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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And the God Suffers- the cause of Schizophrenia 05 16 2011

And the God Suffers- the cause of Schizophrenia 05 16 2011

When the discarded cells of procreation die does the soul within them become ephemeral? The soul of a person would come from the soul present in a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg. But would it always have to? What if Jesus was of a genotype that was the same as the one of Immaculate Conception that created him? What if Jesus was not the only one of that genotype? If there was the Holy Spirit or the image of God present in such cells can it be said that that is what makes humans in the image of God. Can the ephemeral spirit supersede that of another’s physical soul? Sperm do fight to fertilize an egg. As in the Immaculate Conception does the ephemeral spirit then also fight to out-soul a fertilized egg? We know that dumb jocks are dumb jocks so therefore they might have less a soul present that could be superseded quickly by a holy spirit.

That fact that we do not resemble other life forms on the planet in many ways is the best evidence for the existence in God and him creating man in his image.

What then causes a person to have schizophrenia? Is it that there is a race of people that do not strive to develop independence in their children? What if a child was of the “Starter” spirit of another and this race did not seek to make that child develop for himself but instead grow to be the person of the “Starter” spirit in every way? The starter soul would be the same as the person that it came from. If a person developing sought to be the exact same as the starter soul that made him human he would have the potential to do so. What if the race encouraged their youth to mine that starter spirit for all it was worth? To covet every thought the one of the Holy Spirit had would be to the detriment of the Holy Spirit. His soul was formed through his personal experiences and belongs to him. Consider yourself blessed to have such a holy spirit and seek to develop independence in yourself as this is to the betterment on humanity. Do you think a living god would impart his holy spirit to you only to have you challenge his for his holy spirit? What if the one who possessed the Holy Spirit did not even know that he did? What would happen to such a person? –they would be victimized and diagnosed with Schizophrenia which literally means split mind.

Any race that mines the starter spirit has no right to do so and the sufferings they know they cause in others make this a crime against humanity.

They do not seek to wean their children off of the residual spirit present within them. Instead they seek to intensify the connection to the spirit further.

In doing so they create much suffering in the one who gave them the human spirit. In effect they split his/ her mind. The essence of this is thiefdom or the theft of soul.

All those what if’s are true.

How could a human being that knows what I have written here is true still demonize the Holy Spirit. How could they justify their actions? Because they were raised into a race that always did and does not know any better. How could you truly be responsible if you were raised to mine the holy spirit of your soul father rather than develop yourself as an individual?

What if, the longer they fight the Holy Spirit the more miserable they become and the more they fight the more they draw people in with them only to miserable too? In other words by one fighting the soul of creation others of the same starter spirit would become aware they were of the soul of the starter spirit. Is it fair to them? They do not seem to mind in effect they can’t get enough of it.

And one point to prove who is who with regard to this- I would fight you to keep my soul but I would not fight you to steal your soul, and that is the essence of their fight.

Counterpoint: Other than the fact that they distract us from reaching our full potential and the suffering they cause in us can we really blame someone for wanting to be like us.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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