use condemns. I am talking about sewing their own church garments; they do call them “Men of the Clothe”. Monks used to make beer, I am not advocating that because they would likely end up in the same hammock after a few to many. But they would serve the best example by creating things from wood, or having a priest singing contest. Oh wait the ones down at the Catholic Law Schools voices are all ruined by tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke being the tool of the Wiccan. Maybe priest could paint and then have secret competitions against each other, ballot judging. What I am getting at is once they can escape from their idle minds they and the rest of us will be far better off. Why because they will no longer be complacent to the Satanic Race. Why? What priest is going to like having his finger taken off by table saw when he is distracted by a Griffin? A big change would happen.


Believe it or not they use Griffins like it’s nobody’s business. The primary goal of the Griffin is to create and urgent need for the Griffin that is unattainable. Why? Because then the Griffin can possess you to buy something new. How because you say to yourself, I can’t have that, but I can buy something new just as well as the next person. They cannot keep me from buying something new. Bingo you buy a car that gets 20 mph and has for the last three decades and you could not afford it. So you buy it on time. Everybody does the same thing and then no one wants American Cars because the Griffin is now cross selling you to the cheaper foreign model that is more affordable. The Griffin got you to spend money you didn’t have and you went bankrupt, the auto companies that loaned you the money went bankrupt, the American worker could no longer be paid a living wage and the banks went bankrupt too. Sound familiar.


Did you ever notice that your local Newspaper is well adept and telling you nothing. These Griffins (Men too) cannot write, that is something they stole from someone else’s soul. They spend useless page after page of hems and haws, to make you believe you are truly literate. If you were truly literate you would see what the Griffin does not want you to see, and that is the Griffin.


If you think George Bush did not believe that he should have been left behind and would do anything to create a delusion within himself that would negate this reality.  Then it will not be hard for you to believe that those children who were not left behind are being educated from the minds of one the Griffins torment.


These places are full of Low Grade Imbeciles, you could call them ankle biters but they are fully grown and aged. They profit from you, by again knowing where you roost and driving you from your mind while you are working. They like to see what new tools you’re bitching and complaining nobody invented yet. They are psychic and see through your eyes to the detriment of your own sight. They then go and patent these and mass produce them in China, and well you know the rest, you get the medicine for speaking up. Shouldn’t we be taught to speak up against evil? If father Giuseppe who is Toni’s uncle is molesting him, shouldn’t Tony speak up, Tony is your son? If people are stealing men’s souls shouldn’t the whole world know of it?


This is nothing but Griffins. I doubt you could find a single honest person who is not a DEPENDENT MINDED LOW GRADE IMBECILLE working at one of these places. This is not how they make their money. They make their money by artificially raising and lowering stock prices and skimming from the country’s economy. This is another BIG BUSINESS, and Griffins love to possess you to sell your investments at their lows for a loss. Your gain is indeed their profit. They would like you to believe that they are smarter than you are, but they really are not. They are pudgy fingered freaks who peck at keyboards instead of typing. In terms of modern day skills they do not even have the skills those who originally colonized this country had. All of this and they get to make the capital allocation decisions for this country. Here is the trick they don’t have the skills but they believe through their minds eye in delusion that they do. There intellectual instincts were created by tormenting a soul to “get ahead” of such person in their thought processes. In all practicality they do not even know the in depth meaning of the words they speak. They have made life’s studies of personal gain through such ADVANTAGE.


Ask yourself if it really makes sense to have the most toxic metal in your mouth.  When for some reason you cannot break the habbit and find an honest natural dentist that uses composite fillings and crowns made on the spot.


They are the reason the world is polluted, we had the war in the Middle East and the Taliban, zero progress on clean energy. These companies are chock full of Low Grade Imbeciles who thrive from doing evil. You want to know what the voice of a male Griffin sounds like, think of the old Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood movie where the psycho is mocking Callahan (Dirty Harry), “I am waiting for you Callahan.” “Now if you don’t do exactly what I say!” “I told you to go to the phone booth on the other street.” That is the same voice that the President of British Petroleum had. Am I drawing an analogy to the great historical image of the United States as playing the part of Callahan? No, we do not have anywhere near this integrity today. We are chock full of mocking Griffins.

I could go on and on about Griffins, but it is now time for you to think. Have you been wrongly influenced by a Griffin in your life?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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