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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The key trait of the Satanic race is… 05 05 2011

The key trait of the Satanic race is… 05 05 2011

The key trait of the satanic race is very strong verbal ability. If you have a friend in High School or college that seems to keep shoving drinks at you this is likely one of “them”. Do they have very strong verbal ability and yet for some reason, their actions, you know they are not as smart as you? This is likely one of the dependent minded.

Here is how you put them to the test: Will they still be your friend if you do not drink? If they will not they are not your true friend and are likely of the dependent mind.

Do they say things like, “You’re not drinking enough?” or “It looks bad you not drinking.” If the drug pusher did not get your soul they will! Just because you do not consider yourself very smart does not mean that there is not something about your soul they are trying to steal!!!!!!

Verbal ability is a very poor indicator of intelligence. How can you prove this too? Argue with one of “them” and you will see how quickly they insult you when you know you have stronger reason and logic. It is the verbal’s who have favored this definition of intelligence. How do I know I am right, give them a problem dealing with special relations, pragmatism, or mechanical ability and watch them fail as they cannot talk their way out of it to find a solution. Most of our problems in our country are of this nature and that is why they are ignored.

A little known hidden fact in our society is “That verbal ability was developed from hearing the pain of your soul.” Countries may fall but they will still be around to bushwhack you!

Did your friend not do very well in school, and could have never passed the classes you took, but later in life you see they are working in the career you were educated for and failed at?

Do they introduce you to all types of rich people? If so all of them are likely to be of the dependent mind. The dependent mind, (I sometimes call this the satanic mind) is very common.

Do you find that after you put one to the test by not drinking they go away and another one just like them appears?

The dependent mind is very common and might even outnumber the thinking mind or construct mind by 100 to 1.

And indeed one person verbal and the other construct advances the human species. Why? Because the verbal’s force the constructs to explain themselves. It would seem that the constructs are the ones that have their work cut out for them; that is- to develop the verbal ability to explain constructs so the purely verbal’s are won over.

The verbal’s will always try and negate good thinking by rephrasing it to the wrong basis of meaningless insult.

Problems occur when the verbal’s demonize the constructs (Constructs is synonymous with thinkers) and dominate government.

And if you have one for a friend, they are more common than thinkers, be strong with them and let them know you will not stand for character assaults and if they don’t want to be friends with you anymore- so be it. You will no longer have a rotten liver.

And one final point, if you are a construct and not a verbal you have your work cut out for you in the world. And your work is not just for you it is also for the verbals. So do not drink alcohol at all. Remember as a construct thinker you have something the verbal’s are greatly envious of, so do not degrade that which you have because there are very few construct thinkers.

Countries may fall but they will still be around to bushwhack you!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

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